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WWF Metal 2000: The Forgotten Show Part Three

This installment features Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Essa Rios! Read more


Reliving A Feud Volume #39: Triple H Vs. Kevin Nash In WWE ’03

Triple H and Kevin Nash have been friends dating back to 1995 when Triple H first made his debut in the company as the rich snob Hunter Hearst Helmsley. By 1996, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall had jumped ship to WCW. By 1999, Triple H won his first WWF World Championship while Nash won his first WCW World Championship by the end of 1998. By 2001, Triple H was out with injury and Kevin Nash was out of a job due to WCW going out of business. Read more

Would You Go To This Show? Volume Twenty

For the first time in this series I’ve decided to look at three shows that took place on the same day. It was during the peak time to be a professional wrestling fan as ECW, WCW and WWF were all doing great numbers and providing memorable moments each week. I picked a random day and each company ran a show. So, now it is time to decide… Would You Go To This Show? Read more

The Match #16: Jeff Jarrett Vs. Matt Hardy In ’15

Before their well publicized battle in court over the Broken character that gave Matt Hardy’s career a much needed revamp, Matt Hardy and Jeff Jarrett squared off in the main event of a WrestleCade event. WrestleCade is a show that usually has a strong lineup and has a wide range of competitors. There’s a mix of past, current and future stars.

It’s the first time Matt Hardy and Jeff Jarrett have ever squared off inside the squared circle. I’ve wanted to see this match for a little while now, mostly just to see how they worked together. Luckily, I found the footage. I’m not sure what to expect. Read more

Reliving A Title Run Volume #20: Justin Credible As ECW World Champion In ‘00

By April 2000, Justin Credible had become one of the top villains in Extreme Championship Wrestling. Formerly known as Aldo Montoya in the WWF, Credible managed to quickly silence those chants of Montoya with feuds against Tommy Dreamer, Jerry Lynn and The Sandman. He had formed a successful team with Lance Storm known as the Impact Players and was becoming a quality in-ring competitor for ECW. He knew how to get heat and he wasn’t afraid of the violence that ECW was all about. Read more

Inside The Magazine Volume #33: Sports Review Wrestling September 1995

Find out what’s in this magazine! Read more

Before The Camera Rolls Volume #7

Sometimes action is just for the live TV audience and not for everyone at home.

This installment features AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar, Stevie Richards and Matt Cappotelli. Read more

Reliving A Feud Volume #38: Hulk Hogan Vs. Ric Flair In WCW ’94 – ‘00

Hulk Hogan had been the face of the World Wrestling Federation for ten years having held the WWF World Championship five times from 1983 to 1993. Following his title defeat at King of the Ring 1993 to Yokozuna, Hogan left the WWF for Hollywood. That lasted a year.

June 1994, Hulk Hogan signs a lucrative deal with World Championship Wrestling to become an active in-ring competitor and quickly gives WCW more publicity than they had ever gotten in the history of their existence. With Hogan’s signing, it allowed a dream match to finally take place on pay per view. Read more

Cabana’s Curse In Chicago Part One

Colt Cabana first got his start in Ring of Honor in 2002. It didn’t take long for his personality to shine and he proved that he could hang in the ring with some of the best wrestlers in the world. He was the ideal mix of wrestler. Sure, he could be a comedy wrestler, but he delivered in the ring and has had some memorable serious feuds in ROH. It would take a couple of years before he’d earn a ROH World Championship match. Read more

Developmentally Speaking Volume #1

Brian Myers (known as Curt Hawkins in WWE) was fired by the WWE back on June 12, 2014. Following his release, Myers remained active on the independents and was regularly competing each and every weekend. Eventually, Myers returned to the WWE on July 21st, 2016. While Myers was actively competing on the independents, he also teamed with Highspots to develop a series called Developmentally Speaking.

The premise of the show was to have wrestlers that competed in WWE’s developmental system. There’s been a wide range of wrestlers and a lot of stories shared. It’s actually a pretty insightful and enjoyable show. Thus, I’m going to cover the series which will also include several other series on Highspots. Read more