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WWF Heat 2/24/2002

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1st Match: For the WWF Cruiserweight Title: The Hurricane with Mighty Molly vs. Champ Tajiri with Torrie Wilson
Big pops for both. Pre-match, the 2 fan favorites share a handshake. The 2 circle, lockup, Tajiri applies a waistlock, Hurricane gets out, applies side headlock. Tajiri breaks out, shoots Hurricane off ropes, drops to mat, Hurricane jumps over him, goes off opposite ropes, rolls under clothesline attempt, off ropes again, puts on brakes, sends Tajiri off ropes, Hurricane leapfrogs, Tajiri off again, Hurricane rolls under, Tajiri dives over, goes to mat. Both up quickly, the 2 trade armdrag takedowns, then take a moment to enjoy the audiences applause and give the ‘rewind’ on my VCR a break. Another lockup, Hurricane applies side headlock, Tajiri pushes him to ropes, breaks hold, shoots him off opposite ropes, Hurricane scores with a shoulder, Tajiri down. Hurricane takes pose break, goes off ropes, over Tajiri, off again, the 2 block each others hiptoss attempts, Tajiri scores boot to face, Hurricane down. Back up, Hurricane to ropes, Tajiri scores chop, shoots Hurricane off opposite ropes, Tajiri tries chop, blocked, Hurricane shoots him off ropes, scores stiff forearm to chest, Tajiri down. Hurricane brings him up, applies arm-wrench, works on arm with punches. Hurricane scores kick to gut, leg-sweep, Tajiri down. Hurricane goes to top turnbuckle, Tajiri up groggily, Hurricane flies, Tajiri scores kick to gut, both men down. Up slowly, Tajiri lays in punches and kicks, goes for whip off ropes, reversed, Tajiri off ropes, scores handspring-elbow, Hurricane down, Tajiri covers for 2. Tajiri brings Hurricane up, whips him off ropes, Hurricane ducks kick, sets for chokeslam…still can’t get it, Tajiri scores kick, breaks free. Tajiri tries whip, reversed, Tajiri into corner, Hurricane charges, Tajiri springboards, locks in Tarantula for the 4-count. Hurricane staggered, Tajiri to 2nd turnbuckle, Hurricane scores punch to gut, tosses Tajiri to mat, covers for 2. Hurricane to 2nd turnbuckle, Tajiri up slowly, Hurricane flies, Tajiri ducks under cross-body attempt, Hurricane down. Tajiri sets for kick, Hurricane ducks, scores Eye of the Hurricane, covers for 2, Tajiri reverses, rolls Hurricane up for the 1-2-3. Great stuff.
Winner and still WWF Cruiserweight Champ: Tajiri

We go backstage, where the lovely Lillian Garcia interviews Intercontinental Champ William Regal. Lillian questions his chances in his match for later in the evening with Rikishi. William brushes her doubts aside, pointing out recent victories over The Big Show, Kane and Edge. He’s confident the ‘power of the punch’ will be too much for the master of the Stinkface. Break.

Straight back to work….

