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SMW 1993

SMW TV 1/9/1993 SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy teams with Paul Orndorff to take on Ron Garvin & Tim Horner.
SMW TV 1/16/1993 The first ever SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion is crowned.
SMW TV 1/23/1993 The Heavenly Bodies battle the Stud Stable. Tracy Smothers wants the Dirty White Boy.
SMW TV 1/30/1993 Rock N’ Roll Express and the Heavenly Bodies battle for the tag titles, again.
SMW TV 2/6/1993 Reno Riggins is a MAN.
SMW TV 2/13/1993 Tracy Smothers defends the TV Title against Paul Orndorff.
SMW TV 2/20/1993 The Nightstalker goes for gold against Tracy Smothers.
SMW TV 2/27/1993 Ricky Morton battles Bobby Eaton in singles action.
SMW TV 3/6/1993 The biggest main event to date, Tracy Smothers challenges SMW Heavyweight Champion the Dirty White Boy.
SMW TV 3/13/1993 Rock N’ Roll Express have a MAJOR surprise for Jim Cornette.
SMW TV 3/20/1993 The infamous Kanemura incident.
SMW TV 3/27/1993 Bobby Eaton challenges TV Champion Tim Horner.
SMW Bluegrass Brawl ’93 4/2/1993 Sullivan vs. Lee. Smothers vs. Dirty White Boy in a chain match, Street fight main event.
SMW TV 4/3/1993 Brian Lee teams with Tim Horner to battle Kevin Sullivan and the Nightstalker.
SMW TV 4/10/1993 Bobby Eaton battles his friend Tom Pritchard
SMW TV 4/17/1993 The Nightstalker doesn’t need the Master.
SMW TV 4/24/1993 Tammy Fytch arrives in SMW. Nightstalker battles Kevin Sullivan.
SMW TV 5/1/1993 Dirty White Boy embarrasses Tracy Smothers. Brian Lee battles TV Champion Bobby Eaton.
SMW TV 5/8/1993 Tammy Fytch continues to search for a man to manage to the top.
SMW TV 5/15/1993 Rage In The Cage.
SMW TV 5/22/1993 White Boy battles Smothers in a coward waves the flag match. Rock N’ Roll Express take on the Heavenly Bodies with the loser of the fall leaving SMW.
SMW TV 5/29/1993 Why doesn’t anyone want Tammy Fytch?
SMW TV 6/5/1993 Brian Lee defends the TV Title against White Boy.
SMW TV 6/12/1993 Chris Candido arrives in SMW. White Boy has a bounty out on Smothers.
SMW TV 6/19/1993 Smothers competes in a bounty match.
SMW TV 6/26/1993 Bobby Blaze battles Dirty White Boy for the vacant TV Title.
SMW TV 7/3/1993 Killer Kyle tries to collect the bounty on Tracy Smothers. Tim Horner meets Chris Candido in singles action. Also, Brian Lee joins Tammy Fytch betraying a friend.
SMW TV 7/10/1993 Rock N’ Roll Express face their biggest challenge in the Bruise Brothers with the titles on the line.
SMW TV 7/17/1993 Bobby Blaze defends the TV Title against Dirty White Boy. Tim Horner squares off against Chris Candido.
SMW TV 7/24/1993 We’ve got a new champion and lets just say… Tammy Fytch is screaming with joy.
SMW TV 7/31/1993 Brian Lee attacks Tracy Smothers at a used car dealership.
SMW TV 8/7/1993 Tim Horner gets a shot at SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee. Rock N’ Roll Express get a non-title shot at the Bruise Brothers.
SMW House Show 8/13/1993 Horner vs. Candido, Bruise Bros. vs Rock N’ Roll, Lee vs. Smothers, Armstrongs vs Cornette & Heavenly Bodies.
SMW TV 8/14/1993 Last minute hype for Fire on the Mountain.
SMW Fire On The Mountain 1993 Candido vs. Horner, Lee vs. Smothers coal miners glove, Rage In The Cage
SMW TV 8/21/1993 Big Bossman battles Kevin Sullivan!
SMW TV 8/28/1993 Terry Funk is going to end Bob Armstrong’s reign as commissioner. Tammy Fytch is brainwashing Ron Wright?
SMW TV 9/4/1993 Bobby Blaze looks for the biggest upset against SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee.
SMW TV 9/11/1993 The Heavenly Bodies want the Steiner Brothers in SMW and by God they are going to get them. Rock N’ Roll battle the Bruise Brothers in the main event.
SMW TV 9/18/1993 Uh oh, Jim Cornette has all the power now?
SMW TV 9/25/1993 Dirty White Boy goes for the TV Title in a match against Robert Gibson.
SMW TV 10/2/1993 Sherri Martel is coming to have Tracy Smothers back. Bob Armstrong wants his job back. Daryl Van Horn debuts.
SMW TV 10/9/1993 SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee meets Tracy Smothers in a non-title coal miners glove match. Tammy’s Tips debut.
SMW House Show 10/9/1993 Lee vs. Smothers, Steiner Brothers vs. Heavenly Bodies
SMW TV 10/23/1993 Jim Cornette kicks the Bruise Brothers out of his group. Chris Candido battles Bobby Blaze.
SMW TV 10/30/1993 Dirty White Boy competes in singles action against Brian Lee in a champion vs champion match. Bob Armstrong competes in the main event against Killer Kyle.
SMW TV 11/6/1993 Tim Horner isn’t going to backdown from a mummy!
SMW TV 11/13/1993 Dirty White Girl shows up to have the back of her man, the Dirty White Boy in his war against Tammy Fytch and Brian Lee.
SMW TV 11/20/1993 The Bruise Brothers look to get revenge on the Heavenly Bodies
SMW TV 11/27/1993 Tracy Smothers teams with the Rock N’ Roll Express to take on Brian Lee and the Heavenly Bodies in a big six man tag.
SMW Thanksgiving Thunder 1993 11/28/1993 Sullivan vs. Armstrong, Rock N’ Roll vs. Moondogs, Lee vs. White Boy, Heavenly Bodies vs. Bruise Brothers
SMW TV 12/11/1993 Jim Cornette hates Bob Armstrong so much he is going to put his hair on the line!
SMW TV 12/18/1993 Rock N’ Roll Express battle the Moondogs.
SMW TV 12/25/1993 The 100th episode of SMW television features Tracy Smothers in singles action against Chris Candido.