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WWF April 1988: Yearly Review

World Wrestling Federation April 1988:

WWF World Championship Scene: (currently held by Randy Savage)

Savage’s first challenger for his WWF World Championship was the One Man Gang. Savage had beaten Gang by disqualification at Wrestle Mania IV to advance in the tournament. Gang managed to earn a title shot and the contest would happen at Saturday Night’s Main Event #16 which was taped on April 22nd. After roughly six minutes of action, Savage was able to use his speed to defeat the One Man Gang and retain his title.

There was no time to be celebrating for Randy Savage, however. Savage quickly had another challenger for the WWF World Championship who happened to be the man who got screwed over at Wrestle Mania by Hulk Hogan. That man would be Ted DiBiase. DiBiase was able to earn a title shot by defeating Don Muraco at SNME #16. Can DiBiase finally win the WWF World Championship? DiBiase would beat Savage numerous times on the house show market, but only by count-out. Savage’s conflict with DiBiase was far from being over.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene: (currently held by the Honky Tonk Man)
April was a fairly busy month for Honky Tonk Man. Not only did he have to continually defend the championship against Brutus Beefcake on the house show market, but he also defended against Bam-Bam Bigelow and Hillbilly Jim. At the April 21st taping of WWF Superstars, Honky was able to defeat Bigelow by count-out and defeated Hillbilly Jim by pin fall to retain the title. Honky was continuing to prove that he was indeed the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time.

As for Beefcake, Honky was able to retain the championship numerous times by count-out with the help of his manager Jimmy Hart on the house show market. Jimmy Hart would dress up as Peggy Sue and cause Beefcake to be counted out during each contest. Beefcake would get some momentum, however, as at SNME #16 taped on April 22nd, Beefcake defeated Jimmy Hart’s handpicked opponent David Davis. After winning the bout, Beefcake cut some of Davis’ hair and taunted Jimmy Hart.

Will Beefcake manage to defeat Honky Tonk Man? Or, will Beefcake just continue to trim his opponents’ hair?

WWF World Tag Team Championship Scene: (currently held by Demolition)

Following Wrestle Mania, Demolition had their first title defense against the Young Stallions where they retained the championships. Demolition competed at SNME #16 taped on April 22nd as they competed against the British Bulldogs. There wasn’t much hype for the contest as the bout was not for the tag team championships. Demolition won the match by disqualification after the British Bulldogs attacked the champions with pieces of Mr. Fuji’s broken cane.

Also, throughout the month of April, Demolition defeated former champions Strike Force numerous times on the house show market. Demolition’s first month as champions went rather smoothly.

Other Happenings:

1. The feud between Jim Duggan and Andre the Giant continued as Andre screwed Duggan over at Wrestle Mania IV as Andre cost Duggan a win against DiBiase in the world title tournament. They had several matches on the house show market which saw Andre getting several count-out wins after hitting Duggan with his own 2×4. At a house show in Italy, Andre pinned Duggan but was attacked by Duggan with a 2×4. At SNME #16 taped on April 22nd, Duggan was attacked by Andre after defeating Hercules by disqualification. Duggan was saved by the Ultimate Warrior, who was still feuding with Hercules.

2. The Jake Roberts/Rick Rude feud continued as Rude would make snide remarks regarding Roberts’ marriage. Nothing was heavily progressed between the two until the following month.

3. Bad News Brown and Bret Hart had several matches against each other on the house show market which saw them wrestle to draws.

4. Lastly, several feuds from the previous month continued but were losing steam. JYD/Ron Bass, Warrior/Hercules, and Islanders/Bulldogs were among them. Nothing new developed for those feuds as they just competed on the house market numerous times.


Saturday Night’s Main Event #16 rating on NBC is unknown

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