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A Star Shattered: Chapter Ten


Tammy for a phone call about doing her first ever bikini photo shoot for the WWF. She was really excited about a professional shoot since she had only done a shoot for SMW that was shot by Kelly Cornette. They went down to Miami Beach and got a hotel. The hotel ended up being a popular gay hookup spot and the rooms were often rented out by the hour. Upon entry of the hotel room, Tammy noticed it was really gross and promptly checked out.

She then went to the Eden Roc Hotel, which was a more upscale hotel in the area. It was an expensive hotel, which is exactly her style. She took the shoot seriously as she dieted hard for two weeks and her body was looking great as a result. They did her hair and makeup making her look gorgeous. She got jellyfish stings on her ankles, but luckily there were two attractive lifeguards to heal her injuries.

Upon the completion of the shoot, Tammy got a chance to look at the pictures and she was thrilled with how they came out. She got to pick which pictures went into the WWF Magazine. It didn’t bother her that Vader was the guy on the cover, because the fans were buying the magazine for her centerfold. The issue was a smash hit. Soon after, her reaction from the crowd became very positive and she credits showing a little skin to make her a bigger star.

While she was clearly a babyface to the fans, she was still managing a heel tag team. Vince McMahon saw money in her and created her first t-shirt. She was on the t-shirt seductively wearing a white button down top and holding a pool stick with a sign saying, “I like it RAW.” Of course, that was a huge success, too.


Tammy had t-shirts, calendars, CDs, beach towels and a tape. The tape allowed Tammy to be herself and she didn’t have a script, which is unheard of nowadays. The royalties from the merchandise doubled her salary, but she’s aware that the WWF was making a lot more from them.

Soon enough, Tammy was brought into a meeting with Vince McMahon and she was informed that she had become the most downloaded photo on AOL. She passed women like Pamela Anderson and Teri Hatcher. She was flown down to Phoenix to accept the award. She says she was the first wrestler to get mainstream attention, aside from Hulk Hogan, of course.

On one of her three days off, Tammy got a phone call and was told there was something important needed to discuss. She wanted to talk on the phone, but it was too important. Tammy thought she was getting fired for sure. Instead, upon meeting with Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Lisa Wolf, Tammy was told that Playboy had contacted them wanting Tammy to do a layout for them. The readers of Playboy had been requesting Tammy to do so.

She was flattered that Playboy would want her to in the magazine and have literally millions of wrestling fans and non-wrestling fans drooling over in the magazine. It took her all of five minutes to decline the offer, though. She mentions that Vince looked kind of surprised and a little disappointed, but he didn’t try and convince her otherwise.

Tammy was still only 23-years old and felt that her father would roll over in his grave if she posed nude. Plus, she was still rather conservative with her body. As long as she had the million dollar smile, she would be bringing in money for Vince and the WWF.

And, Vince knew that.

Chapter 11 coming soon!


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