WCW Saturday Night 8/6/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Jim Duggan defeated Rip Rogers
2.) WCW Television Champion Lord Steven Regal defeated Frankie Lancaster
3.) Sting defeated TA McCoy
4.) WCW Tag Team Champions Pretty Wonderful defeated Joey Maggs & Todd Morton
5.) Kevin Sullivan defeated Mike Thor
6.) Harlem Heat derated Brad & Brian Armstrong
7.) Ric Flair defeated Terry Taylor
8.) Dustin Rhodes defeated Bunkhouse Buck

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tonight, fans get the chance to pick the main event, which is something they did just a few weeks ago. The episode this week is LIVE and it’s taking place in Orlando, FL instead of Atlanta, GA.

2.) Gordon Solie is in the blue locker room, which is with the good guys. He’s got a bunch of mid card guys, nobody is main event level. Hopefully Jim Steele gets picked! Or, maybe Ricky Steamboat or Dustin Rhodes would be cool, too, I guess.

3.) Mean Gene is in the red locker room, which is the bad dudes. WCW US Champion Steve Austin and Vader are the notable names in that room.

4.) Back to the red locker room where WCW US Champion Steve Austin says that everyone in the other locker room are shaking in their boots. Austin claims he shoved Ricky Steamboat’s son into a public pool and Ricky’s wife was too drunk to save the chile so a lifeguard had to do it. Over in the red locker room, Brian Pillman cuts a promo saying that the rematch has never happened between him and Austin but that’s going to happen tonight. Pillman promises the match will be violent. Johnny B. Badd chimes in and wants the championship. Ricky Steamboat enters the scene and tells Austin to bring it on for talking about his family.

5.) Dustin Rhodes is in the blue locker room saying he has been kicked around and tonight it stops. He will have Dusty Rhodes in his corner if Dustin gets the vote. Dusty Rhodes wants Col. Parker to bring his fighter and he’ll bring his. They want to settle their fight tonight.

6.) Mean Gene interviews Sting following his squash victory. Sting has some unfinished business with Ric Flair to settle. Sting can’t wait and is almost begging to get his hands on Ric Flair one more time. Sting knows that Flair wakes up in a cold sweat thinking of Sting in his sleep and thinks Flair might not even make it to the Clash of the Champions.

7.) Mean Gene is in the red locker room with Col. Robert Parker and Bunkhouse Buck. Parker says he tells Gene what to do. Parker doesn’t like how WCW is making them adhere to the rules of listening to the fans who make the decision via phone call. Parker calls Dusty Rhodes ignorant. Bunkhouse Buck says he’d take care of Dustin Rhodes tonight.

8.) After their victory, Pretty Wonderful continued to attack the jobbers until Marcus Alexander Bagwell & The Patriot run into the ring and make the save brawling with the champions.

9.) Tony Schiavone interviews Pretty Wonderful regarding what just happened. Paul Orndorff says that Bagwell and Patriot beating them was a fluke since it happened before they were champions. Orndorff claims they are draft dodgers for not wanting to go to war. Paul Roma calms Orndorff down and he is sick and tired of them, too.

10.) Mean Gene is back in the red locker room with Col. Robert Parker until Arn Anderson comes over and assures Parker he is covered. Anderson says they will celebrate tonight. Meng is yelling and doing karate strikes making it difficult to hear the promo.

11.) Mean Gene interviews Sherri Martel and Ric Flair. Flair gets another shot at WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan on August 24th at the Clash of the Champions. Flair says that his luck could change tonight if Hogan had the guts to be here live. Sherri chimes in and says she is going to a funeral for Hulk Hogan. Sherri isn’t going to be deprived of the funeral. Flair says that Hogan is where he is due to the grace of God. Flair is confident that Hogan will not be able to achieve victory over him again. Flair is going for championship number twelve and will celebrate with Sherri at Hard Rock.

12.) Taylor takes Flair down with a headlock but Flair gets up quickly and backs Taylor against the ropes. Taylor shoulder blocks Flair and taunts Flair with the brief advantage. Taylor hip tosses Flair followed by a few dropkicks. Flair gets taken down with a drop toe hold and Taylor had a spinning toe hold but Flair kicks him away. Taylor backdrops Flair and goes back to the headlock getting a two count on the canvas. Flair gets up and puts a sleeper on Taylor but is dropped across the top turnbuckle. Taylor pummels Flair in the corner with right hands and Flair flips over the corner to the floor. Taylor gets tossed to the floor as Flair sidestepped Terry coming off the ropes. Sherri Martel takes Taylor out with a cross body off the top to the floor! Flair drops Taylor throat first across the top rope and Sherri chokes Terry while the referee is distracted by Flair in the ring. Taylor decks Flair with right hands and backdrops Flair! Hulk Hogan appears on the big screen to distract Flair but Taylor can’t get a pin from behind. Flair actually hits a top rope axe handle and locks in the figure four to get the victory over Taylor. After the match, Flair keeps the hold on and Sherri attacks Taylor. Hulk Hogan runs into the ring and grabs Sherri and Flair but is poked in the eyes. Hogan ducks a double clothesline and takes both Flair and Sherri out with a clothesline! (**1/2. Some decent action between two guys who’ve had some lengthy matches in the past. Crazy Flair is a lot more interesting than face Flair that we had earlier in the year.)

13.) WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan is interviewed and says that everyone has been telling him that he’s the champion, which he is. Hogan promises to be where Flair is every second of the way. Hogan says that tomorrow night on the Main Event, which will be LIVE, he will be wrestling and challenges Ric Flair to take him on tomorrow night!

14.) Dustin goes right after Buck before the bell even sounds and connects with a dropkick. Rhodes scoop slams Buck and clotheslines his rival over the top to the floor. Rhodes continues to pummel Buck in the corner with strikes and boots. Dustin leg trips Buck and works over the left knee with knee drops. Dustin goes to the top rope and nails Buck with an elbow strike. Dustin goes back to work over the left knee. Dustin comes off the ropes to deliver an elbow drop for a two count. Dustin clotheslines Buck in the corner followed by knee strikes. Buck big boots Dustin out of the corner and keeps control hammering away on Dustin. Buck scoop slams Rhodes followed by right hands again. Buck knee lifts Dustin and delivers right hands in the corner. Dustin comes back with right hands and an elbow shot. Dustin power slams Buck for a two count. Dustin comes off the ropes and clotheslines Buck for a two count. Col. Parker trips Dustin as Meng was on the apron. Dusty Rhodes is on the apron and elbow shots Buck allowing Dustin to get the win. After the match, Arn Anderson enters the ring and attacks Dustin until Dusty takes Arn out with an elbow shot. Meng gets in the ring and tries to go after Dusty but gets held back by the locker room. (**. A rather average match that didn’t have all that much exciting offense in it. I’m kind of surprised this match won the fan vote, if that was even legit.)

15.) Dusty Rhodes cuts a promo to end the program. Rhodes wants to ask Meng and Col. Robert Parker a question. He wants to know if Meng is an assassin or just an errand boy! Dusty and Dustin are going to team up and take care of business on August 24th.

Final Thoughts:
There was some decent action throughout and the Florida crowd gives the show a different atmosphere that I kinda like. There isn’t much in terms of angle advancement or anything, so it’s not a memorable show or must-see.

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