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WCW Saturday Night 8/13/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Brian Pillman defeated Tony Vincent
2.) WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal defeated Joey Maggs
3.) Diamond Dallas Page defeated Scott Studd
4.) Ricky Steamboat defeated Chic Donovan
5.) Arn Anderson & Bunkhouse Buck defeated Frankie Lancaster & Mark Starr
6.) Johnny B. Badd defeated Mike Thor
7.) WCW United States Champion Steve Austin defeated Brian Armstrong
8.) WCW Tag Team Champions Pretty Wonderful defeated Stars & Stripes to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Apparently, Clash of the Champions on August 24th is going to be two and half hours long. Bobby Heenan has a neck brace on and tells a story about trying to interview WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan after a recent TV show. Heenan claims that Hogan put his hands on Heenan and caused Heenan to blackout. Mean Gene doesn’t believe him but Heenan promises he’s telling the truth.

2.) WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal is interviewed following his victory. Regal will be wrestling Antonio Inoki at the Clash of the Champions. He has to beat another icon to prove his worth in WCW. Regal has never insulted and he’s putting everyone from Ric Flair to Hulk Hogan on notice.

3.) Ricky Steamboat is interviewed following his victory. He’ll be fighting WCW United States Champion Steve Austin on August 24th. Steamboat doesn’t like that Austin thinks he is the best wrestler. Ricky says he’s proved that he can handle Austin and Austin has continually tried to get disqualified at Bash at the Beach. However, now at Clash of the Champions the match will be contested under a rule where if Austin tries to get disqualified then he loses the championship.

4.) Arn Anderson, Bunkhouse Buck and Col. Robert Parker are interviewed following their victory. Anderson says that they broke Dusty Rhodes out of the cobwebs. Anderson says that Dusty had a heart attack from chicken. Anderson isn’t in the tag match because he doesn’t want to breakup the good tag team battling the Rhodes on August 24th. Anderson notes he’s broken both of their arms. Buck is going to make history at the Clash of the Champions and toss mud into their eyes.

5.) The main event starts with about twenty-minutes left in the program, which should be about fifteen minutes of action left. Hopefully this isn’t too dreadful.

6.) Roma takes Bagwell down to the mat, which shocks Bagwell at the start of the match. Roma arm draw Bagwell again and Bagwell is just in disbelief. Bagwell works over the arm of Roma with a wrist lock. Bagwell takes Roma over with a hip toss and arm drag. Bagwell leg drops the arm of Roma to keep control of the match. Patriot tags in and back elbows Roma before wrenching on the arm to get control. Orndorff enters into the ring and Patriot keeps Orndorff on the canvas. Patriot keeps Orndorff on the canvas with a hammerlock. Bagwell comes back in and keeps the hammerlock on Orndorff. Roma tags in and Bagwell takes Roma down with a drop toe hold. Bagwell rams Roma’s knee into the canvas a few times. Bagwell comes off the ropes and Orndorff pulls the top rope down causing Bagwell to crash to the floor. Orndorff decks Bagwell on the floor while the referee is distracted. Roma delivers a few knee strikes on the apron knocking Bagwell back to the floor. Bagwell goes for a sunset flip from the apron for a two count on Roma. Roma nails Bagwell with an elbow strike but only manages a two count. Roma drives Bagwell down with a back breaker. Roma goes to the top and delivers an elbow drop to the back of Bagwell for a two count. Orndorff drops Bagwell with a right hand upon entering the ring. Orndorff stomps on Bagwell to maintain control of the contest.

Orndorff drops a forearm into Bagwell’s face and taunts the fans. Bagwell reverses a backslide with one of his own for a two count. Orndorff nails Bagwell with a clothesline but only gets a two count. Bagwell gets worked over in the corner until Roma brings him out and delivers more shots. Bagwell get a rollup on Roma but Orndorff comes in and attempts a piledriver but Bagwell backdrops out of it. Patriot gets the hot tag and cleans house with left hands. Patriot slams the champions and elbows Orndorff to the floor. Roma begs off in the ring by himself. Orndorff has Bagwell on the floor and hits a piledriver on the floor! Orndorff gets back in the ring and Patriot hammers away on him. Roma stomps on Patriot and Orndorff delivers a shot. The referee calls for the bell disqualifying the champions for attacking the Patriot. After the match, Pretty Wonderful try to unmask Patriot but the Nasty Boys come out and make the save. (**1/2. It was a solid TV match, which is rather surprising to me. Pretty Wonderful is a really good heel team and they work very well together. Bagwell did well as the face in peril and Patriot being the powerhouse face of the team was effective.)

7.) Ric Flair and Sherri Martel make their way out to be interviewed to close the program. Flair will be wrestling Hogan on August 24th. He had a shot in Orlando, but Flair no-showed it. Flair claims he didn’t want to deprive a viewing audience to watch the beating of Hogan. Flair has prepared for the Clash of the Champions and tells Hogan to learn to live it. Sherri says that she is going to dance over Hogan’s grave. Flair is also coming to the event with a surprise.

Final Thoughts:
A good main event and some basic promotion for the Clash of the Champions makes for a decent program.

Thanks for reading.

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