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A Star Shattered: Chapter Twenty


Tammy focuses the chapter on her niece, Stacey. Stacey was born on December 15th, 1980 when Tammy was just eight years old. Stacey could do anything she put her mind to and was incredibly intelligent, maybe even too intelligent for her own good. As Stacey got older, Tammy’s bond with her grew even more and they would go skiing almost every weekend. Skiing was something that Stacey picked up on very quickly. Read more


PWG Time Is A Flat Circle 3/23/2018

Will Ospreay takes on Adam Brooks. Matt Riddle squares off against Zack Sabre Jr. In the main event, PWG World Champion Chuck Taylor defends against Keith Lee. Plus, more! Read more

A Star Shattered: Chapter Nineteen


By 1997, Tammy had grown frustrated with the fact that she’d become essentially just a model for the WWF. She’d come to the ring wearing an Undertaker t-shirt, but that was it. She was rather bored in the role and she couldn’t wear her own t-shirt. On her off days, she’d accompany Chris Candido to the ring in ECW and as a favor to Paul Heyman, the WWF allowed her to work a few shows since she wasn’t doing much of anything in the WWF. Read more

Life Outside The Big Time: Volume One

By the fall of 2005, Abyss had been wrestling for Total Non-Stop Action for two years and had established himself as a dominant heel for the company. Considering TNA didn’t run house shows, at that time, many times wrestlers would venture out and wrestle on the independent scene. That was the case on October 29th, 2005. Read more

A Star Shattered: Chapter Eighteen


By 1998, Tammy was pulling double duty working for two companies while Chris Candido had quit the WWF in 1997. Candido didn’t feel like he was getting the proper push and decided to go up to Vince McMahon at a TV taping to let him know he was quitting. McMahon responded, “Well, Skip, you need to do that in writing.” Candido went to Jim Cornette and ripped a paper out of his notebook to write the formal letter to quit the company. Read more

What Time Is It? Vader Time!

In the early 1990s, Big Van Vader was a force to be reckoned with in World Championship Wrestling. He made his debut in 1990, but wasn’t used on a regular basis until 1992. That was because he was often times working in Japan making a good living for himself. By the time 1992 came along Vader found himself right in the main event picture for WCW and feuding with WCW World Champion, Sting. Read more

CZW Best Of The Best 17 4/14/2018

CZW Heavyweight Champion Rickey Shane Page defends against CZW Wired Champion MJF. Who wins the 2018 Best of the Best tournament? Read more

HOH 40 4/7/2018

Austin Aries battles Brian Cage in singles action. The first ever HOH Twitch TV Champion is crowned in a triple threat match. Tommy Dreamer teams with Billy Gunn to battle Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr. in a street fight. All this plus much more! Read more

A Star Shattered: Chapter Seventeen


When she first started on the road for the WWF there were only two other women traveling and they are wrestlers. Alundra Blayze (Madusa) and Bull Nakano didn’t compete with her for hosting spots. She enjoyed being the only woman that was a non-wrestler because she’s an admitted attention whore. Read more

WWE Backlash 2018 5/6/2018

WWE Champion AJ Styles defends against Shinsuke Nakamura in a no disqualification match. Roman Reigns battles Samoa Joe. WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins defends against the Miz. Plus, much more! Read more