Mr Perfect has joined forces with Randy Savage and has a plan for his future. Headshrinkers are subject to a personality profile. Shawn Michaels wins the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Sgt. Slaughter is law and order in the WWF. Nailz and the Undertaker are headed towards a huge confrontation. Plus, much more! Read the rest of this entry »


In the next installment of Inside The Magazine, I take a look at the June ’92 edition of Inside Wrestling. Undertaker turning on Jake Roberts and the impact of that is heavily discussed. Harley Race forming his own stable of men similar to the Dangerous Alliance, IRS and Ted DiBiase winning the tag titles, Sting shares his thoughts on his WCW World Championship victory. Plus, who will be the first megastar in the post-Hogan era? Marcus Alexander Bagwell sits down for an interview in Hotseat. Tony Atlas is sick of WWF castoffs and lastly there is a one on one interview between the Patriot and the Dark Patriot. Read the rest of this entry »

Rebooking The WWF: Week 46, 1993

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Bret Hart reveals his Survivor Series team to take on Ted DiBiase. Randy Savage competes in singles action against Ludvig Borga on RAW. Ted DiBiase also reveals his team on Superstars. WWF Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers team with Tatanka to take on Jerry Lawler and the Quebecers plus much more. Read the rest of this entry »


It’s one of the first magazines I remember ever purchasing from Wegmans after hounding my mother to spend a measly $2.50 considering I was only six at the time. For the most part, magazines like the Wrestler were the only ways I kept up with wrestling. Aside from watching Livewire and the occasional Nitro, I didn’t actually watch much wrestling at such a young age. So, in my early years the Apter Mags, as they are so often called, was my main outlet for acquiring knowledge. Of course, it would be months after the fact, but whatever.

Inside this magazine we find out the fear that is preventing the Steiner Brothers from competing in WCW or WWF. A preview for a match between Sting and Hulk Hogan that WILL HAPPEN! Plus, Dr. Yankeem bringing the Undertaker back from dead and the Heavenly Bodies having a bone to pick with Jim Cornette over the WWF Tag Team Championships. All that plus the usual good stuff from the Wrestler! Lets check it out! Read the rest of this entry »

The land of the rising sun has always been synonymous with great professional wrestling action. The country of Japan has undoubtedly produced some of the best athletes and entertainers the sport has ever seen. So, listing such a talented group of individuals in a numerical way really isn’t fair, as almost all fifty of the Japanese stars you’ll find within could be interchanged with one another (depending on who you ask). I approached putting this list together with almost every facet of each person’s accomplishments, transcendence power, character, skills, talents, cultural status, and over-all popularity in mind. So, without further ado, here’s the second half of a ranked list of the fifty greatest Japanese wrestlers of all time!

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Top Ten in WWF takes on the top ten in WCW with the writers voting on who’d win. Plus, Eddy Guerrero may broken apart the Guerrero family forever. Brian Christopher sits down for a Q&A. Plus, much more! Read the rest of this entry »

Love Me Or Hate Me… You’ll Never Forget Me

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In the early 1990s, Diamond Dallas Page was largely used in WCW as a loudmouth manager for various undercard wrestlers and sometimes as a color commentator for syndicated shows. By 1994, Page was featured more as an in-ring performer at the age of 38. Which, when you think about it, is just incredible that he accomplished so much in his career considering how late he started. However, at first there wasn’t much traction for his career. Read the rest of this entry »