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Introduction to Yearly Reviews

The general idea of these “Yearly Review” is to help wrestling fans catch up with wresting they may have missed. I myself have learned quite a bit from doing this, considering I was born 1989, there are plenty of things I never knew about or understood. Looking back and doing research has taught me, and hopefully you, new things I may otherwise would not know.

I will be doing monthly summaries for WWE, WCW, ECW, TNA, and ROH. I may add others like SMW and USWA done the line but would need to find the proper material to research first. I’ll be starting with the year 1988 and move forward. Eventually, I will work back to get a few years before 1988 completed.

Obviously this a project that I simply can not do by myself as that would be simply impossible. there are several people and websites that I have been using to help complete this project. The following people/websites are key to completing this project and for providing the best possible outline/summaries.

– Graham Cawthon’s History of WWE website. It is loaded with information that is easily accessible and has greatly helped me out hundreds of times and that will continue to grow.

– Justin Rozzero, from the Place to Be, has been kind enough to be my editor. I’m not a perfect grammar machine, and because of that Justin has helped everything in the “Yearly Review” section to make sense. Justin is also a fact checker regarding WWE information. A big thanks to Justin for all his help through this!

– Matt Peddycord, owner of PDRWrestling, is the fact checker for NWA/WCW information. Matt knows a unbelievable amount of information from that company and a huge asset to this project.

I hope that you, the reader, are able to relive various eras you may have missed or wish to remember.

Thank you for continuing to come to Wrestling Recaps!

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