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Monday Night War: March ’96

Monday Night War: March ‘96

March 4th:
RAW: 3.6

Nitro: No Show

RAW Notes: This edition of RAW went uncontested and as a result scored a good rating. The show featured both Shawn Michaels and WWF World Champion Bret Hart in action. Shawn Michaels competed against the 1-2-3 Kid while Bret Hart squared off against Hunter Hearst Helmsley in the main event.

March 11th:
RAW: 2.9
Nitro: 3.2

RAW Notes: Despite putting on a good show last week, they were unable to keep the audience. The main event saw Yokozuna team with former rival the Undertaker to take on Owen Hart and the British Bulldog. Roddy Piper confronted Goldust and accepted to face him at WrestleMania XII.

Nitro Notes: There was a major return on Nitro as the Steiner Brothers returned to face the Road Warriors. Also, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and the Booty Man overcame Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Kevin Sullivan in a lumberjack strap match in the main event.

March 18th:
RAW: 2.9
Nitro: 3.6

RAW Notes: The show heavily promoted a six man tag match between Camp Cornette and the team of Ahmed Johnson, Yokozuna and Jake Roberts taking place at WrestleMania. British Bullodg beat Jake Roberts by count-out after Jim Cornette distracted Roberts. Also on the show, Diesel saw himself in a casket thanks to the Undertaker playing mind games with him. Lastly, WWF World Champion Bret Hart was victorious over Tatanka in the main event.

Nitro Notes: The Steiner Brothers got their first win back in WCW by beating Public Enemy. Road Warriors took care of the Nasty Boys in a rematch from SummerSlam 1991. The main event saw Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan team up against Ric Flair and Kevin Sullivan, which ended in a no contest. Brian Pillman arrived to close the show and attacked Randy Savage but more importantly Z-Gangsta (Zeus) and the Final Solution made their debuts and joined the Dungeon of Doom.

March 25th:
RAW: 2.8
Nitro: 3.1

RAW Notes: The final RAW before WrestleMania saw Shawn Michaels pin Leif Cassidy. Goldust sexually assaulted a mannequin dressed up as Roddy Piper. Ahmed Johnson wrestled Owen Hart in the main event, which ended up seeing Yokozuna, Jake Roberts and the British Bulldog all make an appearance.

Nitro Notes: Despite nothing all that exciting taking place, Nitro was able to continue its winning ways in the ratings war. Randy Savage fought Fit Finlay, Sting and Lex Luger competed against the American Males and WCW World Champion wrestled the Giant to a no contest. Giant appears to have turned into a baby face after choke slamming Kevin Sullivan because he thought he had hit him with a chair.

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