WWF Superstars 3/26/1988

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Winston-Salem, NC

1.)The British Bulldogs defeated Bill Newkirk & Iron Mike Sharpe
2.)Hercules defeated Dave Stoudimiere
3.)Jake Roberts defeated Pete Sanchez
4.)Demolition defeated Mike Richards & Mark Young
5.)Jim Duggan defeated Tom Stone
6.)Randy Savage defeated Terry Gibbs

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Craig DeGeorge conducted an interview with Ted DiBiase, Andre the Giant and Virgil. Andre believes WrestleMania IV will be the last day for Hulk Hogan. Andre is doing a job for Ted DiBiase to get him the WWF World Championship. Andre says Hogan is just going to be an ex-champion. DiBiase chimes in to say he is a very patient person and has dealt with the crazy politics in WWF. DiBiase pronounces that Hulkamania will die at WrestleMania IV! DiBiase believes Hogan and his fans will be swimming in tears!

2. To close the show, Craig DeGeorge interviews Hulk Hogan. Hogan says his back has never pinned for a three count on the mat. Hogan is going to slam Andre at WrestleMania and Donald Trump is going to shake in his seat. Hogan says that DiBiase is going to have to wrestle him one on one with all his Hulkamaniacs. Hulk is going to bankrupt DiBiase!

Final Thoughts:
Well, at least the build up for the big show is over with, right? The show is always focused on the Hogan/DiBiase feud so there isn’t anything changing here. I’m just looking forward to what the WWF has to offer in the upcoming months.

Thanks for reading.

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