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Wrestling Observer Files: January 10th, 1992

How is Hogan vs. Flair drawing on house shows? Numbers might be a little misleading. A major WCW star is departing WCW, but has a different career path in mind.

There’s a substantial amount of information regarding the Inside Edition piece on Hulk Hogan and how he lied about using anabolic steroids. Meltzer deep dives into the topic and also has a lengthy interview with Billy Graham regarding the whole situation. It’s actually more than half of the newsletter that has been posted online. Considering the focus of this series is backstage news and whatnot, I’m just going to continue on with that.

Starrcade ’91 may not have gotten the best of feedback, but the early estimation is that it got a 1.2 buyrate, which would be the best since the War Games pay per view back in February. Meltzer thinks that having a PPV the weekend after Christmas is likely the cause and not because of the tournament theme. If the numbers are correct, WCW earned 3.7. million and that would be a record.

Whenever there is good news, there is usually bad news. Lex Luger has officially given his notice and will be finishing up at Superbrawl II on February 29th. He would likely get a limited release to work Japan, but he likely wouldn’t even do that. So, any hopes of Luger jumping to the WWF will have to wait until the spring of ’93 since his contract expires in March of ’93.

The rumor is that Luger doesn’t like the lifestyle that wrestling has and it prevents him from his main hobby of bodybuilding. He’d be taking a year off to start his own gym and spend time with his family. He could then return to wrestling and work for the WWF. Meltzer notes that the WWF needs a big time babyface since Hogan’s days are numbered and there aren’t any suitable replacements. They could put Bret Hart in that spot, but the company would have to overhaul their presentation. By March 1993, Luger could very well be the best plan.

The Nasty Boys and IRS were involved in a serious incident involving fans after a show in Peoria. A few fans saw the trio get in their car and proceeded to weave in front of them several times. It lead to a fight which saw Brian Knobbs get stabbed several times, Saggs was hit with jumper cables and suffered a concussion. The three men involved in the attack turned themselves in and the Nasty Boys were scheduled to miss the television taping.


Eddie Gilbert, the booker for the company, missed the 1/3 show due to the flu. According to a source, there will be a major turn at the next show.

John Tatum delivered a promo on Missy Hyatt and Jason Hervey, who were in the cheap seats.


The major news coming out of the USWA is that Brian Christopher turned on his partner Tony Williams citing that he didn’t want to team with Williams anymore. Christopher was forced to compete in a tag match, but after they loss they argued. It all leads to a boxing match on 1/6.

1/6 show will also feature a USWA Title match between Jerry Lawler and Kamala, which doesn’t have a return stipulation and should mean that Lawler will win.


Barry Windham was supposed to return to action on 1/1, but doctors refused to release him back to the ring.

The Meadowlands house show on 12/27 featured two great matches in Liger/Pillman and Sting/Rude. The estimated crowd was 5,000 paid.

WCW’s TV ratings for Christmas week were lower than they were doing, but that was likely because of football and lower viewership levels.


FOX Network will be running a special on 2/8 and it will have an angle that will play part for WrestleMania plans.

Expect Hogan & Piper vs. Taker & Flair on the house shows.

Hogan/Flair had a match in Richmond that drew a $107,000, which was surprising since Richmond hadn’t had a gate over $40,000 in quite sometime. Of course, the crowd was pro-Flair.

Hogan/Flair only managed to draw 4,500 fans at the Omni. But, WCW had just ran shows there on Christmas and New Years. Plus, they had a show at Center Stage the same day with cheaper tickets.

Interesting list as to where the WWF office ranks their talents…

Hulk, Macho Man, Sid Justice, Piper, Bret Hart, Boss Man, Virgil, Janetty, Tornado, Bulldog, El Matador, Valentine, Chavis, Walker

Tag Teams:
LOD, Slaughter & Duggan, New Foundation, Bushwhackers

Flair, Undertaker, Snake, DiBiase, IRS, Mountie, Michaels, Repo Man, Berzerker, Skinner, Warlord, Kato, Hercules

Tag Teams:
Natural Disasters, Nasty Boys, Beverly Brothers.

Despite being advertised for house shows, Elizabeth will not be on the house shows for the Savage/Roberts matches.

On 1/3 in Oakland the WWF drew 8,000 with Roberts/Savage in the main event, despite the match being awful.

In Landover, Hogan/Flair drew 6,200 fans.

There has not been a reason revealed as to why Hawk missed a few dates and Animal worked singles matches.

Thanks for reading.

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