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WWF May 1988: Yearly Review

World Wrestling Federation May 1988

WWF World Championship Scene (currently held by Randy Savage)

Savage has a new challenger for the WWF World Championship, Ted DiBiase. Savage defeated DiBiase at Wrestle Mania IV with the help of Hulk Hogan and a steel chair. DiBiase is looking to claim what he believes is rightfully his. At the May 10th taping of WWF Superstars, Savage pinned DiBiase’s bodyguard, Virgil. After the contest, DiBiase and Savage had to be held apart by WWF officials.

Throughout the month, DiBiase would get several opportunities to defeat Savage for the championship but failed on every occasion. Savage picked up several pin fall victories and victories by way of disqualification. Despite the losses, DiBiase was not anywhere through with Savage. That would be made clear in June. DiBiase had some more tricks up his sleeve.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene (currently held by Honky Tonk Man)

Honky’s feud with Brutus Beefcake continued into May with a high point of the feud occurring at the May 10th taping of WWF Superstars. At the taping, Jimmy Hart distracted Beefcake during an interview segment which allowed Honky Tonk Man to smash Beefcake over the head with his guitar. Due to the attack, Beefcake bled from the back of the head. Later on, Beefcake promised that he would tear Honky Tonk Man apart and win the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Can Beefcake finally get the job done and win the championship? Or will Honky continue to Shake, Rattle and Roll his way past all challengers?

WWF World Tag Team Championship Scene (currently held by Demolition)

Demolition continued their feud with Strike Force when Strike Force attacked Demolition before the champions could use Mr. Fuji’s cane on the Young Stallions during a bout at the May 10th taping of WWF Superstars. Their feud would not last long, though. This will be made apparent during the June 1988 update.

Other Happenings:

1. Hulk Hogan did not appear on television or on any house shows during the month of May. Hulk’s wife Linda gave birth to their first child, Brooke on May 5th, 1988. Hulk would remain off of WWF events for a couple months.

2. The feud between Jim Duggan and Andre the Giant continued. They would compete in singles matches tag matches with Duggan teaming with Jake Roberts while Andre would team with Rick Rude. Duggan and Roberts would win on a regular basis.

3. Speaking of Rick Rude and Jake Roberts. Their feud continued to progress throughout the month. At the May 7th Boston Gardens house show, Roberts prevented Rude from kissing a female fan by chasing him to the backstage area. Roberts’s wife Cheryl would play a park in the feud when at the May 10th taping of WWF Superstars Cheryl put down Rude saying that Rude wasn’t a good enough man for her. Throughout the month of May, Roberts would not lose to Rude. If Roberts didn’t win the match outright, they would compete to double count-out finishes.

4. Bret Hart and Bad News Brown continued their feud. Brown would usually beat Hart but on several occasions they would compete to a draw. There wasn’t any new development to their story as the main focus was Brown’s attack on Hart at WrestleMania IV.

5. Dino Bravo started a feud with Ken Patera over who was the stronger man. Throughout the month they would have arm wrestling contests where Bravo would attack Patera before contest and win by forfeit. On May 21st at a house show in Pennsylvania Bravo viciously attacked Patera with a table after losing a match to Patera. Bravo was getting the better of Patera.

6. The Fabulous Rougeaus began to display heelish tendencies where they began to consider themselves to be Americans despite being Canadian. This didn’t sit well with the fans and they began to get jeers instead of cheers as they were accustomed to getting.

7. Greg Valentine started to use a shin guard to add extra leverage to his figure four leg lock. Valentine would cause several injuries to enhancement talent with the shin guard. Valentine began to feud with Don Muraco after Valentine refused to stop attacking Muraco when Muraco was caught in the ropes. The first instance of that happened at a May 21st house show in Philadelphia.

8. The Hart Foundation was turned into a babyface tag team since Bret Hart had turned babyface back in March at WrestleMania IV. As a result of turning into babyfaces, they got fed up with their heel manager Jimmy Hart. Jimmy Hart was sent backstage during the Hart Foundation’s matches several times as Jimmy would constantly interfere in their matches. It seemed to be only a matter of time until Jimmy was going to be fired as the Hart Foundation’s manager.

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