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Monday Night War Ratings: September ’95

Monday Night Wars: September 1995

September 4th:
WCW Nitro: 2.5


Nitro Notes: September 4th, 1995 marked the beginning of WCW going head to head with the WWF. Highlights from Nitro saw Brian Pillman beat Jushin Liger in the first ever match on Nitro, Lex Luger jump ship from the WWF, Sting defeat Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan win the first main event on Nitro by beating Big Bubba. The rating was considered to be a success and the decision to air the first show unopposed greatly helped WCW get a bigger fan base.

September 11th:

WCW Nitro: 2.4
WWF RAW: 2.5

Nitro Notes:
The first week with direct competition saw WCW put on a huge main event between Hulk Hogan and Lex Luger for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. ECW standout Sabu made his WCW debut as well.

RAW Notes:
RAW returned to air after two weeks of being off air by putting on a loaded show by 1995 standards. On this show, the British Bulldog defeated Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels defeated Psycho Sid after three super kicks. Michaels/Sid was the big blow off for a feud that began back in April when Sid turned on Michaels after Wrestle Mania.

September 18th:

WCW Nitro: 1.9
WWF RAW: 2.7

Nitro Notes:
American Males defeated Harlem Heat to win the WCW World Tag Team Championships. Nitro also featured Ric Flair beating Brian Pillman in the main event.

RAW Notes:
1-2-3 Kid earned a win over Razor Ramon. WWF World Tag Team Champions Owen Hart/Yokozuna defeated Men on a Mission in a non-title match.

September 25th:
WCW Nitro: 2.7

WWF RAW: 1.9

Nitro Notes:
A rather weak show this week, but still gets a strong rating. The main event saw Meng defeat Lex Luger. Also, Luger challenges Randy Savage to a match where if Luger loses, he would be forced to leave WCW.

RAW Notes:
A much stronger show on paper than Nitro but obviously the rating didn’t match that. The main event saw the British Bulldog lose to the Undertaker by disqualification when Mabel got involved. Also on the show, the Smoking Gunns regained the WWF World Tag Team Championships by beating Owen Hart and Yokozuna.

Bob’s Breakdown:
When it came to head to head battles, WWF won two out of the three weeks. It has to be considered alarming for WWF that WCW could get such a strong rating despite never having a primetime television slot before. By this time, WWF had been at that spot since 1993. They were clearly losing their fan base rather quickly to a much more edgy product with bigger stars.

Lex Luger leaving WWF for WCW was a huge surprise, however three weeks into his stint with WCW he loses to Meng. That just seemed to be pretty weird. WCW seemed to put a lot into their first two shows but by the end of the month they backed off on giving away huge matches. That would obviously change.

The Wars are just getting started…

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