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WWF Heat 2/4/2001

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat

1.)Albert defeated K-Kwik
2.)Hardcore Holly & Steve Blackman defeated Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather in a hardcore match
3.)Chris Benoit defeated Crash Holly
4.)WWF European Champion Test defeated Perry Saturn to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.Dean Malenko was the guest this week on Heat. Malenko told us that Lita had her shot with him but blew it. He promises that he will have two women by his side later tonight. Malenko knows that he will get the women to do anything that he wants. When he says anything, he really means anything!

2.K-Kwik tried to rap his way to victory this week against the mighty Albert, but he failed. Albert put Kwik away following the Baldo Bomb.

3.Dean Malenko hits on a woman who already has a boyfriend and fails at picking her up.

4.Blackman uses the nunchucks on the RTC and tosses a trash can into the ring to get the weapons involved. A strap gets involved with Goodfather whipping Holly until he taunts the fans and it met with a forearm shot. Bull nails Holly with a trash can lid while Holly was using the strap. Holly ends up drop kicking a trash can into Goodfather’s face and picks up the win.

5.It’s no surprise that Chris Benoit was able to make Crash Holly submit to the Crossface. Holly never really had a shot, but got a few offensive moves in. Again, this was really just an extended squash.

6.In a rather funny segment, Malenko is calling an escort service, but he isn’t successful in trying to get a good deal done.

7.Test drives Saturn down to the mat late in the match with a tilt a whirl slam. Test stopped Saturn with a boot to the midsection and hit a gut wrench power bomb to win the bout. Saturn did get some offense in, but it was really just strikes, nothing of note aside from a back breaker, really.

8.To close the show, we go back to Malenko who is hanging out with two girls. He gets a phone call and it just so happens to be Lita. Lita has been watching Heat and saw Malenko fool around with those two girls. Malenko tries to explain but Lita just makes fun of him for having to pay for women and assures him that he will never get a date with her!

Final Thoughts:
A decent episode of Heat this week, I would say. I found the Malenko stuff to be actually entertaining and I like his character. The action wasn’t all that great, but it is what it is. There are worse ways to spend 45 minutes of your life, honestly.

Thanks for reading.

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