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Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Eric Bischoff WCW Magazine Interview March 2001

In early 2001, Eric Bischoff was trying to purchase World Championship Wrestling with Fusient. It was very close to happening, but in the end the World Wrestling Federation swooped in and killed off their competition. Well, before that happened, Bischoff was interviewed by WCW Magazine and was presented as being WCW President. Here’s what he had to say… Read more


Rebooking The WWF: Week 10, 1994

What’s going on this week in the Rebooking of the WWF? Read more

A Journey Through Memphis: May 1986

The journey through Memphis wrestling continues through May 1986. Read more

Wrestling Observer Files: 1/3/1994

WCW has a successful Starrcade, despite being a one match show. However, they also hurt their chances of having a new city to tour with a disaster of a house show in Denver, Colorado. Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: WWF Responds To Various Claims September 1993

Here are scans for the complete article from the September 1993 WWF Magazine where the WWF responded to various claims by Superstar Billy Graham. S recap of the entire magazine can be found HERE. Read more

Rebooking The WWF: Week 9, 1994

Here’s a new week of re-booking the WWF. Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: PWI Unofficial Awards 1992

What kind of unofficial awards did fans of Pro Wrestling Illustrated come up with for the year 1992? Read more

Inside The Magazine Volume #38: The Wrestler June 1993

Lets take a look inside The Wrestler June 1993 magazine… (now featuring magazine scans) Read more

Wrestling Observer Files: 1/10/2000

To say things aren’t going well in WCW would be a major understatement. Read more

A Star Shattered: Chapter Twenty-Seven


This chapter is dedicated to various ribs that she has encountered throughout her career. Most of the times, the ribs (pranks) are done in a humorous manner, but they can also be hurtful and painful. Lets see what pranks she remembers. Read more