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Monday Night Wars: September 11th, 1995

On September 4th, 1995, World Championship Wrestling made their debut in primetime with Nitro airing on TNT. The show started the series off with a bang as it featured several memorable matches and moment. Jushin Liger and Brian Pillman started the show showcasing the Cruiserweight division. Sting and Ric Flair battled out in their classic rivalry. Lex Luger shocked the world by jumping ship from the WWF to return to WCW. WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan battled Big Bubba Rogers in the main event. WCW pulled out all their big guns and earned a successful rating of a 2.9.

In this series, I’ll be looking at the Monday Night Wars in a quarter hour breakdown. Quarter-hour is in reference to the time of the show. I will not be factoring in commercial breaks into this. If a show is off air then I’ll skip that week. When Nitro goes to three hours or when the shows are not in direct competition in terms of time slot, I’ll make adjusts to the poll system. The breakdowns will be a synopsis of what happened in each quarter hour. In the poll for each quarter hour vote for which show you’d be watching. I’m looking forward to seeing the trends.

Nitro: LIVE, Miami, FL
RAW: TAPED, Canton, OH

First Half:

NITRO: Reminder of last week of Lex Luger arriving and challenging WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan for a match this week. Bischoff announces that Vader is AWOL and will not be part of the War Games match on Sunday. Sabu’s in-ring against Alex Wright, featuring a table spot after the match where Sabu put Wright through the table on the floor. Mean Gene interviews Ric Flair, but Lex Luger comes out to say that Flair is too much before leaving.

RAW: Reminder of what happened at SummerSlam involving HBK and Razor Ramon. Promotion for HBK vs. Sid tonight in the main event. Ramon in action against British Bulldog. New RAW opening video package. Razor Ramon vs. British Bulldog, featuring Dean Douglas and 1-2-3 Kid getting involved. Douglas attacking Ramon and Kid before departing. Kid accidentally splashes Ramon off the top. Vince McMahon interviews Ramon and Kid and it leads to a confrontation between the two as Kid is tired of being treated like a child.


NITRO: WCW United States Champion Sting defending against the debuting VK Wallstreet. Scott Norton makes his Nitro debut against Randy Savage in singles action

RAW: Continuation of Kid/Ramon interview with Kid challenging Ramon to a singles match next week. A video announcing that next week the WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Yokozuna taking on Men on a Mission. Smoking Gunns compete in an enhancement match. Goldust vignette promoting his debut. Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS in an enhancement match. In Your House Report with Todd Pettengill.

Closing Half:

NITRO: Aftermath of Savage/Norton involving the Dungeon of Doom. Shark and Norton shove each other, but nothing happens. WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan defending against Lex Luger in the main event: Dungeon of Doom attack Hogan after a leg drop. Randy Savage and Sting rundown at attack the Dungeon of Doom to help Hogan. Mean Gene interviews Hogan, Luger, Sting and Savage. They want to know which side Luger is on and Sting suggests Luger be on their War Games team, but Savage is against that idea. Savage wants to know why the Dungeon of Doom didn’t attack Sting or Jimmy Hart. Hogan has the final vote and Savage insists that Luger isn’t on the right side. Hogan accepts Luger to join the War Games team. Luger accepts. Luger wants a WCW World Championship match, though. Rundown for next weeks program.

RAW: Continuation of In Your House Report. WWF IC Champion Shawn Michaels defending against Psycho Sid. Dox Hendrix interviews Shawn Michaels and Diesel regarding their PPV tag match at In Your House against Yokozuna and Owen Hart with all the titles on the line. They show clips for next weeks show, which is telling the fans it’s been pre-recored.

NITRO: 2.5 (3.8 share)
RAW: 2.2 (3.2 share)

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