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WWF Heat 1/13/2002

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The SNH title plays and Cole welcomes us to WWF NY with Sunday Night HEAT. We are a week away from the Royal Rumble. Cole congratulates Tazz on being one half of the WWF Tag Team Champions. Later tonight Spike will be the special guest on Heat. Cole says that Spike has an announcement to make.

We go to the first match.

Albert & Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Funaki & Crash
Scotty and Funaki start it off. They lock up in the middle. Scotty puts Funaki in a headlock. Funaki punches him a few times. Funaki throws Scotty into the ropes. Funaki misses a clothesline. Scotty lifts Funaki up and slams him back to the ground. Albert tags in. Funaki sees that Albert is in and runs over to Crash. Crash tags in and runs over and yells at Albert. Crash lifts his hand up for a strength test. Albert goes to lock hands with Crash. Crash immediately puts that hand down and raises his other one. (bleh!) Crash alternates his hands a few times and starts to laugh at Albert. Albert picks Crash up by the legs and swings him around in a circle. Albert literally swings Crash around about 20 times. (I don’t know how he didn’t fall! No joke.) Albert finally releases and Crash hits the matt. Albert wobbles over and tags Scotty in. Scotty drops Crash to the matt. Crash throws Scotty into the ropes. Funaki gets a leg up and rams it into Scotty’s back. Scotty punches Funaki off the apron. Crash kicks Scotty in the gut a few times. Funaki tags in. Funaki kicks Scotty down into the corner and continues to kick him. Crash tags back in. Crash punches Scotty a few times, but Scotty changes the momentum and gives Crash a neck breaker. Scotty tags Albert in and Crash tags Funaki in. Albert lifts Funaki over his head and drops him down to the matt. Scotty gives Funaki a bulldog. Crash throws Scotty over the top rope. Scotty holds onto the top rope and rolls back over into the ring. Funaki rolls out of the ring. Albert grabs Crash and throws him into the corner. Albert follows giving him a huge splash into the corner. Scotty gives Crash the bulldog. Scotty and Albert both go for the Worm. When Scotty jumps around in a Circle for the W…O…R…M Albert spells it out with his body. (Similar to the way you would with “YMCA”.) Scotty hits the massive earth-shattering elbow and covers for three.
Winner: Albert & Scotty

WWF Snap of the Night by SlimJim: Tazz and Spike Dudley winning the WWF Tag Team Championship.

Tazz and Cole hype the Royal Rumble. He says two legends in wrestling will go at it at Royal Rumble…Ric Flair and Vince McMahon. Cole reminds us that Flair is the 16 time World Champion. We are shown the “Cocky” video of Rick Flair. (A nice little montage of some of the highlights of Flair’s career.) Tazz says that this match is going to be down right nasty.

Backstage: We see the Dudleyz and Stacy Kiebler walk into MSG. St. Slaughter greets them and they ask Slaughter where their dressing room is. Slaughter gives them directions. Bubba tells Slaughter he is a legend in the WWF. He smiles and says he remembers when Slaughter would stand in the middle of the ring yelling, Maggot, Loser, Wimp… They converse about the old times. As the Dudleyz walk away Slaughter says “Yeah, see ya ex-champs.” Bubba looks down and stops walking. Bubba asked why Slaughter had to go there? Slaughter says, “Because you lost. You lost the championship to a couple of punks, a couple maggots.” Devon walks around behind Slaughter. Devon starts to beat down St. Slaughter. Both Dudleyz start to kick St. Slaughter calling him maggot, gomer, that he’s all washed up… The Dudleyz challenge him to find a partner a match later tonight.

Backstage: Saturn walks up to St. Slaughter and shows him a special forces coin. Saturn offers himself as St. Slaughter’s tag partner. They bond over their military experience. Slaughter accepts Saturn as his partner and says, “Simper Fi Do or Die”. (forgive me if this phrase is misspelled).

Interview with Spike Dudley
EC Dub chants start up. Spike tells Cole that he has a piece of corn stuck in his teeth. (the three laugh) Spike talks about how great it is to win the tag titles in MSG. He can’t think of anything better. Cole talks about Tazz and Spike being in ECW together and asks what made them decide to pair up. Spike said that back in 1996, Tazz is actually the person that called him up and said he should be a part of ECW. Spike says that Tazz saw potential in him and he’s grateful. He said it makes perfect sense that the two people that know the Dudley’s style the best should have won the titles off them. Tazz asks Spike what he thinks about challenging the Dudleyz to at Tag Championship match at Royal Rumble. Spike says, “You know me Tazz. I’ll put up the title to anyone, anywhere. To the Dudleyz or anyone at Royal Rumble or any PPV. I don’t care. If you want it, come get it.” Cole says he has an idea. He says that since the three of them are all together in NYC tonight what do they say to the three of them going out tonight. Spike says that he’d have no chance of picking up any women if Cole were there. Tazz doesn’t know if his wife will let him. Spike says that if Tazz wants to hit the town later tonight, he’s got it… End of Interview.

