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Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Flair… Don’t Wrestle Terry Funk Wrestler ’89

In the September 1989 publication of the Wrestler magazine, the writers urged Ric Flair to not wrestle Terry Funk following the attack that took place at the Clash. Read more


Rebooking The WWF: Week 13, 1994

What’s going on this week in the WWF? Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: OJ On Trial…. Wrestler Edition Sports Review ’95

Sports Review Wrestling presents their movie version of the OJ Simpson trial with various wrestlers playing the roles. Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Tommy Rich Bloodshed In Georgia Sports Review Wrestling January ’83

Tommy Rich was losing so much blood in Georgia, that people thought his career was in jeopardy. Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Backlund’s Biggest Fear Is Superstar Sports Review Wrestling Spring ’83

WWF World Champion Bob Backlund is a little bit worried about what Superstar Billy Graham is capable of doing. Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: McMahon vs. Lawler: The Match That Never Happened Inside Wrestling February ’95

In 1993, the WWF and USWA had a working relationship that was going to lead to a match, but it never happened. In 1994, it should! Read more

A Journey Through Memphis: July 1986

What’s going on in July 1986 Memphis wrestling? Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Jake Roberts Bald In AAA PWI November ’94

Jake Roberts goes to Mexico and puts his hair on the line against Konnan in AAA. Read more

Pro Wrestling Magazine Scans: Halloween Havoc 1990 Hoax! The Wrestler February ’91

At Halloween Havoc 1990, Sid Vicious was determined to win the WCW World Championship and would stoop very low to do so. It’s a plot involving Barry Windham that almost worked! Read more



The latest update to the blog has reviews of WCW TV from ’92, ECW ’97, several independent wrestling show reviews from 2002 to 2015, WWE PPV 2015, SMW ’95, WWF ’99 and PWG! Read more