WCW Saturday Night 10/8/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) WCW Tag Team Champions Stars & Stripes defeated Tom Burton & Frankie Lancaster
2.) Arn Anderson defeated Alex Davis
3.) Jean Paul Levesque defeated Barry Houston
4.) Honkytonk Man defeated Bucky Seigler
5.) Dustin Rhodes defeated Big John
6.) Nasty Boys defeated Rip Rogers & Bill Lewis
7.) Kevin Sullivan defeated Kenny Kendall
8.) Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck defeated Joey Maggs & Larry Santo
9.) WCW Television Champion Johnny B. Badd & WCW United States Champion Jim Duggan defeated Steve Austin & Lord Steven Regal

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) WCW Tag Team Champions Stars and Stripes are interviewed regarding their match at Havoc with Pretty Wonderful. They thank the fans for staying behind them during the good and bad times. Patriot knows they are going to come out fighting but they fought hard to win the tag titles and they will fight hard to keep them.

2.) The Stud Stable is interviewed following Anderson’s victory. Parker says that Halloween is a scary time of the year and he’s going to bring his men to Havoc, which is scary itself. Buck has been known to be a real devil and he’ll be that against the Nasty Boys. Anderson chimes in and says that Dustin Rhodes is all by himself at Havoc. Anderson says that good doesn’t conquer evil.

3.) Dustin Rhodes is interviewed following his victory. Dustin says that he has proven himself against Arn Anderson. Everything comes to a head at Halloween Havoc. It will be just them and Dustin is promising revenge.

4.) Nasty Boys are interview following their tag team victory. Brian Knobbs recalls being hit by Meng and we see footage of the Nasty Boys being attacked after Fall Brawl backstage. However, they survived the attack and they are here. Sags says they aren’t in Bucksnort or in a locker room at Fall Brawl. Instead, they are going to Nastyville the hard way. They’ll take a piece of Meng, as well and knock his face off.

5.) Kevin Sullivan is interviewed following a victory. Kevin is annoyed with Dave Sullivan teaming with Hulk Hogan. Kevin thinks that Gene is involved with this, as well. Dave comes over and is excited about teaming with Hogan tomorrow night. Kevin tells Dave that he isn’t going to team with Hogan tomorrow night because that will cause a lot of trouble. Kevin is determined to get Dave to realize that Flair is the real champion. Kevin asks if Dave is going to choose Hogan over him. Kevin reminds Dave of what he did to him when they were younger to end the segment.

6.) Buck and Funk are destroying the jobbers until the Nasty Boys run out and make the save attacking both men and getting them out of the ring. Meng teases coming into the ring but is stopped by Col. Robert Parker.

7.) Mean Gene recently talked to WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan’s parents. They are proud of their son and what he has accomplished. Hulk has bought them a condo and nice cars but they live in a small house most of the time. They are confident that Hulk will prevail in the steel cage match with Ric Flair, but they are nervous about the match. Hulk enters the room and sits with his family. Hulk often goes home to relive all the things he has accomplished since the home is full of pictures. Hulk and Gene went to the location where his home is being built, It would be the same house seen the Hogan Knows Best series some ten years later. Gene doesn’t want anyone to end the sixteen year run he’s and with Hogan. That’s kind of bias journalism there.

8.) Duggan shoves Austin down to the canvas but Austin complains of a hair pull. Austin attempts a scoop slam but Duggan counters with a slam of his own causing Austin to roll to the floor. Austin works over Duggan with right hands in the corner. Duggan comes out of the corner with a few clotheslines and another scoop slam. Austin gets hammered by both Duggan and Badd. Regal gets tagged in as does Badd who controls Regal’s arm and takes Regal over with a fireman’s carry. Regal yanks Badd down by his hair and backs away into the corner. Regal monkey flips Badd out of the corner and they maintain a test of strength. Badd takes Regal down to the canvas but doesn’t get a three count and instead flips Regal down to the canvas. Regal works over Badd with a few uppercuts and tags in Austin to maintain control of the contest. Badd atomic drops Austin and wrenches on the arm a few times. Austin takes Badd down to the canvas but that’s short-lived. Austin comes off the ropes with a shoulder block and ducks a wild left hand. Badd takes Austin down with a few dropkicks and an arm drag. Austin takes Badd down to the canvas and tags in Regal. Regal controls Badd on the canvas with a front face lock.

Regal works over Badd in the corner with a series of left hands and a double knee strike. Bad knocks Regal down but gets taken down to the canvas. Badd counters and controls Regal but Duggan gets tagged in. Duggan works over Regal with right hands and a hip toss. Austin gets knocked off the apron and Duggan blocks a kick from Regal followed by an atomic drop. Duggan is met with a knee lift from the apron by Austin and Regal gets several stomps on Duggan. Austin works over Duggan in the corner with stomps and strikes in the corner. Duggan blocks a right hand and decks Austin but Regal stops Duggan. Regal enters and prevents Duggan from tagging out to Badd. Duggan gets double teamed as Badd is distracting the referee. Austin nails Duggan with a right hand to keep him on the canvas. Duggan comes off the ropes and shoulder blocks Austin. Badd gets the hot tag and cleans house on Regal and Austin. Badd clotheslines Austin and all four men are brawling in the ring. Badd decks Sir William with a left hand. Badd comes off the top and hits a sunset flip to pin Regal in the middle of the ring! (**1/2. Some good action between these four men and I was rather surprised that there was a clean finish, but not surprised that Regal was the guy eating the pin. Badd has gotten really good since his start and it’s fun to watch him perform.)

9.) To close the program we see footage of Mr. T leaving Michael Jordan’s restaurant with Ric Flair which is located in Chicago. This is teasing some kind of partnership between the two before the cage match at Havoc.

Final Thoughts:
A decent episode that is highlighted with an entertaining main event. The feuds are kind of getting stale at this point so some new direction is needed after Havoc since these feuds have been going on for 3+ months in some cases.

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