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A Star Shattered: Chapter Twenty-Seven


This chapter is dedicated to various ribs that she has encountered throughout her career. Most of the times, the ribs (pranks) are done in a humorous manner, but they can also be hurtful and painful. Lets see what pranks she remembers.

The first prank that she encountered was by Mr. Fuji. Fuji asked Sunny to braid Yokozuna’s hair and she wasn’t going to say no to him. Sunny is braiding Yokozuna’s hair when she notices that the seamstress and Fuji were laughing at her. Eventually, Sunny realized that Yokozuna’s hair smelled like shit and sewage. This was because Yoko was so obese that he couldn’t raise his arms over his head to wash his hair.

She claims that she began to call Hunter Hearst Helmsley by the nickname Triple H when he was hanging out with Jeff Jarrett one afternoon. Over time, Shawn Michaels started to call him Triple H and the name stuck on him. Tammy doubts that she’ll ever get credit for the name.

When Steve Austin and The Rock started in the WWF she regularly paid for their meals. Such instances was noted in an earlier chapter when she paid for Rock’s meals.

When she was in the WWF the USWA would borrow her to work their Saturday morning television shows. Tammy didn’t stay at a hotel, but rather she stayed at Jerry Lawler’s house per the request of Stacy, his wife. Tammy thought Lawler had a really cool Coca-Cola room. It’s not a rib, but rather just an observation, I guess.

There was a time when the WWF was touring Germany and they were on a bus. There was a small bathroom on the bus, but it smelled awful and nobody used it. Tammy was able to use it when everyone was sleeping, but when she was done the door was barricaded by all the briefcases. She couldn’t get out and was stuck in there for two hours. Eventually, she heard a laugh and found out that the British bulldog was behind the prank.

Tammy recalls another time when they were at the airport and Owen Hart tried to get on the plane with two duffel bags. Owen was often times cheap on the road and would take anything free he could get. At a hotel they were staying, Owen filled his bags with free food. Well, when they got the airport, Bulldog brought attention to the bags and they were deemed too big to carry onto the flight. After arriving to the next airport, Owen’s bags were found drenched in orange juice and all his clothes were stained.

During a trip in 2000 with Chris Candido and Sabu, they stayed in a hotel where there were three options labeled as Doctors, Massage, and Food. Prior to getting into the hotel, Sabu had been searched at the airport and had all his pills taken from him. Well, at the hotel, there was a doctor who would fill the prescription pills for only $40. Needless to say, Sabu was thrilled about it and they didn’t remember much of their two week tour.

In 1997, Marc Mero needed surgery on his knee and Sable traveled with Ken Shamrock. They found out they were doing more than just traveling. Sable also knew Kimberly pretty well because they were both strippers in Atlanta.

Once, when traveling with British Bulldog and Lex Luger in Vermont, Bulldog was driving and blew through four red lights. He got pulled over and told the cop that red meant go in England. The cop got flustered and didn’t give them a ticket.

She was in Germany with Chris Candido and they were looking to get some McDonald’s because they were craving it. They got a ride to a mall with a McDonald’s inside, but when they called the cab back, they weren’t able to get a ride back. They were stranded and the WWF bus was scheduled to leave within the hour and Tammy was freaking out. Luckily, a car with four girls wearing Bret Hart t-shirts drove by and saved the day.

The Gund Arena had just opened the WWF was having a show there. Bret Hart was given a sheet cake from a fan, which had a picture of himself airbrushed on it, but didn’t eat it. British Bulldog suggested that Tammy smell the nose because it smelt like strawberry. Instead, Tammy shoved a piece of cake into Bulldog’s face. Bulldog chased after Tammy and then Owen Hart came out to see what was going on. Well, Bulldog shoved the cake into his face. Owen got revenge by putting the cake into Bulldog’s gear bag. Chris Candido got caught in the crossfire and actually got yelled at by a road agent. Tammy and Bulldog were fined $500 and had to clean up the carpets with a wet towel, but it was worth it.

Every time Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer) brought his son to the shows, the wrestlers would tape him to the ceiling. Interestingly, his son continued to show up to the shows.

During a tour of Canada, Tammy rode with Candido, Al Snow, Marty Jannetty, British Bulldog, Owen Hart, Billy Gunn, Bart Gunn, and Goldust. Owen rode with them two days before riding with a fan in a different fan, to save money. While traveling on the highway they saw a sign promoting the sale of fireworks. Jannetty played Gangsta’s Paradise on the radio and that led to a little wrestling match taking place. Eventually, a seat became loose and they tossed it onto the road. Jannetty rolled down the window during a blizzard and broke the handle so they couldn’t close the window. They then lit and tossed fireworks at Owen’s van, but he knew what they were doing. When they returned the van, Bulldog convinced the rental office that they had rented the van to them in this condition. He was able to get a refund.

She washed Paul Orndorff’s gear per his request when she was a wrestling fan.

While in California for a photo shoot, she was was posing in some sexual poses and it caught the eye of several bystanders. One man on rollerblades wasn’t paying attention to the sidewalk and got his blades got caught in a crack breaking his lower leg.

Chapter Twenty-Eight coming soon!


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