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Rebooking ECW

Extreme Championship Wrestling 1997 (Written by: Austin Skinner)

Hardcore TV (01/01/97)For my first fantasy rebooking here on Wrestling Recaps, I decided to take look at arguably one of Extreme Championship Wrestling’s hottest years in company existence, 1997.
Hardcore TV (01/10/97)Hardcore TV is back this week with some major developments! Will Chris Candido fire back at the ECW Television Champion, “The Franchise”, his former friend? What will Raven have to say again this week, if anything at all? What is the latest news on Sabu and the finish to last week’s match with Terry Funk… All questions and more will be answered this week!
ECW House Party 1997 (01/11/97)Tonight, the Tag Team Champions are in the building for the first Supercard of the new year to wreak havoc! Who will their victims be, as they look to re-establish exactly why they are the ECW Tag Team Champs? Also, speaking of havoc, Raven is scheduled to square off against Axl Rotten! Will Terry Funk crash Raven’s party and try to return last night’s favor, catching Raven off guard? All that and more… It is a party and you’re invited!
Hardcore TV (01/16/97)Tonight on Hardcore TV, a monumental rematch pits Tommy Dreamer against Taz one more time! Also, Lance Storm of The Triple Threat finally breaks his silence. Who will he side with, Douglas or Candido? Plus, a few peeks inside the minds of the ‘who’s who’ of Extreme Championship Wrestling. All that and more on this week’s exciting episode of ECW’s Hardcore TV!
Hardcore TV (01/23/97)Tonight on Hardcore TV, the Pitbulls and the ECW Heavyweight Champion share a few words with their respective opponents. Also, major details on ECW’s next supershow, ECW: Crossing The Line Again will be revealed! Get tuned in with all the latest with tonight’s episode of Extreme Championship Wrestling’s Hardcore TV!
Hardcore TV (01/30/97)On tonight’s edition of Hardcore TV, Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk share their thoughts on the upcoming tag team match at Crossing The Line Again which is just days away. Also, in the main event, “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz takes on Rob Van Dam in one-on-one competition! That, plus much more jammed into this final episode of Hardcore TV before ECW Crosses The Line… Again!
ECW Crossing The Line Again (02/01/97)It is brash. It is raw. It is over-the-top, as Extreme Championship Wrestling Crosses The Line Again tonight! In action is ECW’s Television Champion, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz, Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk and The ECW Heavyweight Champion himself, Raven, just to name a few. The card is stacked from top to bottom and the ECW wrestlers are ready. One one question remains, are YOU ready to Cross The Line… Again?
Hardcore TV (02/06/97)It is tag team match-up mayhem on tonight’s edition of Extreme Championship Wrestling’s Hardcore TV! The number-one contenders for the ECW Tag Team Championships square off against the team of ECW Heavyweight Champion Raven and “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz. Plus, a momentous announcement from ECW’s Guru of Hardcore, Paul E. concerning the very future of the company! All that and more packed inside tonight’s episode…
Hardcore TV (02/13/97)Tonight, it is Shane Douglas’ house. The Television Champ is in the building and rumor is, is that he’s go some major info to drop on Extreme Championship Wrestling! With the latest events surrounding Douglas and the dissolved Triple Threat stable, who knows what “The Franchise” will have on his mind… Also scheduled for tonight, Chris Candido in action and the number one contenders for the ECW Tag Team Championships, The Pitbulls, facing off against The Dudley Boyz!
Hardcore TV (02/20/97)The final stop before the two-night fan fest known as Cyberslam has finally arrived! Battle lines have been drawn, friends have become foes, and now, only a short few days separates heated enemies. What will be the final thoughts? Will there be any words, or is the time for talk long passed? Has the ultimate boiling points been reached? All these questions will be answered and more on tonight’s exciting episode of Extreme Championship Wrestling’s Hardcore TV!
ECW Cyberslam 1997 (02/21/97 & 02/22/97)Fans worldwide will be watching tonight, as two of the biggest events in wrestling history unfold. This is Extreme Championship Wrestling’s Cyberslam fan event, occupying two huge nights back-to-back! To miss an extravaganza like this would be criminal. So, sit back and get ready to be blown away by the nonstop action all your favorite Extreme Championship Wrestling and worldwide stars are prepared to provide! Titles will change hands, alliances will solidify, and there will be blood !
Hardcore TV (02/27/97)Tonight, the aftermath of Cyberslam is here. Who was left standing? Who won and who lost what? Were they screwed over? On this episode of Extreme Championship Wrestling’s Hardcore TV, these burning questions will be answered, along with the return of Sabu and Mike Awesome in Hardcore TV wrestling action!
ECW: Resurgence (05/08/97)Hardcore TV is no more and after a two-month hiatus due to a lengthy lawsuit, Extreme Championship Wrestling is BACK! Featured on a new channel with a revamped roster and production team, the extreme RESURGENCE is NOW! Tonight, the details surrounding the near-crippling lawsuit are revealed and the next chapter in this Extreme saga unfolds…
ECW: Resurgence (05/15/97)Tonight on the first LIVE episode of ECW Resurgence— WAIT! There is no time to explain, Joey Styles has already opened the show. What are you waiting for?! Hurry on in!
