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ECW Hardcore TV 3/1/1997

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) ECW Tag Team Champions the Eliminators defeated Rob Van Dam & Dabu in a tables and ladders match to retain the titles
2.) Taz defeated Tracy Smothers

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The Pitbulls come out for an interview with Pitbull #2 saying he is ready to kick Franchise’s ass. He is sick of Douglas being a Shawn Michaels. ECW TV Champion Shane Douglas appears in the Eagles Nest. Douglas says he has everyone chanting their names believing that he is a tough guy. Douglas doesn’t care about RAW or Paul Heyman. They don’t have to wait for a pay per view and warns Pitbull to never compare him to Shawn Michaels. Douglas tells both men to bring their asses to the Eagles Nest. It doesn’t take long for the Pitbulls to head up towards Douglas. Douglas hits them with his crutch and of course there is Brian Lee and Chris Candido. Lee puts Pitbull #1 through a table with a choke slam. Candido is choking Pitbull #2 with his own chain. Lee nails #1 with a steel chair. That fans chant for Rude, but he doesn’t appear.

2.) All matches on this show were recorded for Cyberslam, and that show review can be located HERE.

3.) Chris Candido talks about admiring Terry Funk when he was growing up and saw Funk at MSG. Now, he is in ECW and all he hears about is Funk. Candido does a humorous Funk impersonation and talks about being an NWA World Champion. He wants to know where his banquet and award is. Candido promises he’d do hardcore stuff, but he is billed as a hardcore legend and he doesn’t have a gimmick. Candido says he is the legend and offers anyone to end the ring with him to find out. Candido is capable of really great promos and its hidden with his humor.

Final Thoughts:
Just highlights for Cyberslam to go along with a solid promo from Candido.

Thanks for reading.

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