2nd Match: The Godfather (with 4 ‘escorts’ in tow) vs. Test
Decent pop for GF, crowd hates Immunity Boy (FYI, Test has about 9 months of immunity from being fired remaining). Pre-match Cole mentions that GF’s escort service has been seeing some light business recently-Tazz opines it may be due to the low grade of his employees (a couple do look rather questionable this evening). Test takes a second to chat with escorts, GF scores boot to gut, applies side headlock, Test backs GF to ropes, breaks hold, shoots GF off opposite ropes, GF ducks a clothesline, scores shoulder charge, Test down. GF brings him up, scores scoop slam, Test down again, GF off ropes, drops the elbow. GF brings Test up, shoots him off ropes, tries for superkick, Test avoids by holding ropes, GF misses clothesline, Test doesn’t, GF is knocked over top rope and out of ring. Test follows, scores kick, then tosses GF into ring steps. Test rolls GF in, follows, GF scores kick to gut, Test counters with knee-lift. Test slams GF’s head into turnbuckles, scores punch, elbow, lays in standing boot-choke, warned off by ref. Test whips GF to opposite corner, scores clothesline, another whip to opposite corner, GF down at ropes. Test brings GF up, scores vertical suplex, covers for 2. Test brings GF to ropes, sets choke, again warned off by ref. GF makes the comeback, scores punches, goes off ropes, Test scores clothesline, GF down. Test sets for Big Boot, GF up slowly at ropes, Test goes for kick, GF sidesteps, Test crotched on ropes, GF sends him for ride, Test goes down inside. GF scores series of clothesline knockdowns, whips Test off ropes, scores kick to gut, goes off ropes, scores boot to side of Tests head, sending him down. GF goes off ropes, drops the leg, brings Test up, whips him into corner, approaches, Test scores with an elbow, GF down. Test goes for pin with feet on ropes, ref calls for break. Test chats with escorts again, allowing GF to score a quick roll-up for 2. Up, Test misses clothesline, GF scores boot to gut, sets Test in corner, whips him to opposite, sets for move formerly known as the Ho Train, charges, Test sidesteps, GF into turnbuckles. Test sets a groggy GF for his WAY dangerous looking new finisher, a reverse swinging Neckbreaker, scores, Test covers for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Test

More after we break

Boot of the Week: Tough Enough 1 winner Maven eliminates The Undertaker from the Royal Rumble last month.

Our hosts show us video from the casting special for Tough Enough 2, which will feature trainers Al Snow, Bob Holly, Ivory and Chavo Guerrero Jr. The new season starts airing this Thursday on MTV right after Smackdown. Break.

Back to the ring…

3rd Match: Val Venis vs. Booker T
Decent pop for Val, mixed response for Booker. Pre-match, Val does his obligatory Rick Rude bit. Lockup, they run the ropes corner to corner, ref (my main man Nick Patrick) calls for break. Val comes off clean, Booker scores cheap shove, Val responds in kind. The 2 square off verbally, Booker scores kick to gut, chop, punches Val to corner. Booker a house on fire with forearms and kicks, Val goes down, Nick warns Booker off. Booker gets in Nicks face, Val up, scores a pair of clothesline knockdowns. Booker up, Val scores punches, shoots Booker off ropes, scores with reverse elbow, Booker down, Val drops an elbow, goes off ropes, drops the knee, covers for 2. Up, Val tries for whip, Booker puts on brakes, scores calf-kick to face, Val down. Booker pauses to confer with hand, Val up slowly, Booker goes for Bookend, Val elbows out, goes off ropes, Booker sets for backdrop, Val scouts it, scores falling neckbreaker, both down. Both up at 3, Val in corner, Booker goes for chop, blocked, Val scores series of punches, whips Booker off ropes, misses clothesline, Booker off again, Val scores diving shoulder, Booker down. Val brings him up, whips him off ropes, scores back body drop, Booker down again. Val again attempts to bring him up, Booker fires off punch to gut, tries for whip, reversed, Booker to ropes, Val follows, scores with a knee. Booker whipped to opposite ropes, Val scores another knee, leg-sweep, Booker down, Val covers for 2. Val brings Booker up, goes for another whip, Booker puts on brakes, scores knee to gut. Val doubled over, Booker off ropes, scores scissors kick, Val down. Booker again chats with hand, Val up slowly, ducks calf kick, scores spinebuster, Booker down. Val sets for his figure-4 variation, Booker makes ropes, Nick calls for break. Booker rolls out, Val follows, lays in chops, rolls Booker in, attempts to follow, Booker joins him at ropes, Val scores with a shoulder, sunset flip can’t get Booker down, Booker falls on him, grabs ropes, covers, Nick counts 2, calls for break when he sees Booker holding ropes. Val scores a quick roll-up, only good for 2. Both up, Booker misses a clothesline, Val scores kick to gut, slam, Booker down. Val goes to top turnbuckle, goes for splash, Booker gets his knees up, Val down. Val slowly up in corner, Booker does the spineroonie, Val walks into calf kick, goes down, Booker covers for the 1-2-3.Very good match.
Winner: Booker T

Backstage, Lillian interviews Rikishi. He’s confident the ‘power of the punch’ will be no match for the ‘power of the ass’. We’ll be talking n.W.o. after we break.

