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WWF Superstars 11/17/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Indianapolis, IN

1.)Big Bossman defeated Spike Jones
2.)The Warlord defeated Gary Jackson
3.)Earthquake defeated Tom King
4.)Tom Stone defeated Jake Roberts by disqualification
5.)WWF World Tag Team Champions Hart Foundation fought Honkytonk Man & Greg Valentine to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Bobby Heenan shares pre-tape comments during the Bossman’s match. Heenan says Haku and Barbarian will prove that actions speak louder than words.

2. Jake Roberts, Rockers and Jimmy Snuka cut a promo during Warlord’s match. Roberts tells them to get a good look at evil.

3. Brother Love has the WWF World Champion Ultimate Warrior, WWF Intercontinental Champion Texas Tornado and Legion of Doom as his guests this week. I have no idea what Warrior said. Tornado is sick of listening to Love talk. He says no one has survived his spinning punch and no one can beat his teammates. Animal tells Love they can survive anything on this earth. LOD will survive the Perfect Team. Hawk chimes in to say that Love is a little man in a big man’s world. Hawk says they are true survivors. Warrior says he will scramble the mystery egg if it looks anything like Brother Love.

4. The Visionaries say that at Survivor Series there will be a lot more crippling going on during Jake’s match.

5. Honky and Neidhart start the match with Neidhart working over Honky’s arm before tagging in Bret. Bret hits a running cross body but is poked in the eyes by Honky. Valentine misses an elbow drop. Neidhart shoulder blocks Valentine but Jimmy Hart grabs Neidhart’s foot to allow the challengers to get the advantage. Honky stomps away on Neidhart for a few moments. Valentine drives his shoulder into Neidhart in the corner but Jim comes charging out with a clothesline. Bret gets the hot tag and Honky begs off. Bret drops a leg across Honky and hammers away on Honky. Both Honky and Valentine are met with atomic drops. Hart gets a two count on Honky with a roll up. Bret hits a side Russian leg sweep on Honky. DiBiase and Virgil run down and attack Bret Hart and Neidhart. Dusty Rhodes and Koko B. Ware run down to brawl as well. (*1/4. An obviously basic match to end the program action wise. This was done more to promote the match at Survivor Series.)

6. Next week, Sgt. Slaughter competes against Tito Santana .

Final Thoughts:
A rather boring episode of Superstars this week. They are just promoting Survivor Series and aren’t really providing great television at the moment. A thumbs down for this episode.

Thanks for reading.

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