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Monday Night War Ratings: October ’95

Monday Night Wars: October 1995

October 2nd:

WCW Nitro: 2.5
WWF RAW: 2.5

Nitro Notes:
Lex Luger kept his career alive by defeating Randy Savage after the Giant got involved. Ric Flair defeated his former best friend Arn Anderson. Also, Dean Malenko made his WCW television debut losing to Eddie Guerrero.

RAW Notes:
Razor Ramon defeated the 1-2-3 Kid on three different occasions. After the third match, It appeared that their previous issues had been put behind them and left together. Also on the show, Bret Hart got revenge on the guy who stole his ring jacket, Jean Pierre Laffiette.

October 9th:

WCW Nitro: 2.6
WWF RAW: 2.6

Nitro Notes:
The highlight of the show saw Arn Anderson earn his second win over Ric Flair, this time inside a steel cage. The show also saw the issues between Savage and Luger continue while Sting tried to play the peace keeper.

RAW Notes:
A huge six man tag match took place as the team of Davey Boy Smith, Owen Hart and Yokozuna defeated WWF World Champion Diesel, WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker. Diesel was pinned by Smith after Yokozuna delivered a leg drop. Undertaker suffered a legitimate injury when Mabel delivered a leg drop right on Taker’s face, causing Taker to miss two months of action.

October 16th:

WCW Nitro: 2.2
WWF RAW: 2.6

Nitro Notes:
Chris Benoit made his re-debut defeating Eddie Guerrero. Ric Flair earned Sting’s trust to team with him at Halloween Havoc when they beat Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman by disqualification in the main event.

RAW Notes:
Bret Hart defeated Isaac Yankeem DDS in a steel cage match while Jerry Lawler was placed in a cage hung above the ring. Also on the show, two announcements were made. The first being that Shawn Michaels had been jumped in Syracuse, NY and would be forced to miss several months. The second announcement was that Goldust would make his debut at the upcoming In Your House pay per view.

October 23rd:
WCW Nitro: 2.6

WWF RAW: 2.2

Nitro Notes:
Sting and Lex Luger defeated Harlem Heat in the main event. After the match, the Yeti made his debut joining forces with the Dungeon of Doom to destroy Hulk Hogan. Earlier in the show, Hogan had said that he is not friends with Lex Luger, Sting or Randy Savage and issued challenges to all three men for later dates. However, Hogan did make the save for Luger and Sting.

RAW Notes: Owen Hart won a 20 man battle royal by last eliminating Marty Jannetty to earn a WWF Intercontinental title shot next week against Razor Ramon.

October 30th:
WCW Nitro: 2.3

WWF RAW: 2.1

Nitro Notes:
A overall weak show from a wrestling standpoint with the main event seeing the team of Lex Luger and Meng defeating the American Males. The show was centered around the reformation of the Four Horsemen with Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman.

RAW Notes: Razor Ramon defeated Owen Hart by disqualification to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Goldust made his RAW debut by beating Savio Vega. Ahmed Johnson also made his RAW debut by saving Ramon from beating attacked by Camp Cornette.

Bob’s Breakdown:
RAW had the more consistent shows while Nitro was really hit or miss throughout the month. I found it interesting that both programs featured cage matches a week apart from each other. WCW is able to hang with WWF despite having not used Hulk Hogan, their World Champion, in a wrestling capacity throughout the month.

There were quite a few debuts or re-debuts this month. Ahmed Johnson, Goldust, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko made their debuts or returns (Benoit). As you can see, both companies were adding younger wrestlers to their promotions. This would continue in WCW’s case while WWF would try many different ways to keep or regain their audience.

Thanks for reading.

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