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A Star Shattered: Chapter Ten


Tammy for a phone call about doing her first ever bikini photo shoot for the WWF. She was really excited about a professional shoot since she had only done a shoot for SMW that was shot by Kelly Cornette. They went down to Miami Beach and got a hotel. The hotel ended up being a popular gay hookup spot and the rooms were often rented out by the hour. Upon entry of the hotel room, Tammy noticed it was really gross and promptly checked out. Read more


A Star Shattered: Chapter Six


Tammy and Candido returned to Knoxville and Tammy attempted to cope with her fathers life, but it seemed as if going to back to a normal life wasn’t going to happen. Her grades began to suffer as she wasn’t able to focus. Read more

ICOPOD Episode Four: WWF RAW 2/1/1993 – Beefcake’s Back!

Austin and Bob are back to discuss the February 1st edition of RAW from 1993! Some topics include.. Read more

ICOPOD Episode One: RAW 1/11 & 1/18/1993

Austin and Bob start their project by watching the first two episodes of RAW from 1993. This is the first time Austin has ever watched the shows. Bob had last watched them nearly ten years ago. Read more

WWF Shotgun Saturday Night: The Forgotten Show Part One

Shotgun Saturday Night is a show that I’ve never watched. I couldn’t have told you any match that had ever happened on the program. As some may know, I’ve been doing a series looking at matches on the lesser known wrestling TV shows. First I looked at WCW Worldwide 2000 and then WWF Metal 2000. Now, I’m looking at a rather unique show that the WWF put on starting in 1997. Read more

Who Better Than Kanyon?

Chris Kanyon was one of my favorite wrestlers to watch during the Monday Night Wars. He was great in the ring and had personality. However, he just never got a major push during his career. Read more

Kayfabe! Money Inc. Bankrupt Brutus Beefcake’s Face!

After suffering a career threatening facial injury due to a parasailing accident in the summer of 1990, Brutus Beefcake made his remarkable in-ring return to the WWF on February 1st, 1993 on an edition of RAW, a new live program on the USA Network. The fans welcomed Brutus back with open arms and everyone seemed happy to have him back. Read more

Inside The Magazine Volume #35: WrestleAmerica December 1993

What’s going on in this magazine? Lets find out! Read more

Reliving A Title Run Volume #21: The Quebecers As WWF Tag Team Champions In ’93 – ’94

On July 24th, 1993 the Quebecers made their debut on WWF Superstars. Jacques and Pierre dressed similarly to Jacque’s former character The Mountie. Their theme music even made mention that they were in fact not Mounties. Within a month of their debut, they lost to the Bushwhackers on All-American Wrestling, but the loss wouldn’t prevent them from reaching the pinnacle of tag team wrestling success. Read more

A Look Back At: PWI Awards 1998

How did the PWI readers vote for the 1998 Achievement Awards? Lets find out! Read more