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WWF Heat 1/14/2001

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat

1.)Too Cool fought Kaientai to a no contest
2.)APA defeated Lo Down
3.)Albert defeated Crash Holly

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Trish Stratus was the special co-host for Heat this week. So, Heat automatically becomes a must see show, right? Michael Cole will conduct an interview with her later on in the night where she will answer questions honestly.

2.The first contest wasn’t actually a match. All four men decided to dance instead of finish the match. However, Kaientai ended up attacking Too Cool and they warned everyone that they can’t be trusted.

3.APA took care of Lo Down when Bradshaw pinned D’Lo following the Clothesline From Hell.

4.Albert was able to pin the much smaller Crash Holly following a Baldo Bomb. After the match, Albert attacked Crash until Hardcore Holly ran down to the ring and made the save. Hardcore is a nice guy after all!

5.It’s time for the special interview with Trish Stratus. She likes working for Vince McMahon because she likes a man in power. Trish assures Cole that nothing is happening with McMahon and that the spanking that occurred was just simple teasing. Cole actually asks her if she is having sex with Vince McMahon, but Trish told him that it was none of his business what she has been doing with McMahon.

Final Thoughts:
I guess it was a decent episode. The matches are nothing exciting and the main point to the show was the interview with Stratus, which I thought was effective. The mystery remains as to what Stratus and McMahon are truly doing. If you like under card role players, then Heat isn’t a bad show to watch.

Thanks for reading.

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