Backstage: Spike is met by Steve Oedekerk, Star of Kung POW. Steve is telling Spike he can give him the key to getting any woman he wants. Spike readily accepts the advice. — During all this discussion Steve is talking but very much like an English dub over the voices in a ninja movie, Steve’s voice is dubbed over his own voice. Quite comical. — Woo, the unibreast from Kung POW, pulls Spike off with her. Spike shrugs and says it’s better than being with Tazz. Steve Oedekerk plugs his new movie, Kung POW.

Billy Gunn w/ Chuck Palumbo vs. Tajiri w/ Torrie
Tajiri and Gunn lock up. Gunn turns Tajiri backwards. Tajiri puts his legs inside Gunn’s and flips away from Gunn. Tajiri runs off the ropes but Gunn stops whim with a punch. Gunn throws Tajiri in the corner and punches him a few times. Gunn pushes Tajiri into the other corner and runs after him. Tajiri gets his foot up and Gunn falls backwards. Gunn kicks Tajiri in the face. Gunn covers for two. Gunn punches Tajiri a few times. Gunn throws Tajiri out of the ring. Palumbo works Tajiri over while Gunn keeps the ref’s attention. Palumbo throws Tajiri back in the ring. Gunn gives Tajiri a HUGE suplex. Gunn covers Tajiri for a two count. Tajiri kicks out. Gunn kicks Tajiri in the gut. Gunn goes up to the top rope. Tajiri jumps up and punches Gunn in the gut. Gunn falls forward (leaving his ass in the air). Tajiri spanks Gunn’s ass 5 or 6 times. Tajiri walks to the other corner. Tajiri runs towards Gunn and baseball slides into Gunn’s head. Gunn falls down from the ropes. Gunn gets back to his feet. Tajiri does a handspring off the rope and gives Gunn a back elbow. Tajiri covers for two. Gunn throws Tajiri into the corner. Tajiri locks Gunn into the traumata. Palumbo runs around and punches Tajiri in the back of the head. Tajiri breaks the hold. Tajiri kicks Palumbo in the chin and knocks him off the apron. Gunn hits the Famasser. Gunn covers for three. —-Palumbo jumps into the ring and starts kicking on Tajiri. The arena goes black. When the lights come back on Hurricane is standing on the top rope. Hurricane flies off the top rope and gives Gunn a cross body block. Hurricane gives Palumbo a drop kick. Hurricane and Tajiri give Gunn a double drop kick. Palumbo and Gunn roll out of the ring and walk out. Hurricane puts his hand out to shake with Tajiri. Torrie shakes her head in approval. Hurricane and Tajiri shake.—-
Winner: The One Billy Gunn

Cole and Tazz discuss the emotional comeback of HHH. We are taken to clips of HHH on Raw last week. We see HHH come out to an overwhelming welcome at MSG, enter the Royal Rumble, and give Angle a Pedigree. We immediately go to the Austin/Angle match on Smackdown, where Kane comes out and choke slams both Austin and Angle. Then the Big Show comes out and choke slams Kane. Then we have HHH come out and give Show a Pedigree. (holy fuck!) At the end of the clip Taker strolls out to the entrance ramp showing his admittance in the Royal Rumble.

WWF Slam of the week by Play Station 2: Rikishi giving Booker T the stink face then Booker T throwing up on Cole.

The Dudley Boyz w/ Stacy Kiebler vs. Perry Saturn & St. Slaughter
Saturn and Dvon start it off. They lock up. Dvon gives Saturn a knee to the gut. Dvon punches and kicks Saturn a few times. Saturn kicks and punches Dvon a few times. Saturn throws Dvon into the ropes and gives him a clothesline. Saturn jumps off the bottom rope flies off and knocks Dvon to the ground. Saturn gives Dvon a belly-to-belly suplex (beautiful). Slaughter tags in. Slaughter gives Dvon a clothesline. Bubba runs in and Slaughter gives him a clothesline then picks him and body slams him. Saturn tags in. Dvon works Saturn over. Bubba tags in and he gives Saturn a body slam. Bubba goes up to the top rope. Bubba jumps down but no ones home. Saturn slowly makes his way over to tag Slaughter in. Bubba tags Dvon in. Slaughter gives Dvon 3 clotheslines. Bubba runs in and Slaughter gives him a clothesline. Slaughter lifts Dvon up for a suplex. (It looked a little weak, but that just made me want to hug him! He’s still a very strong talented man.) Slaughter covered Dvon. Bubba run in to break up the count. Slaughter locked the Cobra Clutch on Bubba. Dvon runs in breaks the hold. Dvon takes Slaughter’s belt off. Bubba and Dvon throw Slaughter into the ropes. They spread his belt out and try to give him a clothesline with it. Slaughter runs under the belt and runs off the ropes again. Slaughter gives Bubba and Dvon a double clothesline. Slaughter picks up his belt and starts beating Dvon with it. The ref sounds for the bell. Stacy jumps into the ring. Slaughter puts her over his knee and spanks Kiebler’s ass with his belt.
Winner via DQ: The Dudley Boyz

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