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A Star Shattered: Chapter Six


Tammy and Candido returned to Knoxville and Tammy attempted to cope with her fathers life, but it seemed as if going to back to a normal life wasn’t going to happen. Her grades began to suffer as she wasn’t able to focus.

However, professionally Tammy was doing very well for herself. In the 1993 PWI Awards magazine she was voted number-two in the Best Manager category behind her mentor Jim Cornette. In fact, Cornette actually put a note in her payday shortly afterward jokingly saying, “If you get any more heat than me, you’re fired.” She still didn’t get a raise from Cornette, though.

1994 started off very well for Tammy and Candido as their work in SMW was doing very well and they were happy living in Knoxville. Then, on December 4th, Bruce Prichard from the WWF was calling. Tammy thought it was for Candido and whispered to him who was on the phone. The whisper wasn’t very effective as Bruce told Tammy he was calling for her to see if she’d come down for an audition. She accepted.

Bruce Prichard.

The audition would be on her birthday, December 7th. She didn’t get any sleep days before the audition. She also had no idea what she was auditioning for. She went to Stamford for her audition at the WWF studio and recalled her experience with the makeup artist. The artist turned her into a sex symbol within a half-hour. Jill Getlan, the makeup artist, quickly became a close friend to Tammy.

She was brought to a room where she was told she’d read from a teleprompter, but she had no idea what that meant. She was nervous when reading the teleprompter and it went horribly. When she returned to her hotel room, she called Candido and cried. She returned home and thought it couldn’t get much worse than that.

About a week later, Tammy was working an SMW show. She was on the apron when Tracy Smothers decided to run the ropes and Tammy flew off the apron as she didn’t have anything to hold onto. She ended up breaking her hand. Tammy ran backstage and started to panic. Jim Cornette and New Jack were by her side to make sure she didn’t pass out. As she was stretchered to an ambulance several fans yelled out that they hoped she’d die.

While that comment hurt at first, she realized that it means they really hate her and she’s doing her job very well. Despite the injury, Tammy wouldn’t miss a show.

A week later, Tammy got another phone call from Bruce Prichard from the WWF. It was on a Friday and they wanted her to start on Monday. She had a cast, but Bruce believed they’d cover that up for her.

She arrived at the studio and was told she’d be hosting the Live Event Center segments for the television shows. She’d be filming on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday earning a $500 paycheck for each day. Vince McMahon loved her given name, Tamara, but wanted her to be Irish, so she was given the last name Murphy. Vince personally coached her to get rid of her accent. He disliked the way she said the word “garden” in reference to Madison Square Garden.

With the new job, Tammy found herself working seven days a week for both SMW and WWF. That meant there wasn’t any time for college anymore. She was making $1,675 a week and admits that greed and gluttony caused her to drift away from college.

She did feel bad that she made it to the WWF before Candido. At first, she didn’t want to be involved in the business and her boyfriend had been busting his ass trying to reach that level. Apparently, Candido never showed any jealously and was very supportive of Tammy.

Her days at the WWF studio saw her work from 7:30am to 11:00pm. She would go to the gym to workout and so would Stan Lane. Lane would constantly hit on her, and Tammy admits that he was an attractive man. However, seeing that Lane had surgically enhanced hair plugs, she wasn’t interested in him.

Stan Lane.

She recalls the first time she ever met Owen Hart. Tammy was headed towards her dressing room, which she only used, and open the door to find Owen pulling his pants up with his back to the door. She mentions that Owen was lucky it wasn’t his front. Owen emerged from the room embarrassed and Tammy apologized. They became good friends and spent a lot of time together on the road during her career.

Chapter Seven coming soon!

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