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Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Halloween Havoc 1990 Hoax! The Wrestler February ’91

At Halloween Havoc 1990, Sid Vicious was determined to win the WCW World Championship and would stoop very low to do so. It’s a plot involving Barry Windham that almost worked! Read more




The latest update to the blog has reviews of WCW TV from ’92, ECW ’97, several independent wrestling show reviews from 2002 to 2015, WWE PPV 2015, SMW ’95, WWF ’99 and PWG! Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Is Sid Justice The Next Hogan? PWI October ’91

Pro Wrestling Illustrated and many fans across the world saw Sid Justice as being the next Hulk Hogan to dominate the wrestling industry. Read more

A Star Shattered: Chapter Thirty-Two


Tammy had been arrested for disorderly conduct and had to spend the night in jail. When she went to court, she was released on the promise to appear and she couldn’t argue or fight with Damien. Later that night, she drank and ended up arguing with Damien, which led to another arrest. Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Hulk Hogan Heads To Japan Before WM VIII PWI May ’92

Prior to WrestleMania VIII, Hulk Hogan made a trip to New Japan Pro Wrestling. Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Eddie Gilbert & Jerry Lawler Feud Goes Too Far PWI April 1991

Jerry Lawler and Eddie Gilbert had been feuding for several months in the USWA in 1991 and many people thought they were taking the feud a little too far. Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Ultimate Warrior Interview WWF Magazine July 1996

Ultimate Warrior participated in an interview for WWF Magazine shortly following his return to the company in 1996. Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Monsters Invading The USWA The Wrestler May ’92

The USWA has recently encountered an invasion of various outcasts and monsters. Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Goldust & Mankind Relationship WWF Magazine October ’96

In 1996, Goldust and Mankind developed a unique relationship. WWF Magazine covers the relationship in the October 1996 WWF Magazine. Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Lou Thez Returns To Ring At Age 74! PWI May ’91

At the age of 74, Lou Thesz returned to the ring to compete in Japan against Masa Chono. Pro Wrestling Illustrated covers the historic event. Read more