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WWF Heat 1/6/2002


The opening title plays and Cole welcomes us to the first Sunday Night HEAT of 2002! Cole and Tazz already start hyping the special guest on HEAT will be Terri. We go to the first match. We will view the world premier of Edge’s Theme song, Never Gonna Stop, by Rob Zombie on HEAT later tonight.

The One Billy Gunn w/ Chuck Palumbo vs. Scotty 2 Hotty w/ The Hip Hop Hippo Albert
Albert and Chuck Palumbo were forced to go backstage. – Gunn attacks Scotty from behind. He kicks Scotty down to the matt and continues to kick him. Gunn shoves him down in the corner. Gunn chokes him. Gunn moves Scotty to the middle of the ring. Gunn gives Scotty a few elbows to the head. Gunn flexes for the crowd. Scotty punches Scotty a few times. Billy gives Scotty a tilt-a-whirl slam. Gunn punches Scotty a few times while he’s down. Gunn is getting a little heat so he goes to the ropes and stares at a few fans. Gunn punches Scotty a few times Gunn shoves Scotty into the corner and chokes him. Scotty hits a big DDT. Both men struggle to get back up. Scotty is thrown into the ropes and Scotty runs under Gunn’s clothesline. Gunn slams Scotty to the matt. Gunn throws Scotty into the corner and runs towards him. Gunn splashes, but Scotty moves out of the way. Gunn meets the corner. Scotty goes for the bulldog to set up for the WORM but misses. Gunn hits the famesser and covers for three.
Winner: The One Billy Gunn

We are brought back to a funny promo about the WWF. It’s set to an old time newspaper report. It says that “The WWF is the place to be for live shows. We’ve got MUSIC.” (We are shown clips of all the WWF performers singing; Austin, Y2J, Vince, Angle, Rock…) “ROMANCE” (We are taken to some of the best storylines of the Diva’s this year. From Matt Hardy and Lita to Terri and Moppy to Torrie Wilson setting up Vince McMahon.) “REVENGE” (We are taken to clips the many faces of SCSA to the Trish humiliation to the Linda/Vince Divorce.) “A HEALTY DOSE OF BATHROOM HUMOR” (We are shown clips of Regal pissing on Big Show and Y2J pissing in Regal’s tea.) “GOOD CLEAN OLD FASHIONED FUN” (We are shown Bradshaw pulling Stacey’s skirt to her ankles; The Rock bringing out Booker Wee) “So be sure to check out the WWF on a station near you!”

Later tonight Christian will defend the European title against Crash.

WWF Snap of the week by SlimJim: Jazz beating the hell out of Mighty Molly on Smackdown!

Tazz and Cole hype HHH’s return. We are taken to the HHH WWF Desire video. After the video Cole asks if HHH will come back with the same desire he had before. Again Cole and Tazz hype Terri’s interview and the world premier of Never Gonna Stop.

WWF Royal Rumble Replay: Drew Carey’s appearance in last year’s Royal Rumble.

Interview with Terri
Terri comes out and address the fans in a very endearing Happy Birthday. And Breath. Number 2, I am living large. Cole interrupts her asking about her new spot in Excess. Terri asks him if he’s watched her on Excess yet? Cole says yes. She asks him if he’s seen her look excessively sexy? Cole, “Yes.” Terri, “Have you seen me look excessively intelligent?” Cole, “umm Yeah” Terri, “Have you seen me look excessively hot?” Cole, “Yes” Terrie asks the audience if any of them remember Excess’ former host? The new WWF female’s champion or something. The crowd was a little quite and Terri said that she didn’t think anyone would. Terri goes on to say how Trish always tries to be like Terri. Terri says, “I even think I spent more money on my boob job than Trish.” Terri goes on a kick saying that Trish has always tried to follow in Terri’s footsteps. Tazz interrupts her rambling and says the boys down in the Brocns would ‘feel her’. Terri questions the world ‘feel’. Tazz adds that they would really like her. Terrie says, “The boys in the Broncs love me. They boys in the Queens love me. The boys in Harlem love me. The boys in NYC love me.” Terri introduces Rob Zombies premier with the comment that she’s never gonna stop being better than Trish Stratus. ~The video was really good. Very typical Zobmie with clips of Edge strung throughout.

Chuck Palumbo vs. Albert
Albert and Palumbo start trading a few punches immediately. Albert puts Palumbo under the bottom rope and catapults him up into the bottom rope. Palumbo goes on the attack. Palumbo throws Albert into the corner face first. Albert’s shoulder meets the corner post. Palumbo slams Albert. Palumbo throws Albert into the corner and follows. Albert gets an elbow up and Palumbo falls backwards. Albert punches Palumbo a few times. Albert kicks Palumbo. Albert slams Palumbo into the matt. Albert throws Palumbo into the corner and follows. Palumbo pulls the ref in front of him. Albert stops and tries to grab Palumbo over the ref. Gunn runs into the ring and slams Albert to the matt while the ref is telling Palumbo not to pull him into the action again. Gunn runs out of the ring and hides. Palumbo covers Albert for three.
Winner: Chuck Palumbo

WWF slam of the week by Squaresoft: We are shown the “carnage” in the ring after the Booker T/Rock match on Smackdown.

European Championship Match
Christian [c] vs. Crash Holly
Christian puts Crash in an arm bar. Crash reverses it. Crash throws Christian into he ropes. Crash knocks Christian to the ground with a body block. Christian beats the matt with his hand in disgust. Crash flips Christian over and covers for two. Crash tries to throw Christian over the ropes but Christian Grabs crash and pulls him down on the top rope choking him. Christian gets back in the ring and throws Crash over the top rope. Christian slams Crash into the matt and covers for two. Crash gives Christian a kick to the chin. Crash goes up on the top rope. Crash flies off the top rope and gives him a cross body block. Crash covers for two. Crash stays on the attack. Crash and Christian trade a few punches up on the second rope, but Crash prevails and flips Christian over an onto the matt. Crash covers for two. Crash takes a little too much time ending the match and Christian plants the unprettier. Christian covers for three.
Winner and still European Champion: Christian

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