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The Perfect Plan

At the 1992 Royal Rumble, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair won the vacant WWF World Championship after entering third in the Royal Rumble match to win his first WWF World Championship. Flair had made his debut in the fall of 1991 claiming to be the “Real World Champion” since he had left World Championship Wrestling as their heavyweight champion. Now, he was the top guy in the WWF. Read more



The newest update to the blog features WWF Superstars 1986, WWF SummerSlam Spectaculars, WWF House Shows from 1988 and 1986, Mid-South Wrestling TV from 1981 and the WWE Unreleased Matches from 1986 to 1995 all three discs! Read more

Inside The Magazine Volume #30: The Wrestler January 1997

Ted DiBiase sits down for a Q&A regarding his association with the New World Order. Hulk Hogan could buy WCW? The Undertaker may have lost Paul Bearer, but could that have been a good thing for his career? New Jack heads to ICW to battle Bruiser Bedlam, but what is more extreme, ECW or ICW? Also, Owen Hart and British Bulldog nearly had their team ruined, but battling in a singles match actually brought them closer. All this and much more inside the magazine! Read more

Cut The F’n Music

There are a wide range of opinions on “The Franchise” Shane Douglas among wrestling fans. Some people like his work while others are less than impressed with Douglas over the years. Personally, I find myself being rather indifferent. I don’t actively seek out his matches, but if he’s on a show I watch, I’m going to watch the match he is in. Despite the wide range of opinion, I think most fans would agree that Douglas can be a controversial guy.

Thus, I recently decided to seek out various interviews that Douglas took part in and include his comments in this article while touching base on various things that happened in his career. I hope you come across something you otherwise didn’t know about. Read more

Exclusive Interview: Mike Verna

Recently, I reached out to “The Man Of Steel” Mike Verna for an interview and he was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions to help educate fans on his career. He’s been wrestling for a handful of years and is rising up the ranks on the independent scene. Here’s getting to know Mike Verna a little better. Read more

Exclusive Interview: Mike Orlando

Mike Orlando is a rising independent wrestler who has competed all over the country and recently agreed to an interview. I hope you enjoy it and learn something new. Read more

UPDATED! House Shows & Indys!

Newest update to the blog with show reviews from a few independent companies. ECW house shows from 1995. WWF house shows ranging from 1986 to 2003! Read more

Exclusive Interview: “Hybrid” Sean Carr

“Hybrid” Sean Carr has been rising up the ranks on the independent level since his wrestling debut in 2013. He’s competed for the likes of 2CW, CZW and ROH, to name a few. Recently, I reached out to Sean for an interview and he was kind enough to agree. Thus, here’s an interview with the “Hybrid” and I hope you enjoy it. Read more

Rebooking The WWF: Week 51, 1993

The issues between Ted DiBiase and Bret Hart continue. Randy Savage battles Bam-Bam Bigelow in a street on RAW. Plus much more! Read more

Philly Indy Wars Revisited

Fifteen years ago, independent wrestling was all over the place in Philadelphia, PA. Several wrestling companies vying for the money of paying customers. During this time, there would be some major drama taking place that some fans may not have been aware of. Read more