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A Star Shattered: Chapter Fifteen


After splitting with Faarooq, the WWF didn’t know what to do with Tammy. They had a meeting and Tammy was informed that she was going to be given a production staff contract and would work underneath Kevin Dunn. Her salary would be $100,000 a year and she wouldn’t have to spend any money on the road anymore. She’d also work nine or ten days per month whether on the road or at the studio. She was really excited about this deal.

Being on the road, you’re likely to spend 30% of what you’re making to survive on the road whether it be food, hotels, rental cars and liquor. She also remembers having to write $30,000 checks to the IRS. Needless to say, she was looking forward to the possibility of making more money and spending less on the road.

At this point, Tammy began to host almost all the television programs. She mentions how Livewire was a unique show that aired live and they would have to think quickly when people called in. She also co-hosted Shotgun Saturday Night, which was a completely different kind of show and would often times be held in nightclubs. There was an instance where she had to dance to get the live crowd riled up and while she didn’t think she did well, the fans ate all it up. She even managed to get Vince McMahon on the commentary table to dance with her. She was never intimidated by Vince and she regularly sit on his lap and give him kisses on the cheek.

One time at Penn Station, Tammy had to interview someone on camera and that’s how she met Front Row Charlie. Charlie was at every show and every single time he was in the front row. She was really enjoying her new role and didn’t have much stress.

She recalls her first trip to London where she as essentially paid to be a tourist and they had a segment on TV called “Sunny Cam.” Tammy was loving that everything was paid for her and remembers needing cowboy boots for her run with Smoking Gunns. Well, Chris Candido fell in love with a $500 pair of cowboy boots and since the receipt just read “boots” she was reimbursed for them.

When she was flying it was always first class and was with the likes of Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and The Undertaker. Often times, she was able to upgrade Chris Candido into first class, but she had also done the same for Owen Hart and Steve Austin. One time, a flight attendant said she couldn’t upgrade all three. Tammy responded by saying all three men were her boyfriend and that left the attendant speechless.

A few wrestlers would realize that Tammy had and would join her for meals so that she would just send them in to get paid for. Jim Ross, Tammy’s immediate boss, called her and asked why she was spending $90 every morning for breakfast. Her response was that it was expensive to eat while maintaining a strict diet. JR laughed and continued to process the checks. Steve Austin traveled with Tammy for several weeks knowing that everything would be paid for.

She was soon informed that she’d be managing a new tag team… the Legion of Doom! They were two of the nicest men you’d ever meet. Tammy was excited to see her costume for the team as it barely covered more than a bikini would. It was the sexiest costume she had seen.

It was WrestleMania XIV when she made her debut with Legion of Doom and the crowd went nuts for her appearance with the duo. She was grateful to work with them, but being a babyface manager is rather boring and it was hard to settle for giving them all the spotlight considering she has an ego.

Tammy would travel with Animal while Hawk traveled with Steve Blackman. This annoyed Blackman because he’d have to babysit Hawk since he liked to party. She never saw Hawk do any drugs, but she did see him do prescription pills, which was something everyone did. Her days traveling with Animal were memorable and because of that they’ve remained close ever since. They were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the same year. Hawk wasn’t there as he passed away before ever getting the induction.

Chapter Sixteen coming soon!


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