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WWF Heat 1/28/2001

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat

1.) Billy Gunn defeated Albert
2.) Perry Saturn defeated WWF Hardcore Champion Raven in a non-title match
3.) Al Snow defeated Essa Rios
4.) WWF World Tag Team Champions Dudley Boys defeated Lo Down & Tiger Ali Singh to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Gunn nearly pins Albert following the Fameasser but Albert powers out. Albert avoids a corner attack to hit Gunn with a scissors kick but isn’t able to put him away. Albert attempts the Baldo Bomb but Gunn fought his way out of it and drives Albert down to the mat with a cobra clutch slam for the victory. After the match, Albert attacks Gunn and delivers the Baldo Bomb.

2. I find it kind of weird that the Hardcore Championship is not on the line here. Saturn connects with a overhead belly to belly suplex before being kneed to the floor by Raven. Raven rams Saturn back first into the guard railing. Terri prevents Raven from using a trash can lid. Raven still gets to use it after the referee gets distracted by Terri. However, Saturn plants Raven with the Death Valley Driver to win the bout.

3. Steven Richards tells us that we shouldn’t be cheering for people who use weapons during the matches. While parents turn away to allow their kids to watch it, the Right To Censor will continue to fight the good fight. Steve Blackman comes out and Richards tries to convince Blackman that he doesn’t need the kendo sticks. Shockingly, it works. Well, it did for a second because Blackman had nunchucks in his tights. Blackman beats Richards up and says that the beating was for his own good.

4. Snow controls Rios early on with knee strikes on the canvas. Rios tries to deliver a victory roll but Snow counters it with a reverse running Liger Bomb. Rios head scissors Snow and sends Snow to the floor where Rios misses a double springboard dive. Rios dropkicks Snow to the floor again after avoiding a corner attack. Rios takes Snow out with a somersault tope. Snow still manages to put Rios away with the Snow Plow.

5. Brown, Chaz and Tiger control the contest early on since they have the man advantage over the champions. Bubba clotheslines Brown and nails Chaz with a right hand. D-Von gets the tag and nails Brown with a spinning cross body attack. Brown is able to crotch D-Von on the top rope with help from his partners. D-Von tries to fight back but is stopped with a clothesline from Brown as he stands on the apron. Chaz’s offense consisted mainly of stomps. Bubba enters to clean house and D-Von drops Tiger with a reverse neck breaker. Tiger ends up suffering the 3D and is pinned.

Final Thoughts:
Snow/Rios was the match of the night and the Richards promo was done really well. I’d consider this to be a fine edition of Heat. For some reason, I actually enjoy seeing guys who are hardly on RAW and Smackdown are up to.

Thanks for reading.

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