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WCW Saturday Night 1/27/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Diamond Dallas Page defeated Steve Armstrong
2.) Lord Steven Regal defeated Dusty Wolf
3.) WCW Television Champion Johnny B. Badd defeated Meng to retain the title
4.) WCW World Tag Team Champions Sting & Lex Luger defeated Barrio Brothers
5.) Joey Maggs defeated VK Wallstreet by disqualification
6.) The Giant defeated Butch Long & Buck Quartermaine in a handicap match
7.) Ric Flair defeated Alex Wright
8.) Harlem Heat defeated American Males

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Diamond Dallas Page tells Mean Gene that he still wants a shot at WCW Television Champion Johnny B. Badd and is willing to put up the remaining $13 million dollars he has to get a shot.

2.) Badd knocks Meng down with a big clothesline and takes Meng out with a somersault splash over the top to the floor! Meng battles back with a clothesline and a shoulder breaker. Badd hits a top rope double axe handle and a left hook for a two count. DDP comes out and Meng is sent into Page, who flips into the ring and Badd pins him to win the match. (*. The finish is ridiculous and I have no idea how or why the referee would count the fall.)

3.) Mean Gene gets with Johnny B. Badd who says that Page can’t buy his way to a title shot but rather has to earn the title match.

4.) Flair and Wright counter some basic moves early on until Flair tries to work over Wright’s knee. Alex comes back with a backdrop and a few dropkicks. Flair stops Wright with an atomic drop. Flair gets out of a sleeper hold with a back suplex and a double axe handle. Wright ends up missing a top rope cross body and Flair locks in the figure four to win the match. (*. A dull and basic match as ever.)

5.) Ric Flair is with Gene and says that he made a mistake against Randy Savage and that he has lost the belt before and regained it. He promises there will be blood inside the steel cage in St. Petersburg!

6.) Bagwell and Booker kick off the main event with Booker shoving Bagwell away and they begin to trade blows. Bagwell avoids a jumping sidekick and dropkicks Booker to the floor. Riggs enters and takes Ray out with a cross body. Males send Ray to the floor with a double dropkick. Booker and Bagwell trade punches until Booker hits a scissors kick and Ray tags in to deliver a front slam for a near fall. Booker plants Bagwell with a side slam but misses a middle rope forearm drop. Riggs gets the hot tag and cleans house on Harlem Heat. Behind the referees back Booker hits Riggs with a side kick and Ray covers for the win. (*1/2. If you’ve seen one match involving these guys, you’ve seen them all.)

7.) Mean Gene is with Harlem Heat where they say they are going to regain the WCW World Tag Team Championships at Superbrawl VI.

8.) Mean Gene talked with Hulk Hogan who said he allowed Savage to hold onto his title and that at Superbrawl The Giant will bleed like fine wine.

9.) To close the show, Gene talks with Randy Savage. Savage agrees that his cage match with Flair will be violent and he will walk out the winner.

Final Thoughts:
A lackluster show this week as the Flair/Wright match really disappointed me and the main event didn’t have any interest from me whatsoever.

Thanks for reading.

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