Back, our hosts quickly recap the events involving the n.W.o. last week. The 3 (Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan) made their debut during the opening of the No Way Out PPV. They denied that their involvement in the WWF would be a ‘poison’, and asked the fans for the chance to prove themselves. However, later on in the PPV, they interfered in the Stone Cold Steve Austin/Chris Jericho match, costing the Rattlesnake his chance at the Undisputed Championship, also spray-painting ‘n.W.o.’ on Austins back. On Raw, an enraged Austin opened the show by demanding the entire n.W.o. join him in the ring. The 3 seemed ready to comply-then turned their backs and exited without a word. Austin stated he wouldn’t leave the ring until getting a piece of the n.W.o. This drew out Kurt Angle, flanked by security guards, who demanded Austins departure. Austin attacked, and the security guards led Austin off in handcuffs as the n.W.o. looked on. Later in the show, Hogan hit the ring solo, and berated the fans for driving him from the WWF. This brought out The Rock, who issued the challenge for a match at Wrestlemania. At the fans urging, Hogan agreed. As the 2 shared a handshake, Hogans verbal shot was met by a Rock Bottom. As Rocky made his exit up the ramp, he was met by Nash and Hall. The 2 dragged Rocky back to the ring, and they and Hogan all hit their finishers on the Peoples Champ, Hulk preceding his leg-drop with a hammer shot to Rockys skull. Later, as The Rock was being taken from the arena in an ambulance, a semi-truck and a limo blocked its path. The n.W.o. emerged from the vehicles, and after running off the EMTs, Hulk took the wheel of the semi and rammed the ambulance 3 times as Rocky was trapped inside. Hogan, Nash and Hall then split in the limo. Cole mentions that The Rocks return date is unknown. Later that week on Smackdown, Austin made the n.W.o. his b**ch (to make a long story short), singling out Hall in particular, who ended up being spray-painted ‘3:16’. More action after we break.

Snap of the Night: Billy and Chuck defeat Tazz and Spike Dudley for the Tag Championships on Smackdown.

Back, time for our main event:

4th Match; For the Intercontinental Championship: Rikishi vs. Champ William Regal
Crowd despises William, polite pop for Rikishi. Lockup, Rikishi applies a side headlock, William breaks out, Rikishi goes off ropes, scores with a shoulder, William down. Rikishi brings him up, slams William back to mat. Up, Rikishi sends William off ropes, William scores sunset flip, can’t bring the big man down, Rikishi prepares to drop that ass, a horrified William gets out of the way pronto. Another lockup, Rikishi wrenches the arm, William reverses, Rikishi sends him off ropes, back-elbow sends William down again. Up, Rikishi shoots William off ropes, tries for belly-to-belly suplex, William elbows out, goes off ropes, Rikishi tries for hiptoss, blocked, William scores knee to gut, again goes off ropes, knees Rikishi to mat, William covers for 2. William locks in sleeper, Rikishi gets to feet, William releases hold, scores forearm, attempts whip, reversed, William off ropes, Rikishi sets for backdrop, William scouts it, scores what may be the wimpiest looking boot to face in the history of WWF TV. William again off ropes, Rikishi scores clothesline, William down again. Up, Rikishi scores one more clothesline, whips William into corner, William walks into belly-to-belly suplex, goes down. Rikishi goes off ropes, drops the leg, William rolls from ring. Ref admonishes Rikishi for I don’t know what, allowing William to retrieve his IC Championship belt from ringside. Regal sets belt in corner, enters ring, Rikishi scores superkick, William down. Up slowly, Rikishi backs that ass up, William down in corner (with belt). Rikishi applies Stinkface, William gasps for air, Rikishi takes pose break, William picks up belt, ref takes it from him, turns his back to give it to ring announcer. William digs in his trunks, retrieves knuckledusters, Rikishi turns, William unleashes Power of the Punch, Rikishi down, ref never saw knucks, counts the 1-2-3.
Winner and still Intercontinental Champ: William Regal

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