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Latest update of show reviews include WWF house shows, ECW house shows, WCW Saturday Night, AEW shows, and over a dozzen independent wrestling shows! Read more


A Journey Through Memphis: November 1986

Get caught up on some Memphis 1986! Read more

Rebooking The WWF: Week 19, 1994 (MSG Event)

The latest week of Rebooking The WWF features a special MSG live event that saw Bret Hart square off against his rival, Ted DiBiase, inside a steel cage! Plus, King of the Rig qualifying matches! Read more

Rebooking The WWF: Week 18, 1994

Bob Backlund begins a search to find a wrestler that everyone will love. Several confrontations take place and much more! Read more

Inside The Magazine Volume #41: Inside Wrestling August 1985

In the magazine, Larry Zbyszko feuds with Tonga Kid. Why was WrestleMania both successful and unsuccessful. Baby Doll has her first interview in any wrestling publication regarding her relationship with Tully Blanchard. Gary Hart is obsessed with ending Chris Adams career. Read more


The latest update to the blog includes WCW TV from 92,94 and 98. SMW TV from 1995. WWF Action Zone from 1995. WWF Heat from 2000. Read more

A Journey Through Memphis: October 1986

It may be the fall, but the feuds in Memphis are still getting heated. Read more

Inside The Magazine Volume #40: The Wrestler April ’96

DiBiase tries to avoid being a bust as a manager in the WWF. All the top stars in WCW can’t get along. Diesel might have crossed the wrong guy in the WWF. Diamond Dallas Page was one fear and it has to do with his past as a manager. Read more

Imagine If…… Vol. 1 – Bringing Back The U.S. Tag Team Titles.

Image result for nwa united states tag team championship

The original design of the United States Tag Team Titles. Later on the “NWA” was replaced with “WCW”

Welcome to my first (hell, maybe my only) edition of Imagine If. I’ve always been a fan of Fantasy Booking, and once upon a time I even had aspirations of being involved in wrestling in some sort of creative capacity. So, with the blessing of my good friend Bob Colling, I’m attempting  to actually do it. Being the first time I’m doing this, I really don’t have any sort of ground rules in my head yet. I’ve never been of the mindset that the writers/bookers should lay out the whole match. So, I’m only planning on either coming up with the finish to the match, or maybe even just the result of the match. Read more


I’m going to make a better effort on getting more review updates onto here. I write a bunch of stuff and just stash them on here. It makes no sense. But, here is a pretty big update of reviews! Read more