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A Star Shattered: Chapter Thirty


Tammy made the decision to call Ann Russo, who was the head of the Wellness program for WWE. She was incredibly nervous making the call, but she was able to tell Ann that she needed help with her addiction. Ann got back to her after a few phone calls and told Tammy that there was a bed waiting for her at 9am in New Canaan, CT. Read more


Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: WWF Goes Too Far With Goldust PWI May ’96

Stu Saks writes an article about how the World Wrestling Federation has gone too far in regards to a new character on television known as Goldust. Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Holiday Wish List January ’96

The writers of the Inside Wrestling publication share their holiday wishes for various wrestlers for 1996. Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Don Muraco Meets Cactus Jack The Wrestler June ’91

In 1991, Cactus Jack took on Don Muraco in a match where Don Muraco took Jack a little too lightly and wasn’t prepared for what was going to happen. Read more

Beat Me If You Can, Survive If I Let You

My earliest memory of Extreme Championship Wrestling came in January 1999. It was a Saturday morning, before noon, and I stumbled upon a man with a black towel over his face speaking into a camera about how he was going to beat Shane Douglas for the ECW World Championship. Over the years, I had kept up with ECW through Pro Wrestling Illustrated and magazines under that umbrella, but this was my first televised exposure. Read more

Rebooking The WWF: WrestleMania X

It’s the biggest event of 1994 for this rebooking project. Find out what happens! Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Dusty Rhodes & Kevin Sullivan 1983

Dusty Rhodes is feuding with Kevin Sullivan in Florida. The question is can Dusty destroy the Prince of Darkness without destroying Kevin Sullivan? Read more

Life Outside The Big Time: Volume Three

In 2002 or 2003, I finally became familiar with independent wrestling in the Northeast area. For years, I read about various independent stars like Reckless Youth, Ace Darling, Cheetah Master, Colorado Kid and many others in Pro Wrestling Illustrated. In the same magazine, I saw coverage for Ring of Honor and I slowly began to branch out to companies like Jersey All-Pro Wrestling and Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling in the early 2000s. Read more

A Journey Through Memphis: June 1986

What’s going in the CWA throughout June of 1986? Read and find out! Read more

Inside The Magazine Volume #39: The Wrestler May 1993

What’s going on in the world of wrestling in the Wrestler May 1993 edition? Read more