IYH Interview: Diamond Dallas Page

By Hunter Shull

When DDP joins Jack and The OIB on this edition of In Your Head, he has just gotten off the phone with a producer who wants to do some sort of infomercial for DDP’s book, “Yoga for Regular Guys” (YRG). DDP will believe it when he sees it, however. Living in Hollywood had taught him that everything he hears is “positive BS” until it becomes reality, meaning that it’s BS, but it’s always positive. That is one of the reasons Page wrote the book. It was something he could control. For more information visit http://www.diamonddallaspage.com

DDP then gets into a discussion with the hosts about their training regimen, saying that most people in the gym don’t know what they’re doing. DDP states that while riding an exercise bike or running on a treadmill only keeps your heart rate up, YRG does much more, increasing flexibility, energy, and longevity. Page doesn’t lift weights anymore, except when he works on his knees, he only does YRG. Page says that his back feels great these days, and right now he is the strongest he has ever been, except for the times when he was “gassed to the gills”.

This leads into a discussion of the WWE’s new drug testing policy. Page thinks it’s absolutely legit, and that Vince will be very strict about it. Page thinks it’s bullshit that wrestling is singled out, because 70% of the athletes in every sport are on steroids. This is the fans’ fault, according to Page, because they want to see “freaks”, who run faster and jump higher, and also demand that their favorites always be there to perform, even if they are in pain.

Page will wrestle in May, just to show that he still can. This will take place in Orlando, although not for TNA, because he wants it to be low profile. He would like to work with Randy Orton someday though. Before Randy started doing the RKO, Page called him and told him to start using the Diamond Cutter. Randy told him he couldn’t do it, but DDP insisted. DDP puts Randy over as a “really good guy”, and believes that he will get over when he becomes the real Randy Orton as a babyface. According to DDP, the reason his own career took off was because Page Falkinburg stopped trying to be DDP, and DDP became Page Falkinburg.

DDP summarizes his time in the WWF. It was a treat working with Christian. What bothered him was that he had to earn his stripes all over again in the WWF. DDP thinks that afterWrestlemania 18 he would’ve been in the main event picture eventually but Vince asked him to retire because of his neck. Vince wanted him to be a commentator, but DDP had different plans, and quit. DDP points out that he has more flexibility in his neck now than ever.

When DDP first started wrestling in WCW, he was already famous because he owned nightclubs, and had to become very humble when he entered the world of wrestling. DDP says that a lot of the guys were rough on him in the ring, and notes Ron Simmons in particular as being very good to him, but beating the hell out of him when he screwed up a move. Page’s ambition was never to be the world champion. He wanted to be in what he calls the “Rick Rude Spot”, where the crowd never knows if he is going to win or not. One day in 1995, Page was talking to Dusty Rhodes on the phone, and he told Dusty that he didn’t want to be World Champion. Dusty replied, “Then why are you doing it?” After he hung up the phone, Page wrote down that one day he would indeed be champion of the world.

Page relates his memories of the AWA. He says that he got the job in the AWA because Paul E. went to the NWA and the AWA no longer had anybody who could talk. He enjoyed working with Ray Stevens. He tells the story of how the Samoan Swat Team beat up a local jobber team all the way into the locker room after a match because the jobbers no sold the finish and celebrated after the match. His favorite memory of Superclash 3 was Kerry Von Erich getting his boot pulled off.

DDP tells the story of how he got his job with Florida Championship Wrestling, including his first meeting with Dusty. After that meeting Mike Graham called him and asked him to do a promo over the phone for Dusty, and even though DDP had strep throat, he did such a good job on the promo that Dusty thought it was a recording. DDP didn’t know a thing about wrestling when he became a commentator, but learned a great deal by working with Gordon Solie. After Jesse Ventura left the WWF, DDP got a tryout, and impressed Lord Al Hayes with his play-by-play ability.

DDP then discusses the Jay-Z lawsuit. DDP has a lot of respect for Jay-Z and didn’t want to sue him, but rather to have worked out a licensing agreement with him. He thought it was cool that Jay-Z was a fan of his and was doing the diamond cutter sign, but when he saw LeBron James do the symbol at a basketball game, he was told that James was doing it for Jay-Z. DDP says that he has the hand signal trademarked, which means that it can only be identified with him. When Jay-Z told Page “That’s MY sign”, that is what Page had a problem with. Page also says that Jay-Z’s lawyer treated him like a jabroni.

Page lists all of the movies he has been involved in during the past year, including “Jack’s Law”, and Snoop Dogg’s “Hoods of Horror” which was a lot of fun.

Steve Austin is not Page’s roommate anymore. One of thehosts says that they should’ve made a reality show out of that. Page replies jokingly that Austin’s life is too scary to be made into a reality show.

All of this and much more were discussed in this hour-long interview, including DDP’s thoughts on Raven, and a lot more info on his book, “Yoga for Regular Guys”.


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