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A Star Shattered: Chapter Thirteen


By late 1996, Tammy and Chris Candido had taken a bit of a break from each other. Candido wouldn’t stay in Tammy’s room and instead stayed either with family or at his own hotel. They kept the charade of them being a happy couple for everyone at work because it didn’t concern anyone.

She mentions her previous love for Shawn Michaels when she was 13-years old. Now, they worked together and Michaels is even more attractive than what she remembered him as a young woman. Tammy mentions that Michaels was always friendly and kind towards her compared to how he treated other male wrestlers at the time.

They had a skit for a WWF television show where Michaels would take out all the heels in the ring and then motion for Tammy to enter the ring and kiss her, but instead he dissed her. After the TV show went off the air, they’d kiss in the ring. Prior to doing it, Michaels asked what kind of kiss he could give her. Tammy, in a sexual driven voice, told Shawn he could kiss her anyway he’d like. Shawn liked that idea.

When the kiss came, Tammy says it was the best kiss she had ever experience and probably lasted around five minutes. She didn’t want it to end and Michaels even dry humped her. She felt fireworks following that kiss.

The following week, Tammy was behind the curtain watching the show when Michaels came up from behind to watch the show, too. Michaels pressed his erection against Tammy’s butt and she was instantly turned on by it. She knew where this was likely headed. Later on in the night, Michaels had sex with Tammy in an empty locker room. She says it was mind blowing sex and hot because it was dirty and not allowed amongst the crew.

She was 23 and he was 31, but they meshed together very well that the age difference didn’t matter. Michaels actually said to her that it “makes perfect sense for the top guy and the top girl to be together.” She agreed with the statement. They’d have sex everywhere and only the Clique knew about it for a while. However, Vince McMahon did eventually find out and approved of the relationship.

They’d have sex numerous times a day both at the arena and then back at the hotel. Often times, Sean Waltman would be regulated to watching the door to make sure nobody walked in on their love making. She was still traveling with Chris Candido and keeping the charade that they were a happy couple. Apparently, nobody else knew about her relationship with Shawn, including Chris.

One night, at about 2:30am in Syracuse, NY, British Bulldog knocked on the door of the hotel room that Tammy was using to let her know that Shawn had been beaten up. She went to Shawn’s room and saw him bleeding with bruises and lumps on his head. She was most concerned with Michaels bleeding from his left ear. She feared that Shawn could have suffered brain swelling or inner ear damage.

Tammy remained by Shawn’s side and when he opened his eyes he was a little shocked, but then there was a twinkle in his eye. He must have appreciated that Tammy remained by his side. Up to that point, their relationship was purely physical and things were about to change.

Shawn was a given a month off the road to recover and he talked on the phone with Tammy three times a day for weeks. They’d talk on the phone and got to know each other better. Tammy suggested that Michaels needed a vacation and he suggested that Tammy find somewhere for them to go. Surprised, Tammy ended up finding a place in Jamaica. Shawn was able to get Tammy taken off the road to go on the vacation with him.

To explain her absence to Chris Candido, she said that she was going on a spa vacation because she needed “me time”. She flew out of Newark and met with Shawn in Miami to board a connecting flight. Needless to say, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and they almost got a cover so they could do more on the flight.

They got into a small van, just the two of them along with a driver, and Tammy ended up riding Shawn in the backseat because they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. She hopes the driver wasn’t watching them. When they arrived to the hotel, she realized that Shawn had gotten a honeymoon villa and there was a place card that wished them well on their marriage. They decided to play along like they were actually newlyweds.

During their first three days there she guesses they were having sex ten times a day and they had to take a break from being physical. She considers Michaels to be her best partner, ever. She notes that Shawn had a fetish of her putting on ruby red lipstick and taking her from behind. She did anything for him.

It was during this vacation that Tammy had her first ever alcoholic drink. She credits the drinks she had at 23-years old as the beginning of the end for her, which we’ll read about later on. During the vacation they really grew a bond and got to know each other very well. When their vacation ended, Michaels had two more weeks off and Tammy had to return to the road. Tammy and Shawn’s mother actually helped Shawn decorate his new mansion in San Antonio.

Tammy voiced frustration she was having at home and mentioned to Shawn she wanted to leave, this was some weeks after Shawn had moved in. Shawn suggested she move into the new home with him. She just laughed it off.

They were booked together for a tour in Canada and had autograph signings in various WALMART stores. At the hotel during this tour, Tammy told Shawn that she loved him and she truly meant it. He didn’t respond and instead kissed her. However, Tammy didn’t know and was desperate to know if he felt the same way.

Shortly afterward, Tammy started to mend her relationship with Chris Candido and that really pissed off Shawn. Shawn was use to getting anything or anyone he wanted and Tammy thinks it hurt his ego knowing that Tammy couldn’t break things off with Candido fully. Shawn also got jealous if Tammy talked to a guy like… Bret Hart too much.

They were together in Las Vegas for a convention and it was there that Shawn had a conversation with Tammy about her relationship with Chris. Shawn knew that she wasn’t going to end things with Chris and was offended that Tammy didn’t consider moving to San Antonio. Tammy cried during the whole conversation because she knew what was going to happen.

She was heartbroken. Within two months, Shawn met a woman named Rebecca, who was a Nitro Girl for WCW. She ended pregnant during that time and they got married. They’ve been married for 15-years. Tammy wonders if she would have lived that life if she moved in with Shawn when he asked. She also wonders if Shawn ever loved her. She hopes he did.

As for Chris Candido, Tammy thinks that Chris knew about the affair but he never once mentioned it. She thinks that Chris loved her so much that he’d let her do anything as long as she remained in his life. Chris was her soulmate and likely the only reason that she didn’t leave him for Shawn. Chris worshiped the ground she walked on and treated her better than anyone had ever treated her.

Nothing could fully break them apart.

Chapter Fourteen coming soon!


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