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A Star Shattered: Chapter Eleven


Tammy has turned on the Bodydonnas and now manages the Godwinns, who happen to be the team who defeated the Bodydonnas to win the titles. Fans were happy that she joined the Godwinns, but Hillbilly Jim knew something was up. Sunny managed to get Phineas Godwinn to fall in love her. However, she had other plans…

After a few weeks, Sunny would turn on the Godwinns and joined the Smoking Gunns as she was flirting with Billy Gunn, also known as the good looking one. The long kiss that followed caused Phineas to be distracted and was pinned to give the Smokin’ Gunns the tag titles. She managed three consecutive tag teams to the championships.

Soon after the betrayal, Tammy had to apologize to Phineas in the ring and was told she had “7-8 minutes you know what to do.” She was also struggling to get people to boo her because of how popular her bikini photo shoot had been. She got Phineas into the ring and after a few minutes of apologizing she faked Phineas into thinking he was going to get a kiss. Instead, Sunny slapped him nice and hard.

Eventually, the Smoking Gunns came out and attacked Phineas, but Phineas was able to fight them off. Sunny was scared back into the ring by Henry Godwinn and Hillbilly Jim. Phineas got some revenge by dumping slop on her on the ring steps. That would make the cover of a WWF Magazine.

Tammy notes that the fans loved seeing her getting slop on her despite being a “tweener”. She took some level of revenge on the fans by tossing handfuls of slop into the crowd as she acted grossed out by it. She returned backstage to a standing ovation for her work, and then was told she was getting slopped every night.

She notes that the slop was usually just leftover salad from catering, bread and water. She did hear that the bucket would be left in the locker room for the wrestlers to piss in. So, she told the agents she’d only take the slop if she made it herself. She enjoyed doing the gross slop spot because it gave her a lot of coverage.

Soon enough, the Smoking Gunns would lose the tag titles and she fired them. Because, she was looking to have success with a singles wrestler as champion.

Chapter Twelve coming soon!


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