WCW Main Event 6/14/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event
From: St. Petersburg, FL

1.) WCW Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers defeated Sonny Trout & Rick Cain
2.) Fabulous Freebirds defeated Chris Sullivan & John Peterson
3.) Cactus Jack defeated Mitch Bell
4.) WCW Television Champion Steve Austin fought Ricky Steamboat to a draw to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) We see footage of Bill Watts telling the fans that WCW isn’t going to be a cartoon come to life. Watts says the action will remain in the ring and has gotten Ole Anderson to be part of the company to be the senior referee. Ole Anderson says that he will bring law and order. That was from WCW Saturday Night, I believe.

2.) Steve Austin has regained the WCW Television Championship from Barry Windham, but Eric Bischoff doesn’t go into anything further about that.

3.) WCW United States Champion Rick Rude cuts a promo about Beach Blast saying that they are running out of time for thinking. Rude puts over Madusa saying that she’ll beat Missy Hyatt in a bikini contest.

4.) Jim Ross interviews Ricky Steamboat for his Ross Report segment. Steamboat is glad that the accusations made by Madusa have been proven to be false and just a way to distract him. Steamboat wants to Rude that if he makes Rude give up in the first five minutes, Rude will still have to battle him for twenty-five minutes. Steamboat wonders if Rude could handle him in the ring for thirty minutes.

5.) Early on, Steamboat controls Austin with a hammerlock until Austin reaches the ropes to cause a rope break. Steamboat runs the ropes and eventually hits a hip toss sending Austin to the floor to regroup with Paul Dangerously. Austin sends Steamboat chest first into the corner and continues to work over Steamboat with right hands. Steamboat stops Austin in the corner with an electric chair slam. Austin pulls Steamboat to the floor where Steamboat sends Austin into the guard railing to get control. Austin drops Steamboat throat first across the top rope and hit a running bulldog. Austin maintains control with a knee lift but Steamboat battles back with chops. Austin rakes Steamboat’s eyes and rams Ricky head first into the corner. Austin drags Steamboat across the ring by his injured nose before delivering a knee drop. Steamboat has a sunset flip and nearly wins the match. Austin counters a power slam with a near fall and drops Steamboat with a couple of clotheslines. Steamboat comes off the ropes to hit a cross body for another near fall. Steamboat follows up with a swinging neck breaker but Austin refuses to stay down. Austin almost wins with a rollup as there is one minute left in the time limit. Steamboat works over Austin with elbow and strikes in the corner. Steamboat atomic drops Austin, but Austin fights back with a scoop slam. Austin heads to the top but is met with a strike in midair. Steamboat hits a top rope cross body but the bell sounds. (**1/2. They really got going in the final two minutes or so, but it’s a disappointing match between two guys that usually deliver excellent matches.)

Final Thoughts:
A forgettable episode since it’s mainly just some hype for the pay per view and Steamboat/Austin have done a lot better.

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