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WCW Worldwide 10/10/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
Date: 10/10/1992
From: Columbus, GA

1.) Jake Roberts & The Barbarian defeated WCW World Champion Ron Simmons & Nikita Koloff
2.) Tom Zenk defeated Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker
3.) Shane Douglas defeated George South
4.) Steve Austin & Brian Pillman defeated Scott Steiner & Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Koloff shoves Roberts from behind and wants to start the action, but Roberts is talking to Barbarian. Roberts responds with right hands but Koloff hits a hip toss and a scoop slam. Koloff slams Roberts sending Roberts to the corner. Koloff yanks Roberts down to the mat by his feet. Simmons tags in and puts a headlock on Roberts. Simmons shoulder blocks Roberts and follows up with a scoop slam. Roberts staggers around and is slammed again by Simmons. Koloff enters and puts a headlock on Roberts. Koloff backs off after Roberts reached the ropes. Barbarian enters the match and locks up with Koloff. They collide on shoulder blocks and neither man drops. Simmons tags into the match to try his luck with Barbarian. Simmons takes Barbarian down to the mat and they trade strikes on the canvas. Barbarian knee lifts Simmons but misses a clothesline. Simmons hits a leaping shoulder block for a near fall.

Koloff keeps arm control on Barbarian until Roberts provides a distraction and Barbarian chokes Koloff in the corner. Cactus Jack chokes Koloff over the bottom rope. Roberts drops Koloff throat first over the top rope. Roberts catapults Koloff throat first into the bottom rope. Barbarian drops Koloff over the top rope chest first. Barbarian keeps a nerve hold on Koloff in the middle of the ring. Koloff elbows free from Barbarian but runs into a knee strike. Koloff kicks Barbarian but Roberts tags in and cuts Koloff off. Roberts runs into a knee strike in the corner and stops Koloff from tagging in Simmons. Roberts drops Koloff with a short arm clothesline. Koloff backdrops Roberts and hits a running clothesline for a two count. Simmons enters and clotheslines Barbarian, but the referee is knocked down to the floor. Cactus Jack has a chair and slides it into the ring for Roberts. Roberts hits a DDT on Koloff onto the chair! Roberts has the cover and wins the match. After the match, Roberts has a snake and tries to put it on Koloff, but Simmons pulls Koloff to the floor. (**. That was mostly stalling and basic offense with Simmons not doing much of anything throughout. The finish was fine and served a purpose. I was hoping for some more action and that was not delivered here.)

2.) There’s a highlight video putting over Erik Watts shown. Watts was a quarterback at Louisville and the video features some of his throws for the school.

3.) Steiner and Pillman kickoff the tag match with Steiner hip tossing Pillman out of the corner. Steiner gets leg control until Pillman reaches the ropes quickly. Pillman punches Steiner against the ropes and delivers a few strikes and chops against the ropes. Steiner press slams Pillman and plays to the crowd. Pillman rolls to the floor to regroup and walks towards the backstage area. Austin tags into the match and gets in Steiner’s face. Bagwell gets tagged in and gets arm control on Austin until Austin gets to the ropes quickly. Austin backs Bagwell into the corner and works over Bagwell in the corner with strikes. Austin sends Bagwell into the corner chest first a few times. Bagwell gets a rollup, but Austin kicks out. Bagwell dropkicks Austin and delivers a drop toe hold to keep control of Austin’s left arm. Austin stops Bagwell with a clothesline and Pillman tags into the match. Pillman hits a middle rope axe handle and chops Bagwell in the corner. Austin comes off the middle rope to elbow strike Bagwell and Pillman enters to continue to work over Bagwell with a powerslam for a two count.

Pillman leaps off the middle rope and is met with a strike from Bagwell. Steiner scoop slams Austin and Pillman. Arn Anderson sends Bagwell into the ring post. Steiner hits an overhead suplex on Pillman, but Austin comes off the middle rope to elbow strike Steiner. Austin knee drops Steiner several times to keep control of the contest. Austin rams Steiner into the corner, but Steiner stops Austin with a kick. Steiner tries to tag out but Bagwell’s not there. Steiner is double teamed by Pillman and Austin. Steiner clotheslines Austin and tries to tag out, but Bagwell’s still not there. Austin splashes Steiner over the middle rope. Pillman returns and beats on Steiner with strikes. Steiner plants Pillman with a tilt a whirl slam. Bagwell is on the apron and struggling to get to his feet. Steiner looks at Bagwell and decides to kick Bagwell. Steiner slams Bagwell and leaves the ring. Pillman tags in Austin after a clothesline. Austin drops Bagwell with the Stun Gun and wins the match. (**. The progression of Steiner’s heel turn has happened at a quick rate. Bagwell’s not at fault here since Anderson attacked him. Clearly Steiner is delusional and that could be a layer of his heel turn. The action was decent, but again rather basic and lacked a lot of excitement.)

4.) Jesse Ventura interviewed Scott Steiner to close the program. Steiner says he went and got someone he thought he could trust and depend on. However, Bagwell let him down. Ventura shows Steiner what happened with Anderson ramming Bagwell into the post. Steiner sees this and scratches his head but says he makes excuses for nobody. Steiner takes on Ricky Steamboat next week for the WCW Television Championship and he’s going to take the title.

Final Thoughts:
The action this week was a little disappointing, but the quick and sudden heel turn by Scott Steiner has my interest.

Thanks for reading.

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