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Wrestling Observer Files: 1/3/1994

WCW has a successful Starrcade, despite being a one match show. However, they also hurt their chances of having a new city to tour with a disaster of a house show in Denver, Colorado.

Starrcade 1993 was considered to be a good show by the readers of the Observer as 175 people gave it a thumbs up. The best match was given to the main event between Ric Flair and Vader for the WCW World Championship, which Flair won. No other match was given a vote.

Meltzer believes that the incident between Sid and Arn Anderson in England was a disaster in disguise as it lead to the great build between Flair and Vader. Despite the great build, WCW wasn’t able to sellout the arena nor is it expected to reach the 0.8 buyrate that many were hoping for on PPV.

Of course, WCW sent out ads for Superbrawl taking place on February 20th, 1994 and it featured Flair defending against Vader in a Thunder Dome cage. So, of course media outlets shared the ad and it essentially spoiled the Starrcade main event. However, its unlikely that the spoiler impacted any buys.

The show was build all around Vader and Flair with very little focus on the undercard, and those no pressure on the undercard to deliver. Which, was great since nothing on the undercard did deliver. Meltzer still considers the show to be a major thumbs up even with it being a one match show.

Starrcade ’93 results with Meltzer ratings…
Terry Taylor defeated The Equalizer in a dark match (DUD)
1.) Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma defeated Too Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell (*3/4)
2.) Shock Master defeated King Kong (DUD)
3.) WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal wrestled Ricky Steamboat to a draw (*/34)
4.) Cactus Jack & Tex Slashinger & Shanghai Pierce (*1/4)
5.) Steve Austin defeated WCW United States Champion Dustin Rhodes in a best two out of three falls match to win the title (**3/4)
6.) WCW International Champion Rick Rude defeated The Boss to retain the title (**)
7.) Sting & Hawk defeated The Nasty Boys by disqualification (**1/2)
8.) Ric Flair defeated WCW World Champion Vader to win the title (****1/2)


Bert Prentice dressed as Santa Claus and was attacked by Doug and Eddie Gilbert. They also destroyed the gifts.

The 12/20 show that saw Jerry Lawler regain the title from Jeff Jarrett saw the attendance rise to 1,100 for a $6,500 gate.

The 12/27 show will feature Brian Christopher vs. Buddy Landel for the USWA Championship. Landel is back after working out money issues. PG-13 take on Chris Michaels and Todd Morton for the tag titles. The Gilberts will battle Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher.


They had a successful three-night Christmas Chaos tour with their Knoxville show on 12/25 drawing 1,700 fans with all seats being $6. The show featured The Bullet being unmasked, only to be wearing another mask. Meltzer notes that doing that along with having a hair match and nobody having their hair shaved, or having a loser leave town match where nobody leaves, will make it difficult for the angles to draw people in the future. Also, Brian Lee retained the SMW Heavyweight Championship over Tracy Smothers and Dirty White Boy.

In Johnson City they drew 950 fans at $5 ticket prices and in Barbourville they drew 800 fans.

Apparently, The Bruise Brothers will be suspended for six weeks when footage of them brawling with the Moondogs is shown on TV. They’ll be back in mid-February.

There are no plans for the Smoking Gunns to be brought in.


Over in ECW, there was a show on 12/26 where Terry Funk defeated Sabu in the main event. It was considered to be a very good match, but fans got mad with the FMW-like explosion as they played sound effects over the PA. A lot of people chanted for a refund.

Hulk Hogan has a song out In England that was reached #29 on the charts.

In Dallas, Big D and GWF are battling it out with GWF allowing everyone into their shows for free and supplying a free coke. That hasn’t impacted Big D very much largely because of their angle focusing on control of the company between Big D and Freddie Fargo,. In the end, Big D was able to gain control of the promotion.


Business was expected to be above-average for Christmas, and a Toronto show drew 7,000 fans. It featured all three titles being on the line, and the heels saving their titles. Those matches were Ramon vs. Michaels, Steiners vs. Quebecers and Yoko vs. Taker.

Tatanka taking on Ludvig Borga has been added to the 1994 Royal Rumble show.

Quang the Ninja, was introduced on television with a ten-second clip. Dave isn’t sure, but suggests it could be Tazmaniac.

Alundra Blayze made her television debut and it appears that the women’s division will be getting a push. Fans wanted to treat the match like it was T&A, so it might take a little while to reprogram fans to think differently.


Barry Windham might be coming back to the promotion as he was mentioned often on television.

They had a show on 12/25 in Denver that dew 3,000 and it was a disaster. The Nasty Boys no-showed. Flair vs. Rude only went nine minutes and people were pissed because other undercard matches got fifteen minutes. Then, Vader pinned Sting after a forty-five second segment. Flair, Rude, Vader and Sting were brawling and at one point Flair, Vader and Sting went over the top to the floor right before a battle royal. However, they were deemed to be eliminated anyway. Rude won the battle royal when he eliminated hometown star, Too Cold Scorpio. Needless to say, fans weren’t happy.

Nick Bockwinkel is expected to be the new WCW commissioner.

Thanks for reading.

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