ECW Hostile City Showdown (05/17/97)Out of control, Unwarranted, hostile! In a state of public emergency, Extreme Championship Wrestling enters into a Hostile City Showdown tonight, live for the ECW Arena! In action is ECW’s Television Champion Chris Candido as he faces his former best friend Lance Storm, “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz, Rob Van Dam, and Tommy Dreamer all locking horns in three way action! Also, Terry Funk,The ECW Heavyweight Champion himself, defends his title against Raven one more time. It’ll be a showdown tonight and Extreme Championship Wrestling is on the front lines.One one question remains, are YOU ready to enter the Hostile City Showdown?
ECW: Resurgence (05/22/97)Terry Funk is STILL the Extreme Championship Wrestling champion, but long-time rival Sabu looms ahead in attempts to dethrone the hardcore legend! Where is Raven left in all of this? Also, Chris Candido was able to fend off the Triple Threat, but it seems gained a new and perhaps even more dangerous enemy in the process! Plenty of questions will be answered tonight after a huge Hostile City Showdown, a full card of extreme action will take place and much, much more!
ECW: Resurgence (05/29/97)Just shy of Wrestlepalooza 1997, Extreme Championship Wrestling makes one final stop in Erie, Pennsylvania for Resurgence! In one-on-one competition tonight is ECW’s very own Heavyweight Champion, Terry Funk. Who is the number one contender for his championship, and who will his opponent be at Wrestlepalooza? Paul E. addresses that tonight. Also, where does “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz and Chris Candido fall as far as the ECW Television Championship is concerned? Not to mention Saturn addressing his former partner Kronus and Kronus’ new running mate “Prime Time” Brian Lee… All this and more featured within!
ECW Wrestlepalooza 1997 (05/31/97)Extreme Championship Wrestling returns to the ECW Arena again for this years Wrestlepalooza extravaganza! Saying tonight will surely change the course of ECW’s present and future is an absolute understatement as Terry Funk defends his ECW Heavyweight Championship against the suicidal, genocidal, homicidal maniac Sabu. Where is Raven and will he make an appearance? Also, “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz has hunted down Chris Candido, will he defeat the ECW Television Champion tonight? Plus, the ECW Tag Team Champions face arguably their hardest opponents yet in The Dudleys. And what about “Ravishing” Rick Rude, will he make another mysterious appearance tonight? All these questions and more lie in wait heading into Wrestlepalooza 1997!
ECW: Resurgence (06/05/97)Extreme Championship Wrestling is live from Baldwin, Pennsylvania coming off the heels of a monumental Wrestlepalooza! Championships changed hands, reigns were broken, and friendships were ended. Where do all your favorite ECW wrestlers stand after one of the biggest supercards of the year? What will Raven’s repercussions be for showing up when he was banned from doing so? Is Chris Candido still the ECW Television Champion? Who is the ECW Heavyweight Champion? What former WWF superstar has arrived in Extreme Championship Wrestling? Stay tuned to find out! 
ECW: Resurgence (06/12/97)Extreme Championship Wrestling airs for the final time before it’s first pay-per-view extravaganza, Barely Legal! Also, for the first time since ever in ECW, Bam Bam Bigelow is in one-on-one competition! The Tag Team Champions are also in action this week as they take on a pair of former champions, The Pitbulls! Also in action tonight is the living legend Terry Funk! Bethel Park is about to get rocked tonight as the Resurgence has arrived! You won’t want to miss this…
ECW Barely Legal! (06/15/97)Ladies and gentlemen, we have made it to the dance! Tonight, Extreme Championship Wrestling brings pay-per-view to the land of extreme. After only a month long return following a lawsuit granted by our old network,  a more fitting event couldn’t have been  held. The card is stacked from top to bottom and the time for talk is over. ECW has returned and said return has arrived in a BIG way. Thanks to you, the fans of ECW, we proudly present ECW Barely Legal 1997! Championships will be defended, rivalries will progress and history will indeed be made…
ECW: Resurgence (06/19/97)We are just four nights removed from the largest night in Extreme Championship Wrestling history. The breaking news is rampant tonight and hopefully this episode of ECW Resurgence will be able to get it all out to you! At Barely Legal, new champions were crowned, mainstays exited, and pay-per-view went extreme!
ECW: Resurgence (06/26/97)In three days an Orgy of Violence will occur in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! But before then, ECW Resurgence comes to you live from Reading, PA. In this transitional period, you can’t afford to miss a second of Extreme Championship Wrestling action! Tonight, Saturn takes fights in a submission warm-up exhibition before his big match with the Television Champion, Taz, who has promised that he’d make Saturn tap out in five minutes or less. Also, ECW Champion Sabu takes on “the Beast from the East” Bam Bam Bigelow, the man that put “The Franchise” on the shelf at Barely Legal! All that and much more is packed into this episode of ECW: Resurgence!
