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A Star Shattered: Chapter Fourteen


Tammy notes that she gets along with men easier than she does with women and credits the way she was raised for that. She notes that throughout 1996 she was close to two people… Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. She was close to Michaels romantically and was just really good friends with Bret, believe it or not. Accidentally, she caused the friction to grow. She analyzes for us.

She describes Shawn Michaels as the good looking guy who was great in the ring and as being a cocky, arrogant person. While they dated for nine months, she saw the loving and caring side of Michaels. However, his insecurity and jealously isn’t a good match. Meanwhile, Bret Hart was one of the best wrestlers ever and she mentions his training with his father Stu. Bret was different from Shawn as he enjoyed his privacy and he had the nickname of “The Lone Wolf.”

While on the road, Tammy had her own locker room from the guys considering she was the only female on the road for nearly two years. Bret wasn’t going to get changed in a crowded locker room and ended up using Tammy’s room. When Tammy would get changed for the show, Bret would leave and vice versa. Tammy notes that if she wasn’t out screwing Michaels somewhere she’d actually have great conversations with Bret.

Tammy kind of became the Hart family babysitter when Bret would bring his kids to the shows. She became very well-liked by the family and even learned the secret handshake the family had. Shawn was really insecure about Bret changing with Tammy and wondered what was going on behind the door. Tammy insists nothing ever happened between herself and Bret.

Actually, she has a confession to make for the first time ever and has never said this in an interview. Bret actually did kiss her one time. She had invited Bret to her hotel room with the intentions to have sex with him, but the kiss only drew a little spark and nothing more. When Bret appeared, she notes that he was shy yet excited. She had split up with Shawn prior to this encounter, by the way.

Shawn was convinced that Tammy was sleeping with Bret since they had broken up and he made a comment about Bret having “sunny days” on a RAW telecast, which pissed Bret off. The promos were to promote a match at Survivor Series. Bret was rumored as being done with WWF after the show and was very vocal about not dropping the title to Michaels because he hates him and didn’t want to drop the title in Canada.

Vince McMahon respected Bret’s wishes and agreed to let him retire as champion. She mentions Vince was afraid about Bret taking the WWF World Championship to WCW with him. Tammy notes that Wrestling With Shadows was filming that night as well and they recorded her talking to Bret’s wife and playing with his kid.

Tammy describes the Montreal Screwjob and how she was standing next to the door that Bret had entered to confront Vince. She didn’t hear much but she saw Bret leave and then Vince come out with a blackened eye with his sone Shane right next to him. Tammy says that nobody truly knows what happened except for Shawn, Vince and Bret. However, she offers her expert opinion on the matter.

She believes that Bret agreed to the screwjob finish and the whole issue between the trio is a work. Her reasoning includes that the punch Bret gave Vince gave him a black eye within a minute. She knows firsthand that it takes a little while before the eye actually becomes blackened. Also, she knows that Bret is left handed because they had several autograph sessions. If someone is left handed wouldn’t they strike someone’s right eye? Tammy says that it would be uncommon for a left handed person to throw a right handed punch. (Bret has always thrown a right handed punch.)



Tammy with Bret at an autograph signing. Look which hand Bret is using to sign autographs.


Tammy believes that Shane McMahon punched his own father a half-hour before the match to allow the eye to be blackened. She also notes that they were all very calm following the incident. At the time of the book being written the event had taken place 20-years ago and perhaps we’ll never truly know what happened.

Chapter fifteen coming soon!


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