IYH Interview: Samoa Joe

By Hunter Shull

Jack, The OIB, and The Voice of the Beautiful People, Barbie Richards welcome TNA Superstar Samoa Joe to In Your Head. Barbie introduces Joe as “The Samoan Submission Machine” as well as “The King of Swing”, to which Joe replies, “I’m working on that.”

Joe’s jaw is doing better. He describes it as “functional”. He dislocated it pretty early in the match, and he knew something was definitely wrong because his jaw was hurting and wasn’t clicking back into place.

Joe’s match with Kobashi was Ring of Honor’s idea. He was happy with the match for the most part. He doesn’t have a favorite match that he worked with Kobashi. He liked them all. He lists his matches with Kawada as some of his favorite matches that he’s ever done.

It was TNA’s idea for him to dance before his match with Liger, because they wanted it to have a “big match”

In Japan, the promoters wanted Joe to do a more old-school, Wild Samoan type gimmick and gain a lot of weight, but nobody in the United States asked him to do this.

He has no problem working in the X-Division in TNA. He thinks his heel turn to go against a face Christopher Daniels is a good idea. He says that people who know about Joe’s work in ROH will be able to relate that to the “breaking the X-Division code” aspect of this feud. Joe doesn’t prefer one over the other with regards to working face or heel.

He is unaware of anyone having heat with him for working too stiff.

Joe recommends the Manhattan Mayhem show for first-time ROH viewers. Joe was happy with his feud with CM Punk in ROH, noting that they both got injured. He wasn’t hoping that his feud with Mick Foley would lead to a big match, because he knows Foley is retired. It may happen in the future, however. Joe never really watches any of his own matches, because he doesn’t have the time.

Joe describes working with Paul London in London’s final ROH match as a cool moment.

Joe feels that Nigel McGuinness and Colt Cabana are two guys who deserve more coverage in the business and will do wonders if given a chance.

Joe never had any real desire to do MMA, and has never trained for it.

When asked how he does such a good Shining Wizard at his size, he replies that he didn’t know he did one. “I really do need to start watching more of my stuff!”, he says. If I did do it, I’m really stoked about it.”

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