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A Star Shattered: Chapter Nine


Tammy’s career as Sunny began and she quickly got things her way in the costume department. She didn’t think the ideas for her outfits were great, but eventually they went with her ideas. She was also designing Candido’s gear and thinks she did well eventually with that. Tammy and Candido were brought to the WWF offices and they did four weeks of introductory promos. Vince McMahon decided to show them what he was expecting, so Tammy wants you to picture McMahon in a business suit acting bitchy, flirty, and overzealous. She thought it was hilarious.

The promo videos got them plenty of heat upon their debut. She was relieved that they had great heat from the crowd. They started with matches against Aldo Montoya and eventually a program with Barry Horowitz. Barry got over with the crowd by working with Candido and Tammy because the fans hated them so much. The program got Horowitz a t-shirt and a brief push.

Candido liked playing the role of a heel to get new faces over in the WWF. He particularly liked being compared to Doug Somers. Candido knew that there was always a place in the business for someone in that role.

Louie Spicolli.

Their next feud was with Louie Spicolli. Tammy told Spicolli that he reminded her of a mix between John Goodman and Chris Farley. Apparently, Spicolli didn’t appreciate the comparison. They enjoyed their feud with Louie as he was supposed to be a Bodydonna in training character. The idea being that Louie would be doing anything to get their acceptance.

They became good friends with Spicolli and often times would stay a few extra days in Hollywood to hangout with him. Tammy recalls one time driving buy a movie theater and fans waiting outside looking to get a glimpse of stars for a movie premiere. Spicolli decided to scream out “Go home and get a life, you bunch of marks!”

That caused a brief riot and they drove off laughing until the traffic light turned red. The fans approached the car, but luckily the light turned green at the right time and they drove off laughing about the whole situation. Another time hanging out in Hollywood, they were driving around looking for celebrities, being complete hypocrites which she’s aware of. They saw Randy Quaid riding a bicycle while wearing a tuxedo.

The angle with Spicolli ended with Louie not being accepted into the group. Instead, Skip would get a partner in the form of Zip. Zip was played by Dr. Tom Prichard, formerly of the USWA and one half of the Heavenly Bodies in SMW with Jimmy Del Ray. Prichard cut his hair and dyed his hair to match Candido. Bruce Prichard, Tom’s brother and involved in talent relations, wanted to be the guy to tell Tom about his new gig.

Tom was excited about the new job because he enjoyed working with Candido dating back to their Tennessee days. However, when he was told he’d have to cut his hair and dye his hair blonde, it was nearly a deal breaking proposition. Tom was known for his in-ring skill and for his long hair that drew the envy of many females. However, a paycheck overrules looks.

Tom made his debut in Hershey, PA and they went to a salon nearby to get Tom’s hair to look like Candido’s. When they arrived at the salon, the hairdresser complimented Tom on his hair and wanted to know what he wanted to do. Tom just pointed to Candido’s hair with a look of disgust. The entire salon busted out into laughter.

At WrestleMania XII (which Tammy has as XXII) in 1996, the Bodydonnas wrestled the WWF Tag Team Champions The Godwinns for the titles. Tammy distracted Phineas by flashing him her butt and that led to Phineas getting pinned. They were champions and she was naturally going to take all the credit for it. At around this time, Vince was noticing the change in Sunny’s personality and would lead to the Sunny we’d all soon remember her as being.

Chapter Ten coming soon!


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