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A Star Shattered: Chapter Eight


In late spring of 1995, Tammy was informed she was being pulled from hosting the Event Center segments and would become a manger. Chris Candido was given a call shortly afterward. They met the creative department to know what characters they’d be playing and their costumes. Their characters would be a cross between cheerleaders and superheroes. They would be presented as babyfaces, which is something neither Tammy and Chris wanted to be. They were natural heels.

Despite not being on TV or officially on the road with the company, they were invited to WrestleMania 12 (actually 11). It was the first time Tammy had been around Hollywood reporters and stars and it was quite the experience. While at Axxess, they met a guy named Paul who had just been hired. He had worked a little bit with WCW prior to signing. Tammy, Chris and this new guy Paul hung out throughout the day. Paul, would go on to be known as Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Tammy says she has more things to say about Triple H later on.

After the event, creative came back to them with their names. They’d be known as Chris and Tammy, Team Spirit! They certainly weren’t thrilled with the lack of creativity there. The expectation was that Tammy would teach Chris how to be a cheerleader, but she knew that Chris wouldn’t be able to do the partner performances because of his muscle and short frame.

Their first show took place in Western North Carolina, roughly 90-miles away from where they murdered Boots The Cats. Half the arena either so that live at the arena, or on television the next week. Needless to say, Tammy and Chris weren’t able to get the fans to cheer them. Luckily, Vince McMahon noticed and suggested they may be better off performing as heels. Tammy was relieved he saw their way.

They had a meeting with Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Bruce Prichard regarding a new direction for their characters. Vince revealed the idea of the Body Donnas where they would act like Tony Little from the television infomercials. Chris wasn’t thrilled being known as Skip. Meanwhile, Tammy would beknown as Sunny. She loved the idea and the name.


Chapter Nine coming soon!

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