IYH Interview: Elix Skipper

By Hunter Shull

Elix Skipper was the first guest this week on In Your Head followed by Bill Goldberg in the second. Both are available for listening at http://www.inyourheadonline.com

Jack, OIB, and Barbie welcome Primetime Elix Skipper to In Your Head. Skipper informs us that he did indeed build this house!

Skipper says he will find out on Tuesday what he will be doing on December 11th’s Turning Point PPV. He tells the hosts that several baseball players will be there as well, but does not mention any names.

When asked about the Diamonds in the Rough tag team, Primetime admits that they’ve got some work to do to get the fans to believe in them. He was upset when TNA broke up XXX, but has moved on and is now focused 100% on making the Diamonds in the Rough team successful. When XXX split, Primetime wanted the X-Division title, but went into a feud with Daniels. Skipper says “never say never” when asked if XXX will reform one day. He notes that right now Low-Ki is competing in Japan, but may return to TNA in the future. This leads to a discussion about Japanese fans. Skipper thinks that they are more quiet and analytical than the American crowds.

Skipper comments that working with AMW was like “pulling teeth”. The teams did not get along backstage, and that carried over into the ring. “But it worked!” Skipper says.

About the top of the cage hurracanrana: Primetime says that TNA management told him not to do anything crazy. He wasn’t scared at the time, but it was hard to balance because of the wrestlers fighting below, which caused the cage to shake. Whenever he watches the tape, he still can’t believe he made that jump.

Primetime thinks that the 6-sided ring made the cage sturdier than the 4-sided ring. Overall, he enjoys the 6-sided ring more because there are more opportunities and walking the ropes is easier. It is not hard for him to adjust b/t the different types of rings when he does Indy shows as opposed to TNA.

Skipper discusses the WCW Power Plant, and confirms that the first 3 days were hell. He says that it was more mental than physical, and the purpose was to weed out those who didn’t have a true passion for the business. Skipper notes that to this day he still loves wrestling. He feels that maybe the Power Plant guys were resented in WCW because they were hungrier than some of the other wrestlers.

There were never plans to put Primetime in Team Canada in TNA. Skipper feels that they are doing just fine and don’t need anybody else in their group.

Vince Russo wanted a strong Cruiserweight to put in Team Canada in WCW, which is how Skipper ended up in that faction. Skipper is very thankful for this, because it gavehim a chance to work with a lot of different wrestlers and to be on TV a lot. He says that Lance Storm was great and that he “didn’t have to worry about anything” when he was out there with Lance. He is unsure why WCW turned Duggan heel, however. Many people still think that Skipper played in the CFL. It was just a work. He tells the hosts that he does wear a ring on his necklace, but it’s not a Grey Cup ring.

Skipper loved working with Russo in WCW. Russo gave him a lot of advice on the Primetime character, and helped him calm down and have fun in the ring. He feels that Russo was a good fit for TNA, but just didn’t want to get involved in other, backstage happenings.

After WCW, Skipper’s contract was picked up by the WWF. Skipper was sent to the WWF’s training school. He was eventually released in December 2001, without ever appearing on TV. He feels that the WWF was trying to break down the ex-WCW wrestlers and humble them. “We were already broken down and humble though”, he says. He says that most WWF guys were very friendly to him, but there was some resentment from some others. Primetime wasn’t worried about anybody taking liberties with him in the ring, however, because he knew that he was in better shape than anybody. If his opponent wouldn’t work with him, Skipper would “blow him up”.

Skipper is very excited to be on Spike TV, in the WWE’s old timeslot. Skipper does not doubt that TNA can compete with the WWE, and feels that they need at least a two-hour show and a one-hour show. Skipper can’t wait to go head-to-head with Vince’s show, and feels that people will watch because TNA’s style is so much different than WWE’s. He feels that TNA’s locker room is the best he’s ever been in. The ex-WWF wrestlers are meshing with the longtime TNA wrestlers, and Skipper hopes this continues.

When asked if he and David Young are planning to go after the Tag Team Titles, Skipper, with his usual confidence replies, “Of course!” He would like to work more matches with Monty Brown, Abyss, and Samoa Joe, but for right now is concentrating on his tag team with Young.

Skipper wants all the fans to keep watching TNA, because they will be on top sooner or later.

During this 30-minute interview, Skipper also discussed how he feels about the changes in TNA’s booking team, working
under a mask in Japan, the differences between the Nashville and Orlando crowd, and a lot more discussion about the famous XXX Vs. AMW Cage match.


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