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Monday Night Wars: September 25th, 1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Coming out of In Your House, WWF has a bit of controversy going on. WWF World Champion Diesel and WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels won the WWF Tag Team Championships from Yokozuna and British Bulldog. However, Owen Hart was pinned and he wasn’t originally in the match after being replaced. Will the WWF get a bump in the ratings coming off the PPV or will Nitro remain steady? This is the first time that both shows are providing live programming since RAW is taped three out of the four shows in a given month normally. Lets find out how the competition went.

NITRO: Live, Florence, SC
RAW: Live, Grand Rapids, MI

First Half:

NITRO: Alex Wright defeated Disco Inferno in singles action. WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan, wearing a neck brace, cut a promo on the Giant alongside Jimmy Hart. Mean Gene conducted an interview with Randy Savage and Lex Luger in the ring. Luger issues a challenge to Savage for a match next week on Nitro in a number one contenders match for the WCW World Championship. Luger promises to leave WCW if he doesn’t win the match next week.

RAW: Marty Jannetty made his return to the WWF defeating Skip in the opening match following a top rope fist drop. A meeting between Gorilla Monsoon and Clarence Mason regarding the tag team title situation from the previous evening. Monsoon revealed that the Smoking Gunns would in fact get a WWF Tag Team Championship opportunity tonight.


NITRO: Kurasawa defeated Sgt. Craig Pittman in a singles match. Mean Gene interviewed Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman in the ring regarding Ric Flair. Video recapping Kevin Sullivan’s attack on Randy Savage at the beach. Introductions for Sullivan and Savage.

RAW: Smoking Gunns won the WWF Tag Team Championships by defeating Owen Hart and Yokozuna following the Sidewinder on Owen and Yokozuna accidentally splashed Owen leading to the finish. Diesel and Shawn Michaels celebrate with the new tag champions. Gorilla Monsoon and Dox Hendrix promote the next In Your House pay per view.

Last Half:

NITRO: Kevin Sullivan defeated Randy Savage by disqualification. The Giant chokeslams Randy Savage and Lex Luger comes out to taunt Savage before getting chokeslammed by Giant, as well. Sullivan was not happy with Giant attacking Luger. Meng defeated Lex Luger in the main event after hitting Luger in the throat with a spike.

RAW: The Undertaker defeated the British bulldog by disqualification when Mabel got involved. Bulldog and Mabel continued to attack Undertaker after the bell until Shawn Michaels and Diesel made the save. The Smoking Gunns also came out when Owen Hart and Yokozuna appeared. Footage from In Your House where Dean Douglas won a match against Razor Ramon after 1-2-3 Kid cost Ramon the match by getting involved. Kid and Ramon will wrestle next week on RAW as will Bret Hart taking on Jean Pierre Lafitte.

TV Rating:
RAW: 2.5
NITRO: 2.4

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