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Honky Tonk Man sits down for a Q&A. Paul E. Dangerously won’t let Sabu commit suicide in the ring. Arnold Skaaland may have found a man to get revenge on Bob Backlund for a recent attack. Vader should fear Hulk Hogan. The Patriot might not be able to team with Marcus Alexander Bagwell. The Undertaker visited USWA to take on Sid Vicious. All that plus many more features in this edition of Inside The Magazine! (more…)



How did the readers of Pro Wrestling Illustrated vote for the 1995 PWI Awards? Find out! (more…)


The fifth installment of looking back at the PWI 500 starting the beginning in 1991 continues with the 1995 edition. This year, the grading period was from August 1st, 1994 to August 1st, 1995.

To view the complete list of where the wrestlers were ranked click HERE.

Here are the notable rankings for the year 1995. (more…)

King Mabel Push: Was It That Awful?

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Beginning in 1994, the World Wrestling Federation started to promote a “New Generation” of talent to combat their rival organization, World Championship Wrestling, who was promoting older stars that had made a name for themselves in the WWF previously. (more…)


The date is June 30th, 1995. Mabel has just won the KOTR and the WWF is promoting this show around the Diesel/Sid feud that hasn’t really caught on with fans. Quite a few top names or good workers are missing from the show too. Let’s see how this impacts the decision of Bob, Matt and Brandon when it comes to attending the show or not. (more…)

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Hello everyone and welcome to the first installment of “Would You Go To This Show”! The idea of the column is myself and a few guests will take a look at a random card, whether it be a house show, pay per view or maybe even a television taping, to see if we would attend the show. I hope people who read this would share their thoughts on a show, and if you happened to attend the show you leave some feedback in the comments below! (more…)

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By 1995 the cartoonish nature of the World Wrestling Federation wasn’t producing a lot of memorable moments. So, in an attempt to spark up some interest the WWF looked outside the promotion to create a buzz. (more…)