WWF Superstars 3/5/1995

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: West Palm Beach, FL

1.) 1-2-3 Kid defeated Bob Cook
2.) Kama defeated Chris Nelson
3.) Henry Godwinn defeated Leroy Howard
4.) Men on a Mission defeated Denning Knight & the Black Phantom
5.) King Kong Bundy defeated Butch Long
6.) Lex Luger defeated Sonny Pruitt
7.) Mantaur defeated Bill Weaver

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Shawn Michaels hosts the Heartbreak Hotel this week. Michaels is confident that he will be the new WWF World Champion at WrestleMania XI. He runs down a top ten list as to why he will be the next WWF World Champion. His number one reason is because he has Psycho Side by his side. That brings out Sid to the ring. Sid says when he walks the ground shakes and when he talks everyone listens to him. Everyone fears him and together they will rule the world!

2. No feature match this week.

Final Thoughts:
All around a boring episode this week. Nothing happened the for the hour program.

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