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Newest update to the blog features WWF ’89, ECW Hardcore TV ’96 & ’97, ECW House Shows from ’96, WWF Smackdown ’01, WCW Saturday Night ’94 and much more! Read more


The Match #15: Tim Storm Vs. Nick Aldis NWA In ’17

The National Wrestling Alliance is attempting to return to national relevance with Billy Corgan as their new owner. Corgan, the lead singer in Smashing Pumpkins, had worked with Impact Wrestling and attempted to buy them, but had no luck. He has stated that storytelling will be a major focus for NWA and has a business plan to keep NWA strong for a long, long time. I personally haven’t kept up with NWA in several years, though I did review their show from 2010 and enjoyed what I watched, but haven’t gotten back to reviewing that show in a long time.

Recently, I figured to check out what was going on with the NWA. I honestly had no idea who their champion even was. Their champion is Tim Storm, a 50+ year old wrestler who hasn’t had much success in any major promotion, ever. In fact, after looking Storm up on the internet, he apparently has wrestled for over 20-years and I never knew about him. So, he certainly got a late start. He’s never worked for a major promotion. Read more

WWF Metal 2000: The Forgotten Show Part Two

The latest installment includes Tazz, Dean Malenko, Stevie Richards, Essa Rios and D’Lo Brown. Read more

Kayfabe! A New War In WCW Has Arrived! Rap Vs. Country – Which Is Better?

From the summer of 1996 to the spring of 1999, World Championship Wrestling was at war with the New World Order. Now that the war is seemingly over with, there is a new war brewing in WCW. This time it’s between people who prefer two different types of music. Rap and Country. Read more

Before The Camera Rolls Volume #6

Sometimes action is just for the live TV audience and not for everyone at home.

This installment features Kurt Angle, John Cena, Shelton Benjamin, Kanyon and Shark Boy! Read more

Inside The Magazine Volume #32: PWI December 1991

The December ’91 Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine included the first ever PWI 500. I covered that part of the magazine in a separate series which can be found HERE. Lets find out what else was in the magazine! Read more

Top Ten WCW Wrestlers In 2000

There is no denying that World Championship Wrestling had become a shell of itself and lost a record amount of money in a twelve month period. Despite the company not achieving much success financially and their writing for television often left fans confused, I decided to sit down and rank the top ten wrestlers for WCW from that year. Hopefully my list isn’t as confusing as the television product. Read more

Buff Bagwell: Did He Have The Stuff To Be A Top Guy?

From 1991 to 2001, Marcus Alexander Bagwell was regularly featured on World Championship Wrestling television. During that run, Bagwell won the WCW Tag Team Championships five times with four different partners. However, Bagwell never won a singles championship in WCW. In fact, Bagwell never got elevated out of the mid card ranks.

Recently, I had been thinking about the career of Marcus “Buff” Alexander Bagwell and wondered if there was ever an opportunity for him to be a “top guy” in professional wrestling. Thus, I’m going to look throughout his career. Read more

Rebooking The WWF: Week 3, 1994

Find out what happens this week in the WWF! Plus, there is a MSG special! Read more

Top Ten WWF Wrestlers In 1992

In 1992, the World Wrestling Federation went through a rebuilding phase during the second half of the year. From January to June the company had a lot of high level, marquee names that included Hulk Hogan, Sid Justice, Jake Roberts, and Roddy Piper. However, by the summer all of those men were gone. Essentially leaving them only Ric Flair and Randy Savagr as veteran recognizable names. Read more