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Yearly Review: WWF June 1989

World Wrestling Federation June 1989

WWF World Championship Scene: (currently held by: Hulk Hogan)
At the June 6th taping of WWF Superstars, Randy Savage issued a challenge to Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake to compete in a tag match against himself and Zeus. During the June 7th taping of Wrestling Challenge, Savage made it clear to Zeus that he would stand behind him should he decide to get in the ring because they hate Hulk Hogan equally.

Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake accepted Savage and Zeus’s challenge to a tag match at SummerSlam during the June 28th taping of WWF Superstars.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Scene: (currently held by: Rick Rude)

The Ultimate Warrior continued to chase after Rick Rude to reclaim the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Following Rick Rude’s win at the June 6th taping of WWF Superstars against a jobber, Warrior ran down to the ring while Rude was going to kiss a female fan and attacked Rude.

During the June 27th taping of Wrestling Challenge, Warrior beat Haku but was attacked by Rick Rude. Rude planted Warrior with a pile driver but couldn’t keep him down for long. Warrior ended up fighting back and press slamming Rude over the top rope onto Andre the Giant who had came down to ringside.

WWF World Tag Team Championships Scene: (currently held by: Demolition)

Demolition was able to overcome Akeem and Big Bossman in several tag team championship matches on the house show market as they didn’t compete against each other on television. However, they would have new challengers to deal with by the end of the month.

Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard better known as the Brainbusters were managed by Bobby Heenan. They earned themselves a tag team title match at the next Saturday Night’s Main Event taking place in July.

Other Happenings:

– During the June 3rd edition of WWF Superstars, the first video promoting Dusty Rhodes being part of the company was aired. Rhodes was given a common man gimmick which was displayed as he delivered a pizza during the video. As you may recall, Rhodes was a booker for NWA before jumping ship to WWF. Rhodes got involved in his first feud with the WWF during the June 28th taping of WWF Superstars. Rhodes ended up stealing Big Bossman’s nightstick after his match to prevent Bossman from attacking a jobber. Rhodes would attack Bossman with the nightstick as well as Slick.

– Ted DiBiase revealed during the June 6th taping of WWF Superstars that he was responsible for putting Jake Roberts in the hospital with the Million Dollar Dream. Roberts had suffered a herniated disc due to the move. At the June 27th taping of Wrestling Challenge, Ted DiBiase revealed a gold neck brace for Jake Roberts since he believes his career is over.

– Tito Santana got some level of revenge against Rick Martel and Slick during the June 6th taping of WWF Superstars by attacking both men during a Brother Love segment until security pulled him away.

– Throughout the month, Ronnie Garvin continued to cost Greg Valentine matches now that he is a referee and can no longer compete as a wrestler. Garvin would be threatened by WWF President Jack Tunney that if he were to hit a wrestler he would be suspended.

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