Writers for Wrestling Recaps:

Bob Colling – Owner of Wrestling Recaps

Austin Skinner – http://austinsfataltruth.blogspot.com

Matt Peddycord – http://www.pdrwrestling.net

Justin Rozzero & Scott Criscuolo – http://placetobe.podbean.com/

Arnold Furious – 411Mania Writer

Tom Hopkins – http://www.imemine98.com/misc/wrestling/wwe/index.html

TJ Hawke – Writer for 411Mania & creator of http://www.freeprowrestling.com

Kevin Kildenberger – http://rawwrestlingrants.blogspot.com

Alexander Settee

Adam King – http://www.kingsrecaps.wordpresss.com

McXal – http://www.mcxalsreviews.yolasite.com

DaWrestling Crew – http://www.dawrestlingsite.com

Jim – http://www.wrestlingclique.com

WrestleView – http://www.wrestleview.com

Mike Campbell – 411Mania Writer http://splashmountain.150m.com/reviews.html

Jake Ziegler – http://www.insidepulse.com

President Clinton of IYH – Columinst for Wrestling Recaps, follow on Twitter @ClintonIYH

Neal Jones – Recaps of IYH Interviews http://www.inyourheadonline.com

PWWEW – http://www.pwwew.net

The goal of this website is to get as many shows as possible reviewed and have it in one location. The people above have been kind enough to help in that quest. If you’d like to join Wrestling Recaps as a reviewer or as a columnist, contact me at the following e-mail… bobcolling@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting Wrestling Recaps!

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