Rebooking ECW: Resurgence (07/03/97)

With an Orgy of Violence behind Extreme Championship Wrestling, what is next for the ECW Heavyweight Champion, Sabu? Will Rick Rude’s client appear tonight to formally challenge him for the title at Heatwave on July 19th? Who is the ECW Television Champion? Was Taz able to make Saturn tap out in five minutes or less? All these questions and more will be answered as well as appearances from PG-187, Danny Doring, and The Prime Time Killers will be made! Head in to read how the next chapter of EXTREME will unfold from Scranton, Pennsylvania!

ECW Resurgence: Scranton, PA – 07/03/97

1. Opening segment: Joey Styles is seen in the center of the ring, addressing the crowd. After a strong “E-C-W!” chant, he beings. “Scranton, Pennsylvania, are you ready to witness history unfold tonight? Right here tonight, the Extreme Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Sabu, will face off with Mikey Whipwreck, in hardcore, one-on-one competition! Mikey will definitely be looking for redemption after his loss at Orgy of Violence. Plus, we will hear from Taz and Saturn as they come face-to-face for the first time since their submission match! Surely, both men will have a lot to say. Finally, The ECW Tag Team Champions will face Lace Storm and Mike Awesome, two thirds of The Triple Threat!”

2. A furious Danny Doring marched his way down to the ring and immediately got on the mic to demand a rematch with that ‘fluke winner’ AJ Fatal. Even though Fatal beat him at Orgy of Violence, Doring claims he has yet to be fairly defeated! Fatal ran down to ringside and the two men brawled in an unsanctioned fist fight. The bell sounded to begin the match as the two set a fast-paced battle that picked up right where they left off. This time, Doring put Fatal down with a devastating Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am. Doring found a microphone and proclaimed, “What did I tell you Scranton hillbillies?! This guy right here got lucky a couple of nights ago! Get those scoresheets back out at home boys and girls, because Danny Doring’s streak is now ten and zero!” Before leaving the ring, Doring kicked Fatal in the head once more for good measure.

3. Commercial break + Orgy of Violence highlight video

4. Taz/Saturn face-off: Joey Styles and a line officials stand in a line in the middle of the ring separating Taz and Saturn. For the first time since neither man submitted, they two men meet face-to-face with the officials in between them. Taz got on the mic first. “Joey, you and these scrawny sons-of-bit**** better step aside so the men can settle their score, or the men are going to settle all of you!” The situation intensifies, as the crowd became riled and the officials in between the two men begin to worry they’re about to be beaten down. Saturn began to speak at this point, “Taz, you see me right over here just fine. I see you holding your ECW TV belt with a dent in it from when I smashed it into your forehead and that dent makes you a little mad, doesn’t it?” Taz paced, ignored Saturn, and continued, “Listen boys, if there’s one thing me and that piece of sh** over there probably agree on, it’s that anybody that gets in our way to destroy each other will end up in worse shape than we plan on putting each other in!” Saturn got back on the mic to prod Taz again, “Admit it Taz, you can’t live with the thought of yourself, ‘the human submission machine’, locked in a submission before that time bell rang at Orgy of Violence! You just remember Taz, that was Saturn that did that to you!” All the officials look at each other and jump out of the way just as Taz broke loose and leaped at Saturn to begin an all out war. Turning the tables since Orgy of Violence, it was now Saturn that was locked in a submission with no escape! Bill Alfonso jumped into the ring and began blowing his whistle in Saturn’s face as he slowly lost consciousness. However, before he went out, Saturn gave Taz a middle finger.

5. PG-187 defeated The Blue Meanie in quick fashion after his impressive debut just a few short nights ago. Nova and Stevie Richards attempted to interfere, and did successfully on a few occasions, but failed to do so when it counted the most. PG-187 was able to put down Nova and Richards before landing a spinning-implant DDT on Meanie.

6. Commercial break + Hype Central merchandise sale info.

7. Prime Time Killers Interview: An upset “Prime Time” Brian Lee and Kronus addressed the fact that those petty thieves, The Gangstas, will regret ever putting their filthy hands on their championship gold. Lee and Kronus warned the two men that they won’t rest until Mustafa and New Jack are six feet under! Lee and Kronus reveal lead pipes in their hands. They claim that The Gangstas messed with the wrong team and The Prime Time Killers will make sure that that mistake is corrected. The two walk away from the camera with lead pipes in hand…

8. The Gangstas defeated The Triple Threat duo of Mike Awesome and Lance Storm. New Jack and Mustafa Saed made their way to the ring with the ECW Tag Team Championships in-hand. They presented them to the crowd before throwing them down to begin the match with Awesome and Storm. At first The Triple Threat would be far ahead in offensive maneuvers as The Gangstas started the match ahead of themselves. Awesome attempted to put Mustafa through a table again, but Mustafa was able to slip out of the Awesome Bomb just in time for New Jack to hit a flying crossbody on Awesome causing both men from opposing teams to go crashing though the table at ringside. Lance Storm attempted to get Mustafa to tap out, but he was able to twist out of the submission, and leveled Storm with one of the tag belts. Storm was out on his feet long enough for Mustafa to get a backpack stunner off on him. As New Jack and Awesome continued the brawl into the crowd, Saed grabbed the championships, gave one to New Jack, and they sandwiched Awesome’s head with a pair of chairs on their way out.

9. Commercial break + Upcoming ECW Resurgence dates announced.

10. Sabu defeated Mikey Whipwreck in a surprisingly competitive contest that saw Whipwreck very much rebounding from his loss at the Orgy of Violence supershow. Sabu was on his game, though, as he had an answer for each one of Whipwreck’s attempts of taking the momentum lead. Mikey was able to fight off the Camel Clutch as well as being put through a table when Sabu splashed him at one point during the match. The finish would come when Sabu hit an extreme Arabian facebuster with chair off the top rope. As Sabu posed with the title following the win, the lights went out.

11. Rick Rude Segment: When the lights returned, Rick Rude stood behind Sabu with a Singapore cane held up high over his head. The crowd went crazy and as Sabu turned around, Rude landed a huge shot with cane over the top of Sabu’s head. Sabu rolled out of the ring and Rude posed again with the cane in one hand and the ECW Heavyweight Championship in the other in the middle of the ring. He tossed the belt down and even gave Mikey a couple of shots with the cane before exiting.

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