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WWF Heat 2/10/2002

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Lance Storm vs. Tajiri (w/ Torrie Wilson)
Storm starts with a take down and wrestles Tajiri in the opening seconds into a rear headlock. Tajiri sends Storm into the ropes but it is reversed and after a series of reversals, Tajiri knocks Storm down with a drop kick and another dropkick to the face followed by chops. Tarantula by Tajiri and he then plays to the fans. Another kick knocks Storm down but Storm comes back with an ensiguri. Tajiri gives Storm a reverse kick to the face and they’re fighting on the outside. Tajiri is rolled back into the ring. Clothesline by Storm into a two count. Chinlock by Storm. Hurricanrana by Tajiri for a two count. Elbow by Storm but is then kicked in the stomach by Tajiri. Tajiri rolls Storm and then gives him a slingshot followed by a german suplex for two count. Jaw breaker by Storm. Tajiri misses the handspring elbow and flips out of Storm’s german suplex. Tajiri is then caught in the half boston crab and Tajiri taps out.
Winner: Lance Storm by submission

Angle is shown talking on a cellphone in a limo. Talks about hosting heat and beating Triple H at No Way Out. Angle asks the driver why they aren’t moving and the driver says he is lost since he isn’t the usual driver. The driver says the usual driver got a ticket to the Olympics and asks Angle if he’s ever been to the Olympics.

Cole and Tazz then take us to a commercial.

Tazz and Cole run down the sponsors.

We are still waiting for Angle to arrive to WWF New York.

Test vs. Spike Dudley
Brief tie-up between the two and Test launches Spike into the corner. Test mocks Spike’s size and go to his knees to fight him. Spike slaps him in the face. Test gets up and Spike runs outside the ring. Spike gets back in and baseball slides Test. Punches by Spike and tries a cross body which Test catches and drops Spike into the guardrail. Punches and elbows by Test in the corner. Clothesline into the other corner by Test and chokes Spike with his boot. Test misses an elbow drop and Spike counters with pucnhes with his stopped. Spike headbutts Test in the stomach twice followed by an irish whip into a forearm. Spike misses the dudley dog as Test launches him. Test sets up for the big boot which is ducked. Spike goes into the ropes but Test catches him with the boot for the win.
Winner: Test by pinfall

Angle is shown at Vaudeville asking for directions to WWF New York. He meets an oddly dressed salesman with a customer. Angle makes fun of the clothing sold there and he and the driver make fun of the customer. Angle and the driver leave. The salesman says he gave Angle directions to Harlem and they laugh about it.

Cole and Tazz show what The Undertaker did to The Rock on Smackdown and announce that MRI results on The Rock were inconclusive and there would be an update on Raw. Graphic for Taker vs. Rock at No Way Out is shown.

Angle and the driver are shown in Harlem where they see a sign that says rat poison is in the area. They then meet two black guys. Angle starts talking “cool” to the black guys and Angle asks one of the guys, who is wearing headphones, if he is listening to Luther Vandross. The guy asks Angle is he says that cause he’s black. Angle says he loves Vandross too and the black guy asks his to name a Vandross song. They then ask Angle to sing the song which Angle couldn’t do. They ask them if they know where WWF New York is and they say they don’t know but “Strawberry” does. Angle and the driver go meet Strawberry.

Promo for the nWo is shown. The promo suggests that they will be at No Way Out.

Countdown to Wrestlemania is shown, 5 weeks to go.

Scotty Too Hotty vs. The Hurricane (w/Mighty Molly)
Jacqueline in the referee. Hurricane shakes Jackie and Scotty’s hand. Hurricane knocks down Scotty. Monkey flip on Scotty followed by headlock and shots to th back. Hurricane knocks Scotty outside the ring but Scotty flips back over the ropes. Flip over the ropes by Hurricane and both are on the outside. Hurricane rolls Scotty back into the ring and goes to the top. Scotty catches him and gives Hurricane the worm. Hurricane rolls outside of the ring. Scotty sends Hurricane into the table and Scotty misses a sunset flip over the rope. Hurricane misses the eye of the hurricane which Scotty reverses into a rollup for the pin. After the match, Scotty and Hurricane shake hands but Scotty asks Hurricane to dance with him. They both dance and then look over at Molly. Molly enters the ring and does the worm.
Winner: Scotty Too Hotty by pinfall

Angle and the driver go meet Strawberry. Strawberry is a guy in a red wig. Strawberry asks if they want a date and Angle is fed up with all the freaks in New York. Angle says let’s go but the driver wants to stay with Strawberry. Angle takes the keys to the limo and leaves. The driver says that Strawberry is cute.

Jericho vs. Austin at No Way Out promo is shown.

Triple H vs. Kurt Angle at No Way Out graphic is shown.

Cole and Tazz discuss the situation between Triple H and Stephanie as a video package of what went down this week between the two is shown. Clips of Steph announcing she is pregnant and Triple H beating Angle with the baby carriage are shown.

Angle is shown walking around Times Square but he still can’t find WWF New York. He looks for someone who isn’t a freak and he finds an old lady. Angle asks the lady where WWF New York is and she replies with “what?”. She replies “what?” a few more times. She then told Angle that it was right behind him and Angle ran over to WWF New York as the lady called Angle a jackass.

Another nWo promo is shown.

Cole and Tazz hype the nWo’s debut at No Way Out.

Kane vs. Christian
Christian attacks Kane before the bell but Kane throws Christian into a corner followed by punches. Irish whip by Kane into a press slam into the corner. Chokehold by Kane and Kane just drops him. Kane knocks Christian to the outside and follows him. Christian tries to leave but Kane catches him and knocks him down. Kane brings Christian back and Christian pushes Kane into the ringpost for no effect. Christian gives Kane a drop toehold into the steps and goes back into the ring. Christian knocks Kane down off the top rope and goes for a chair. Referee catches in and Christian goes back to the top. Kane catches him and launches him. Kane sets up for the chokeslam but Christian stops him. Sidewalk slam by Kane and he then goes to the top for his clothesline. Christian picks up the chair again behind the referee’s back and hits Kane with it followed by a reverse DDT for a two count. Major temper tantrum by Christian and he walks into the chokeslam for the pin.
Winner: Kane by pinfall

Cole and Tazz plug renewal of wedding vows on Raw when Angle’s music hits.

Crowd chants “you suck” as Angle enters the stage. Angle asks if there are any normal people in New York and says no judging by the crowd. Talks about his latest experience in NYC. Crowd keeps chanting “what?”. Angle starts talking about Triple H and how he hopes he enjoys tomorrow night because No Way Out will be the worst day of his life cause he will take his title shot at Wrestlemania. Angle insults the crowd a little more and the show goes off the air.

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