SMW TV 9/23/1995

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SMW TV 9/9/1995

SMW TV 9/2/1995

Written by: Bob Colling SMW TV Date: 9/2/1995 From: Matches: All matches were from Fire on the Mountain, which will be reviewed later Angle Developments/Notes: 1.) Heavenly Bodies are SMW…


The latest update to the blog includes WCW TV from 92,94 and 98. SMW TV from 1995. WWF Action Zone from 1995. WWF Heat from 2000.

SMW TV 8/26/1995

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Inside The Magazine Volume #40: The Wrestler April ’96

DiBiase tries to avoid being a bust as a manager in the WWF. All the top stars in WCW can’t get along. Diesel might have crossed the wrong guy in…