WCW Saturday Night 6/5/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
Date: 6/5/1999
From: Augusta, GA

1.) Buff Bagwell defeated Steve Armstrong
2.) Stevie Ray & Horace defeated Silver King & Villano V
3.) WCW Television Champion Rick Steiner defeated La Parka
4.) Brian Knobbs fought Fit Finlay to a double disqualification
5.) Billy Kidman defeated Psychosis

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bagwell decides to taunt Armstrong by showing off his muscles and then backs away when Armstrong threatens to punch him. Armstrong gets the advantage with a few strikes. Bagwell backdrops Armstrong followed by a clothesline and does his pose. Armstrong doesn’t appreciate that and gets taken down with a snapmare. Bagwell comes off the ropes to hit a swinging neckbreaker. Armstrong gets his knees up to stop Bagwell and follows with a shoulder breaker. Armstrong tosses Bagwell over the top to the floor and hammers away on Buff a few times. Armstrong beats on Buff over the railing with a few more strikes before returning to the ring. Steve tries to get a submission with a chin lock, but Bagwell isn’t giving up. Armstrong delivers a knee lift to Bagwell’s midsection. Bagwell elbows Armstrong in the corner and hits the Blockbuster for the win. (*. Definition of an enhancement match. Seems like WCW wanted to build the Armstrong Brothers up for a few weeks just so their losses mean a little more for a short period of time.)

2.) Mean Gene conducted an interview with Curt Hennig and Bobby Duncum Jr. regarding their tag match at the Great American Bash against Rey Mysterio Jr. and Konnan. Hennig says that rap is indeed crap. Hennig believes they will put them out like a cigarette butt. Duncum doesn’t put up with rap music and has Hennig watching his back to finish them off. Hennig acts like the only ice tea he knows about is the drink instead of the rapper Ice T. Hennig says Konnan and Rey will get bashed at the Great American Bash.

3.) Steiner beats on Parka before the bell with several stomps to get the early advantage. Steiner sends Parka into the guard railing a few times to keep control on the floor. They get back into the ring where Steiner beats on Parka with more strikes. Steiner rips at Parka’s mask, but luckily it stays intact. Parka splashes Steiner in the corner but Steiner delivers a quick clothesline followed by a few leg drops. Steiner slams Parka to the mat and wins the match with a step over arm bar. (1/2*. I regret watching this match simply because Parka literally got zero offense in and that should never happen to La Parka no matter who he’s facing.)

4.) Finlay attacks Knobbs on the floor with a forearm and rams Knobbs into the railing and apron. Knobbs has Finlay on his shoulder and drops Fit chest first over the railing followed by a clothesline. Knobbs sends Finlay into the ring steps and post shoulder first. Knobbs wants to do Pity City and delivers it in the ring. Finlay boots Knobbs in the corner followed by a clothesline and a splash for a two count. Knobbs slams Finlay and hits an elbow drop followed by a leg drop. Finlay avoids another elbow drop and delivers a shoulder ram in the corner before beating on Knobbs with more strikes. Knobbs back elbows Finlay to the mat. Finlay continues his offense with uppercuts and strikes in the corner. Knobbs counters and pummels Finlay with strikes. The referee gets tossed to the floor by both men and they continue to brawl to the floor. Knobbs whacks Finlay over the back with a steel chair. Finlay jabs the chair into Knobbs throat. The referee has disqualified both men as they continue to brawl on the aisle way and use the chair on each other. (**. They accomplished in making this match feel like a wild brawl and two guys that just wanted to beat each other up. The finish left me wanting to see them brawl it out again. The hardcore division may be one of the best things for WCW to freshen up the product.)

5.) Mean Gene is backstage to interview Ernest “The Cat” Miller. Gene talks about Miller wrestling Scott Norton and that Miller will be getting a receipt paid in full. Sonny Ono doesn’t understand why it couldn’t be the Japanese Bash. Miller doesn’t care about Norton and Gene cuts the interview likely because it was going awful.

6.) Kidman takes Psychosis down with a head scissors before dropkicking Psychosis to the floor. Kidman hits a slingshot head scissors into the ring. Psychosis hits a sit out front suplex and taunts the fans. Psychosis boots Kidman in the corner before dumping Kidman to the floor. Psychosis sends Kidman into the railing back first. Psychosis nails Kidman with a standing dropkick on the floor. Psychosis gets a two count following a leg drop in the ring. Kidman nearly wins with a sunset flip but gets met with an elbow strike. Kidman sends Psychosis into the corner and soon comes off the ropes to hit a clothesline. Psychosis takes Kidman over with a snap suplex. Psychosis misses a splash in the corner allowing Kidman to hit a sit out powerbomb for a two count. Psychosis slams Kidman to the mat for a near fall. Kidman gets out of a back suplex to hit a bulldog for a near fall. Psychosis back elbows Kidman in the corner and hits a top rope spinning heel kick for a two count. Psychosis tries for a tornado DDT, but Kidman counters with a rollup and wins the match. (**. A decent match with the last few minutes picking up in entertainment. These two are obviously capable of much more and they weren’t going to go nuts on Saturday Night.)

Final Thoughts:
A couple of decent matches and the show flew by this week too. Kidman/Psychosis is always going to hold my interest and the Knobbs/Finlay match surprised me.

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