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WCW Worldwide 1/28/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Meng defeated Rick Valentino
2.) Mr. JL defeated Disco Inferno
3.) Kevin Sullivan defeated Chuck Williams
4.) Sting defeated the Gambler
5.) WCW United States Champion One Man Gang defeated Bobby Starr
6.) The Nasty Boys defeated Men At Work

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Disco wants JL to take a dive, but that’s not going to happen. Inferno knocks JL down with a back elbow and tosses him to the floor. Disco drops JL throat first across the top rope. JL hits a head scissors and a drop toe hold. The fans are excited after seeing that move. Disco puts a stop to that with a back suplex. Disco gets rolled up out of the corner and JL wins the match. After the match, Disco just cares about his hair. (1/2*. So, that was one of JL’s five wins in his WCW career. I guess it would be considered an upset.)

2. Mean Gene chats with Sting about a match with Harlem Heat at Superbrawl for the tag titles. Sting says he doesn’t want to talk to Gene and is being forced by WCW officials. He isn’t happy to be a champion. Lex Luger enters the scene and he is really happy. Luger thinks they will be in charge for the next decade. It’s hilarious how excited Luger is while Sting is not happy at all. We are out of time as Sting says he had something to say. That figures.

3. Mean Gene interviews Arn Anderson to close the show. Gene teases some issues between the Horsemen. Arn talks about Pillman loving that he is a Horsemen. Arn says that Pillman has made a few mistakes. He thinks they are fine moving forward. He says that Benoit will do what he says.

Final Thoughts:
Nothing special happening this week. The feature match was hardly a feature match, really. A totally avoidable show.

Thanks for reading.

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