ECW Orgy of Violence (06/28/97)Extreme Championship Wrestling presents: ECW Orgy of Violence 1997! Tonight, there is no time to waste. The lines in the sand have been drawn and tonight is sure to live up to its name. Every belt is on the line and it is truly every man for himself! Looking for a three way dance, hardcore tag team action, a submission match, a grudge match, a steak defense, an in-ring debut… strong-style Japanese Puroresu!? Then, you are on the right channel… Now, get ready to watch history violently unfold. Will YOU even be able to survive this Orgy of Violence!?
ECW: Resurgence (07/03/97)With an Orgy of Violence behind Extreme Championship Wrestling, what is next for the ECW Heavyweight Champion, Sabu? Will Rick Rude’s client appear tonight to formally challenge him for the title at Heatwave on July 19th? Who is the ECW Television Champion? Was Taz able to make Saturn tap out in five minutes or less? All these questions and more will be answered as well as appearances from PG-187, Danny Doring, and The Prime Time Killers will be made! Head in to read how the next chapter of EXTREME will unfold from Scranton, Pennsylvania!
ECW: Resurgence (07/10/97)After a surprising assault on the ECW Heavyweight Champion, Sabu, how will “Ravishing” Rick Rude protect himself from the fuming champion? Will we meet his mysterious client tonight in Toms River, New Jersey? After hearing from the ECW Tag Team Champions last week, will they make good on their threats made to The Gangstas who have stolen their gold? On top of appearances by Bam Bam Bigelow, Rob Van Dam, and The Dudleys, all these questions and more will be answered on this episode of Extreme Championship Wrestling Resurgence!
ECW: Resurgence (07/17/97)With Extreme Championship Wrestling Heatwave 1997 only two days away, what effect will “Ravishing” Rick Rude’s client, the returning Sandman, have on our ECW Heavyweight Champion? And as tensions between Saturn and Taz boil over, what will ECW officials schedule for Heatwave to resolve this conflict? Will The Gangstas be blindsided again by the ECW Tag Team Champions before they challenge them in two days time? All these questions and more will be answered! Now your grab as seat, the venue is filling up fast here in Hackensack, New Jersey!
ECW Heatwave 1997 (07/19/97)The wait is finally over, as tonight, Extreme Championship Wrestling presents: ECW Heatwave 1997! The summer of violence continues to heat up as bitter battles come to ahead, when the highly anticipated client of “Ravishing” Rick Rude goes one-on-one with the ECW Heavyweight Champion, Sabu! Will The Sandman stand victorious and take the belt with him to a rival promotion? And who walks out tonight as the undisputed ECW Television Champion, Taz or Saturn? The ECW Tag Team Championships are also up or grabs as The Gangstas look to settle the score with The Prime Time Killers! All that and much more await you, live from the hot streets of New York City!
ECW: Resurgence (07/24/97)What a night it was in the Lost Battalion Hall for Extreme Championship Wrestling’s Heatwave 1997 supershow Queens, New York a few short nights ago! Did Rick Rude’s master plan work, or is Sabu still our ECW Heavyweight Champion? And as the four men did battle to the hot streets of Queens and back for the ECW Tag Team Championship, what team ended up on top? What is the status of Taz, Saturn, and the ECW Television Championship? Find out all this and much more tonight, as ECW Resurgence comes to you from Yonkers, New York!
ECW: Resurgence (08/01/97)With the Born To Be Wired supershow a little over a week away, things couldn’t be more turbulent in Extreme Championship Wrestling! Tonight in White Plains, New York, ECW’s latest chapter unfolds as “The Franchise” seeks to set the record straight once and for all with The Triple Threat. In tag team action, Rob Van Dam teams with the former ECW Heavyweight Champion, Sabu, to take on the current ECW Heavyweight Champion, The Sandman, and a partner of his choosing. As the tipping point is reached with Taz and Saturn, what’s next for them and the ECW Television Championship? All this and much more tonight!
ECW Born to be Wired 08/09/97Tonight, Extreme Championship Wrestling is Born to be Wired! The Franchise Players take on their bitter rivals, The Triple Threat, in a six-man, no-rope barbed wire tag team match! Also, the heat continues to boil over between Saturn and Taz when they are forced to tag together against Sabu and Rob Van Dam. All that and much more await you in the heart of Philadelphia, PA tonight!
ECW: Resurgence 08/16/97Coming off the heels of a bloody Born to be Wired, who walked out of the six man no-rope barbed wire match with their health and bragging rights? We will find out TONIGHT, the night before ECW presents its second Pay-Per-View, Hardcore Heaven 1997! Also, “Ravishing” Rick Rude shares some words on behalf of his client, the ECW Heavyweight Champion, Sandman.
ECW Hardcore Heaven 1997 (08/17/97)Tonight, deep in the state of Florida, Extreme Championship Wrestling reaches Hardcore Heaven! In The Sandman’s last contracted match in the company, will he leave with the ECW Heavyweight Championship in the main event? How will the disadvantaged Franchise Players stack up against the stacked Triple Threat in a handicap match? When Saturn and “The Human Suplex Machine” lock horns again, who will come out on top? All that and more will be decided tonight!